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F > FAIRCHILD > Channel F  > Software list > Software detail

Channel F

Drag Strip  

Get set and go with these four high-powered two-player drag racing games.

The left player car is on top, his RPM indicator and shift indicator on the lower left side of the screen. The right player's car is on the bottom, his RPM indicator and shift indicator is on the lower right side of the screen. Each player's car is color-coded to his RPM and shift indicators. Red car, red indicators, etc.

Get ready and set as the timing lights between the two cars count down. when the last red timing light has turned off, the race has officially begun and the elapsed time counter has started.

Drag Race races continue until either both cars have crossed the finish line, blown their engine, stalled or run the red light.

You control both RPM's (your speed) and shift position. As you accelerate, your RPM indicator will advance toward the green mark. If you hit the green mark (in racing terms,
'red-lined' it), your engine will blow and you will be out of the race.

At the start of a race, a light pattern between the two cars counts down indicating players should rev their engines and prepare to take off. At the end of the light pattern, the cars leave the starting line by shifting into first gear. (The higher the RPM's, the faster the start).

Premature takeoff will result in a "RED LIGHT" disqualification from the race.

Players then accelerate by controling RPM and shifting to successively higher gears. Shifting too soon will reduce the car's RPM to the point where it has no torque to accelerate in that gear. At this point, a driver may downshift to increase his RPM's.

Upon entering the final lap, a 'finish line' appears to the right of the screen and upon crossing it the cars' motion ceases.

If the car was the first to cross the finish line, it is declared the winner. If both cars cross at the same time, they are both declared winners.


    Drag Strip was inspired by Drag Race (Arcade)


on your mark, get set... go !

oops, I blew my engine and the other car stalled

blue car is taking the lead

blue car just won the race

 Fredric Blĺholtz Channel F page - Scans, docs and pictures

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Source : Fairchild System Gallery

year of release 1977
companies Fairchild
type game
media cartridge
systems Fairchild Channel F
number of players 1 - 2 players (versus)
staff unknown
tags car, dragster, racing

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