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Milton Bradley

Cosmic Chasm  rating is 5rating is 5rating is 5rating is 5rating is 5

"Can you save the galaxy by blowing up the alien-inhabited planet... and get off the planet before you explode too? You must find your way through the deep underground maze while battling with the Planet Protectors. If you can get to the centre, plant your bomb and try to find your way out. It's only a matter of seconds before the planet goes BOOM!"

Cosmic Chasm is a wonderfully complex space adventure that combines elements of shooters and maze games, topped off with a dose of strategy.

Licensing agreements between Cinematronics and GCE even brought the original Vectrex title Cosmic Chasm to the arcade, making it the first console game to become a coin-op, instead of the usual other way around.


    Cosmic Chasm (1983) for the Arcade


title screen

menu / options

mission 1

study the map!

destroy all protectors (diamond shaped)

last one being destroyed

drill your way out

another chamber to pass through

you can use your protection shield

oops, I'm dead

at least, the central chamber!

plant the bomb and... escape!

i didn't escaped within 15 seconds... the whole complex exploses!

mission 2

mission 2 map

caverns are harder to complete

oops, I did it again


box - back





documentation - cover

Documentation - page 1

Documentation - page 2

Documentation - page 3

Documentation - page 4


Cosmic Chasm (Vectrex) How to Beat Home Video Games

Cosmic Chasm video

LINKS - Cosmic Chasm review (and other Vectrex games) - Cosmic Chasm review at

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year of release 1982
companies GCE
type game
media cartridge
systems Vectrex
number of players 1 - 2 players (alternate)
staff Bill Hawkins
tags shoot them up, vector graphics

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