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Cassette Vision

Yosaku  rating is 3rating is 3rating is 3rating is 3rating is 3
also known as Kikori no Yosaku

Yosaku was the first cartridge available for the Epoch Cassette Vision system.

It's a very original (and immoral) game where the player must cut down two trees with his axe, while avoiding all sort of hazard like wild pigs, agressives birds (launching eggs), snakes and falling branches.

There are several options proposed like "time attack" variations.

The gameplay seems surprisingly ok for such a limited system with blocky graphics.

Yosaku is in fact an adaptation from an obscure japanese arcade game from SNK, named also Yosaku and released in 1979. It is said to be the first videogame from SNK.


let's start a game

beware of the snakes and bird eggs

let's cut the first tree

jump over or kill the wild pigs

you can also kill the snakes with your axe

first tree is down

avoid all the baddies

you can jump to avoid snakes

second tree is down too

kill the pig !

arghhh! a pig killed you

you're dead


Box inlay

box - back

box - back




cartridge (later version)



documentation (verso)

cartridge & doc



 Classic Video Game Station Odyssey 2001 - detailed info in japanese

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Box inlay

year of release 1981
companies Epoch
type game
media cartridge
systems Epoch Cassette Vision
number of players 1 player
staff unknown

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