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M > MISC > Arcade video games  > Software list > Software detail

Arcade video games

also known as Puck-Man (JAP)

No description available yet


    Pac-Man inspired Chaser (SD-2xx systems)
    Pac-Man inspired Chomp (Exidy Sorcerer)
    Pac-Man inspired Daiman (Indata Dai)
    Pac-Man inspired Dai-Pacman (Indata Dai)
    Pac-Man inspired Pak Pak Monster (Epoch Cassette Vision)


title screen

menu / options

attract mode

let's start

take the pill to eat the ghosts

eat the fruits for bonus points

level completed

let's start a new level

wow, it's hot in here

you're dead

maximum bonus for eating the 4 ghosts in a row

another level completed

interlude part 1

interlude part 2

the maze is blinking when completed

game over

boot sequence 1

boot sequence 2

boot sequence 3

boot sequence 4

real screenshot


arcade cabinet

arcade cabinet - front

arcade cabinet - side

arcade cabinet - control panel


Pac-Man (Midway 1980)

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arcade cabinet

year of release 1980
companies Midway, Namco
type game
media arcade cabinet
systems Arcade
number of players 1 - 2 players (alternate)
staff Toru Iwatani (game designer), Toshio Kai (sound & music), Hideyuki Mokajima San (programmer)
tags eat them all, maze, pac-man

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