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TV Block

Flipper Pinball I / Pinball I  

Flipper Pinball I is an early pinball videogame.

Use the flipper buttons on either side of the console to move the paddles at the bottom of the playfield. The paddles only remain in upward position momentarily when you push the flipper buttons.

The object of the game is to direct the ball to the bars and blocks on the playfield. Each bar and block is worth different points.

When the ball hits one of the four yellow bars at the top of the playfield, you score 200 points. The first time a ball is hit, its color changes to red. The bar's yellow and red colors alternate after each hit. You will notice that the ball speed increases after it hits one of these bars.

The yellow block in the center of the playfield will change color from red to green when the ball enters. You score 100 points every time the ball bounces off an inside wall.

When the ball hits any green side block, you get 100 points and the block changes color to blue. When you hit the blue block, you score 200 points and the blue color turns to red. Hit the red block and you score 400 points and the block disappears. Eventually, all your side blocks will disappear. The blocks will automatically reappear when you change all of the four top bars of the playfield to the same color (red or yellow). Plus you score 1500 points.

Flipper Pinball I options
Option 1 - the two flippers can be up simultaneously, you haven 7 balls
Option 2 - the two flippers can be up simultaneously, you haven 5 balls
Option 3 - only one flipper can be up at the same time, you haven 5 balls
Option 4 - only one flipper can be up at the same time, you haven 3 balls

But the smooth and curved movement of the ball affected by the gravity was impressive for the time, even more on a home gaming system!


    Flipper Pinball I / Pinball I is related to Flipper Pinball II (Atari Video-Pinball (C380))
    Flipper Pinball I / Pinball I is related to Paddle Pinball I (Atari Video-Pinball (C380))


flippers up

 Chronogamer's blog - Nice review from this excellent blog

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year of release 1977
companies Atari
type game
media built-in system
systems Atari Video-Pinball (C380)
number of players 1 player
staff unknown
tags pinball

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