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VCS 2600

Video Olympics  rating is 4rating is 4rating is 4rating is 4rating is 4

Video Olympics was one of the nine games originally released with the Atari VCS in 1977. The developpers goal was apparently to make the ultimate Pong compilation on one cartridge.

Indeed all previous Pong variants created by Atari (mostly in the arcades) can be found in Video Olympics one way or another.

- the original Pong (1972) game of course,
- Pong Doubles (1973), called here Pong 4-I,
- Superpong (1974),
- Quadrapong (1974),
- Rebound (1974), called here Volleyball

The games included into this Video Olympics are:
- Pong,
- Super Pong,
- Soccer,
- Foozpong,
- Hockey,
- Quadrapong,
- Handball,
- Volleyball,
- Basketball
+ variations for each game (Speed-up, Whammy, Catch, Jump)

In 1978, Atari released a kind of arcade version of this cartridge called "Tournament Table"! Sources say that the hardware of the Tournament Table is almost an Atari VCS. The list of games inlcuded are: Breakout, Soccer I, Soccer II, Foozpong, Hockey I, Hockey II, Hockey III, Quadrapong, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball I and Basketball II. Only Breakout has been added instead of Pong and Super Pong.


    Video Olympics is related to Big Sports 12 (Epoch Cassette Vision)
    Video Olympics is related to Pong (*multiple ports*)
    Video Olympics is related to Quadrapong (Arcade)
    Video Olympics is related to Rebound (Arcade)
    Video Olympics is related to Tournament Table (Arcade)


Pong / Robot Pong

Pong 4

Pong 4-I

Super Pong

Super Pong 4


Soccer 4-I

Soccer 4-II


Foozpong 4


Hockey II

Hockey III

Hockey 4-I

Hockey 4-II



Handball II


Volleyball 4


Basketball 4


cartridge - image label

cartridge - text label

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year of release 1977
companies Atari
type game
media cartridge
requirement Atari paddles
systems Atari 2600
number of players 1 - 4 players (versus)
staff Joe Decuir
tags ball and paddle, basketball, football, handball, hockey, sport, tennis, volleyball

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