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Cassette Vision

Monster Mansion  rating is 5rating is 5rating is 5rating is 5rating is 5

Monster Mansion is an adaptation of the Donkey Kong arcade hit from Nintendo.

Your girlfriend has been kidnapped by an ugly monster who took her on the top floor of his mansion. You must go an set her free. To do this you have to complete three different levels corresponding to the three floors of the building.

In the first level you must climb all floors by using ladders to try to reach the monster and your girlfriend. But beware of balls (or barrels?) sent by the monster. They roll all their way down and some of them will go through the ladders. Fortunately you can jump over to avoid them.

At the second level you must collect all the keys to activate the last ladder that will allow you to reach the top floor where the monster and your girlfriend are. Unfortunately this is not so easy because a vilain is constantly chasing you. You can disintegrate it by catching the crucifix which is located on the second floor and by using it against him.

The last level is a mix of the two previous ones. You still have to collect all the keys to reach the top floor, and the vilain is still chasing you, but the monster is startign to throw its flaming balls again. If you can survive and reach the top floor, the monster will be defeated and will fall down the building. Then it will be the great love between you and your girlfriend.

This game is surprisingly good given the limited features of the Cassette Vision. The gameplay is quite original and cleverly adapted to the console features. There are three different tables and intense action. Monster Mansion is probably more exciting than most Videopac games for example!


level 1

you must reach the top floor

you can climb the ladders

jump over the flaming balls

almost there

well done! first floor completed

onto the second level

you must collect all the keys to activate the last ladder


the big monster is constantly chasing you

catch the crucifix to kill the big monster

run to strike it down

well done! the monster is disentegrated

the last key!

the last ladder just appeared

you did it again!

ok, ready for the third and last level

level 3

same as level 2 but with the flaming balls AND the chasing monster


oops, the crucifix isn't of any use against the flaming balls

you can jump with the crucifix

you've collected all the keys and reached the top

the monster is defeated and falling down!

it's perfect love between you and the princess!


Box inlay


box inlay - back



cartridge (later release)



documentation (verso)


Monster Mansion gameplay

 Classic Video Game Station Odyssey 2001 - detailed info in japanese

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Box inlay

year of release 1982
companies Epoch
type game
media cartridge
systems Epoch Cassette Vision
number of players 1 player
staff unknown
tags platform

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