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Imagination Machine

Brickdown / Shooting Gallery   rating is 1rating is 1rating is 1rating is 1rating is 1

This cartridge offers two games, Brick Down and Shooting Gallery.

Brick Down
Brick Down is of course a copy of the arcade hit Breakout from Atari (1976), but here the playfield if turned 90° to the right, so that the paddle up and down like a normal pong game.

The object of the game is to destroy all the bricks in the wall. Options include fast or slow ball speed, 8 or 12 layers wall.

Overall the game is bad. The automatic service always launch the ball to the same spot. Rebounds are against any physic logic and have no variety. Animation is worth any Basic programmed games...

Shooting Gallery
Shooting Gallery is a simple shooting game for two players. Screen is split in two halves, one for each player. On each side a moving target is moving back and forth. You must shoot this target as many times as possible. Each time a target is hit, it will change color, size (smaller) and speed (faster). The color cycle goes like this: green -> blue -> purple -> red -> white. If the white target is hit, it disappears, the game is over. Your bullets are limited and this is how you will know who has won, but looking at the number of remaining bullets.


    Brickdown / Shooting Gallery was inspired by Breakout (*multiple ports*)


menu / options

you've got 9 ball to destroy the 8-layers wall

this time it's a 12-layers wall and speed is faster

Shooting Gallery

right player got the green target!

targets get smaller and faster when hit

the white target is the last one

right player has finished

both players have finished, but right player used less bullets (12 left)



Back of cartridge


Gameplay video

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year of release 1978
companies APF Electronics
type game
media cartridge
systems APF MP1000 systems
number of players 1 player, 2 players (versus)
staff unknown
tags ball and paddle, breakout, shooting gallery

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