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Arcade video games


The success of Gremlin’s Head-On in 1979 turned the industry’s attention toward maze games. In 1980 new maze games included Pacman, Rally-X, and Berzerk, as well as Targ, by Exidy.

Targ is a 1 or 2-player shooter game released by Exidy in 1980. Your town is invaded by Targ riders, you must maneuver the heroic vehicle Whummel to destroy them. From time to time, a Spectar comes into screen, and can be destroyed for extra bonus.

Action takes place into a 9x9 grid, 'Crystal City', where the player's vehicle must avoid and chase down 10 enemy wedge-shaped vehicles. When all enemies are destroyed, you are awarded an extra bonus and can access the following level

The heroic "Wummel" in the player's green spaceship travels in columns and rows created by the squares of the Crystal City. His mission is to destroy the shrewd blue Spectar Smuggler (who rarely raids the city) and to dodge and destroy the angry red Targs, who defend the secret hiding place of the Spectar.

Gameplay begins with 10 hostile Targs attempting to ram the Wummel. As the game progresses, Targs become smarter and faster, increasing the threat and challenge for the player.

The player controls the Wummel's direction and speed with a four-way joystick and fires at the Targs and the Spectar Smuggler by pressing the fire button.

Wipe out all Targs, and new game screen is presented. Targs become smarter and quicker to create an even greater challenge for advanced players.

Targ was largely inspired by "dodge them" style videogames where you car is moving constantly into a maze, chased by another car which you must avoid at all cost. But here Exidy pushed the concept further by turning it into a real shoot them up with a more complex scenario.

In turn, Targ inspired many other games.

Targ was quite a success for Exidy and a sequel, Spectar, was released in 1981.


    Targ inspired Attack Force (Tandy TRS-80)


title screen

1000 points for finishing first level

level 2

destroy the blue Spectar Smuggler

you've been destroyed

game over

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arcade cabinet

year of release 1980
companies Exidy
type game
media arcade cabinet
systems Arcade
number of players 1 - 2 players (alternate)
staff unknown
tags maze, shoot them up

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