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Here is the Atari Jaguar games list.

(Homebrew/independant and Jaguar CD games not included)

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TAGSfirst person shooter - prototype
02763-00162 CANNON FODDERSensible Software, Virgin Int... 1995 
TAGSreal time strategy - war
21941 DOUBLE DRAGON V - THE SHADOW FALLSAtari, Tradewest, Williams 1995 
TAGS2d - beat 'em up
21942 TROY AIKMAN NFL FOOTBALLTelegames, Tradewest, William... 1995 
TAGSamerican football - nfl - sport
31763-11153  POWER DRIVE RALLYTime Warner Interactive 1995 
TAGScar - rally
43175-79126  FLASHBACKAtari, Delphine Software Inte... 1995 
8001-TPKJAG THEME PARKAtari, Bullfrog Productions, ... 1995 
TAGSbusiness sim
8002-SYNJAG SYNDICATEAtari, Bullfrog Productions, ... 1995 
TAGSisometric 3d - real time strategy
C3669T RAYMANUbi Soft 1995 
J0144E PINBALL FANTASIES21st Century Entertainment, D... 1995 
J9000E CYBERMORPHAtari, Attention To Detail 1993 
TAGS3d - shoot them up
J9001 TREVOR MCFUR IN THE CRESCENT GALAXYAtari, Circle Reserves 1993 
TAGShorizontal scrolling - shoot them up
J9003E CLUB DRIVEAtari 1994 
J9005 RAIDENAtari, Fabtek, Imagitec Desig... 1994 
TAGSshoot them up - vertical scrolling
J9006 EVOLUTION - DINO DUDESAtari, Imagitec Design 1994 
TAGScavemen - puzzle
J9007E CHECKERED FLAGAtari, Rebellion 1994 
TAGScar - racing
J9008E ALIEN VS PREDATORAtari, Rebellion 1994 rating is 3rating is 3rating is 3rating is 3rating is 3
TAGSfirst person shooter
J9009E HOVER STRIKEAtari 1995 
TAGS3d - shoot them up
J9010E TEMPEST 2000Atari, Llamasoft 1994 
TAGSshoot them up
J9012E KASUMI NINJAAtari, Hand Made Software 1994 
TAGS2d - beat 'em up
J9020E BUBSY IN FRACTURED FURRY TAILSAccolade, Atari 1994 rating is 1rating is 1rating is 1rating is 1rating is 1
J9026E IRON SOLDIERAtari, Eclipse Software 1994 
J9028 WOLFENSTEIN 3DAtari, id Software 1994 
TAGSfirst person shooter - world war II
J9029E DOOMAtari, id Software 1994 rating is 4rating is 4rating is 4rating is 4rating is 4
TAGSfirst person shooter
J9036E  DRAGON - THE BRUCE LEE STORYAtari, Virgin Interactive Ent... 1994 
TAGS2d - beat 'em up - martial arts

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