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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Commodore  C64C computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Tuesday 17th November 2020
Gatton (US)

This was also my childhood machine. I miss turning our computers on and seeing a Ready prompt. Kids these days have it great though. I am typing this from a Raspberry Pi $35 computer. It can run all the old Commodores and Apples or anything else. Super fun!

Tuesday 17th November 2020
Gatton (US)

This was also my childhood machine. I miss turning our computers on and seeing a Ready prompt. Kids these days have it great though. I am typing this from a Raspberry Pi $35 computer. It can run all the old Commodores and Apples or anything else. Super fun!

Thursday 1st August 2019
David from Hungary

My childhood machine. My mom bought it second-hand around 1996, long after the decline of the 8-Bit era. After we moved on to Windows PCs, the C64C and its peripherals sat boxed in in the basement. This year, I refurbished them, retrobrighted their cases, added heatsinks to the sensitive components. Everything works like a charm, and it''s still a great experience to tinker around with them.

Saturday 22nd April 2017
Fabio (Italy)

Fantastic Commodore 64C
I play all day during ''80...
I ''ve got C64C with old keyboard, see here:

Thursday 26th February 2015
Julián (Argentina)

C64C was my first step into the computer world. I was 12 (too old for a newbie nowadays) when my father and I went to the shop to buy it. Programming in Basic, playing games with friends, reading related books to learn something else... all was great with the Commodore64C!!

Wednesday 20th February 2013
Pasquale (Italy)

This model has been the most selled in Italy up to 1994.
I have got the mine on 1992/93 and that still works good now.
I have wrote a lot of programs with it and after 20 years i am yet happy to make the same!

Viva il C64!

Regards from Italy / Un saluto dall''Italia

Monday 5th November 2012

Marco: Try tinchens online shop on ebay !

Thursday 3rd May 2012
Andreas (Sweden)

This one is my favorite C64. It has better picture quality compared to my older C64:s and the sound chip does actually sound better except for old-style digitized sound. But if you have a look on the Vicious Sid demo, you will see that the 8580 chip is doing much better when playing samples using their mechanism.

Friday 24th February 2012
Der Doktor (Germany)

The C64 was my very first computer and it still runs today - perfectly. I have many old computers but the Commodore machines are very special to me. I just love the very simple an classic design and the hardware capabilities.
But no C64 and 128 is complete without GEOS, the best OS of all times. It''s still mindblowing what Berkeley Softworks has done. They really managed to run a GUI on a computer with only 64kB of RAM. It''s really amazing.

Sunday 5th June 2011
Marco (Croatia)

I have C64C with the diskete unit etc, and everything works fine. The only thing I miss is one key on the keyboard. Anybody knows where to buy a keyboard for C64C? I would really like to have it in "one piece" again.

Tuesday 31st May 2011
Jon (United States)

I had one of these. The only drawback was the sound chip itself. You couldn''t hear digitized speech very well. In my experience with one of these, the digitized speech were very faint. The chip used was a MOS 8580, which could be replaced with a MOS 6581, which worked better. Other than that, I liked the styling of the case. The board was very small, and used fewer chips than the previous model it replaced.

Monday 11th April 2011
Simon Lyne (UK)
EPROM9 HOME Although this is aimed at a C64 the C64C is a C64 re-packaged. So the principle should still apply.

I hope this helps, I just got mine powered up although there''s some repair work involved.

Friday 8th April 2011
Shadow (USA)

Looked good with C-16 command keys by the way

Friday 8th April 2011
Shadow (USA)

I have had several 64c''s over the years, I still have one in good working order, with stereo SID on-board and 1mb of RAM. Still have working 1581 and 1541-II drives as well, love to boot up old games now and then. I used to have a 2400 baud USR modem attached to an RS232C cable, but I can no longer find it, I do have a 1200baud automodem though, always wanted to fire it up and hit the old BBS''s again

Tuesday 4th January 2011
MJ (Slovakia)

I own C64C bought at ~1989, but it has 8510 CPU (2MHz). I tried it yesterday after 12 years of its inaction plus 9 year of every day use with cassette dataset. All tapes run with no problem. Compare it with your CD carriers. My own have been unreadable after 3-4 years...

Thursday 18th February 2010
Antonio Alves

I am a guy who had a machine like this one!

I would want to think if the c64c form (with keyboard slope and other anti slope towards the grid) was based on the generic graph of the envelope generator: "attack" "decay" "sustain" "release" /$_
/ $ just like the commodore profile!

Friday 13rd October 2006
Kerry Fletcher (Toronto)

I had one of these from December 87 until April of 1995. Loved it, tons of games (Epyx anyone?) First used Compuserve with this. I still have the 300/1200 baud pocket modem that plugged into the back of the keyboard. Don't know why I still have it.

Friday 6th January 2006
Allison (Always here somewhere)

I have one of these computers and have heard many good things about the gaming days from my boyfriend. The only thiing I need to do is to hook this up to a tv, but not sure how to do it on a modern television, so if anyone has a inkling on how to do this, e-mail me. Please!

Wednesday 8th September 2004
anthony (Lebanon)

Hy all, ihave the commodore 64c,
and unfortunatley, i don't have the manual,
and i would like to know how to use the tape,
can anyone please tell me where can i find on the net the manual for the tape. or any tutorial ?

Monday 31st May 2004
A. Edmunds (UK)

I had the C 64 c+ in about 1988, The keys were a darker colour & the letters on the keys were in a different font. I had a device with mine (sorry i don't recall the name) which let you read & write magnetic strips on cards - I put the info from my switch card on my tesco clubcard & amazed my friends when i "accedentally" put the clubcard in the cash point & got money out ... i really should have kept it. The mouse came with a programme called Cheese which was rather like paint.

Wednesday 7th April 2004
Mike Palmer (U.K.)

The 64C had the awesome SID chip, with 4 waveforms, ADSR envelope forming, modulation, and a host of other cool tricks. Many people forget the crap gameplay of some of the early C64 games, but few will forget the awesome soundtracks that cam with them.

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