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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Unitron (Brazil) Mac 512 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 25th January 2020
Gilberto Martins (Brazil)
Linux Drops

Just a little correction to Ricardo Tolomelli, the so called protection to brazilian industry and technology has been imposed after the brazilian military government, by the president JosÚ Sarney.

MSX could only be bought on the black market, mainly (but not uniquely) from Paraguay.

Saturday 14th September 2013
Edward W. Jackson (Missouri, USA)

When I was a college student, in 1984. These little Macintosh computers were so expensive, nobody could buy them. I would had loved to had the Brazilian copycat computer. I was so mad at Macintosh for the expensive computer, which I had to use at the University to type my homework on. I resolved never to buy an Apple product. Years later, delivering air freight, Apple still "pimps" their products to kids, and the poor parents have to pay out of their pocket for overpriced computers!

Wednesday 27th June 2012
Ricardo Tolomelli (Brazil)

During the military dictatorship in Brazil, which lasted till 1986, the government applied rules to "protect" brazilian industry and technology development by forbidding any kind of import for products that we "could produce" here. The cloning industry was then : supported" by the government when they showed they could produce similar computer with "local technology", in fact they were just cloning and manufacturing them here, the development involved was just on how to produce the same components here and not import anything.

I used to have and Apple I and Apple II clones, both from Microdigital, and an MSX from Gradiente (which I''m not sure if it was cloned or licensed, but it was fully produced in Brazil). Those were the only options we could find on the (white) market during those days. Anything apart from it has to be illegally imported, and was very hard to find (not to mention their programs).

Those "protection" laws were on until beginning of 90''s, when Fernando Collor, the president, $ped them, and the cloning industry died. Actually, that was the only good thing he did to our country... but that''s another story.

Tuesday 26th July 2005
Pomme (Europe)

This is one of the reasons i love Apple, if you make a think whit effort and love on it and somebody simply steal your ideas Make them PAY (or blast their country) Mac power!

The first thing is the dignity, after the market.

Tolerate the system pirates is like tolerate the spam with a smile on face.

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