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S > SHARP  > PC-1500 / PC-1500A


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Sharp  PC-1500 / PC-1500A computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 25th February 2023
Bernhard Wiesweg (Germany)

My Sharp PC-1500 has a serial port with 9600 baud

Thursday 3rd November 2022
Simon Young (China)

My like my PC1500

Thursday 3rd November 2022
Simon Young (China)

I have two pc1500,I like it very much

Sunday 6th March 2022
Prodas (Germany)

Hello Kimmo, the name is: Rasso von Schlichtegroll. a lot of information for PC-1500 you can find at

Saturday 26th February 2022
Kimmo (Finland)

I have PC1500 and I have a cassette of macroassembler rosso $ Schlitengroll ??? Does somebody remember, which the correct name. I would need that software, when I cannot read cassette correctly. I have I/O-unit.

Saturday 9th January 2021
Benoit (Belgium) (Belgique)

The little pens for the printer can be revived with some patience. When dried up, remove carefully the plastic end, humidify (alcohol) and excercise the roller. It will eventually roll again. Then fill the little cartridge with inkjet ink (available cheap in bottles). I revived the 4 colors.

Wednesday 25th November 2020
larry (france)

For the lucky ones, that own this marvel, and its tiny printer-plotter, here''s a supply source :$/Shops/63686166/Products/$22US$20017.01$22 Pens really look like original ones. Did anyone test ? Another option is to refill an original pen using a syringe. More later, if someone''s interested.

Saturday 19th September 2020

As opposed to what someone says below (Franck B.), power consumption of the PC1500 is large, even on fresh Batteries. Years of daily use on the same set of AA cells is simply impossible. See the back of the 1500 : 0.13W consumed !

Saturday 28th February 2015
Andreas (Germany)

Hello Debby, as far as I know resetting is done by pressing the "All reset" on the bottom with something long and thin like a pen.

Friday 23rd January 2015
Debby (USA)

Can anyone tell me how to reset a 1500a? Thank you~

Tuesday 16th December 2014
Geoffrey (Sydney, Australia)

Selling a PC-1500, may need a clean (doing that soon) but otherwise fine

Wednesday 22nd October 2014
Mark Murray (Queensland, AUSTRALIA)

I am a Land Surveyor and have been using the Sharp PC1500A for field calculations since 1982. My last one has finally failed an I urgently need another with the 16K extended memory module if possible Please email me if you can help.

Wednesday 10th September 2014
Graham (South Africa)

I have a 1500A for sale with original manuals. email me if you are interested.

Saturday 30th November 2013
Martin Sayers (United Kingdom)

I have one of these - a 1500A
for sale. It''s mint. with original manuals. email me if ure interested.


Monday 4th November 2013
treddie (USA)

I was blown away by the Radio Shack PC-1 and even more so with the PC-2, both of which I bought as soon as they came out. It is still my favorite calculator 31 years later, and I still do small test proggies on it. This little beast is what I learned assembly on, back in the day of fixed memory maps. To this day, no one has made a better pocket keyboard. The keys were placed just right and at the perfect size to work quickly. And this family of QWERTY keyboards on pocket devices made them the easiest to store variables. Simply unbeatable. I bought a spare on eBay in case my original bites the dust. Don''t want to live without it 30 years from now!

Thursday 4th November 2010
Ugo Capeto
Ugo Capeto Music

oh yeah, the pc-1500 was boss back then with its graphic engine. was used in math classes to draw those nifty saddle functions in 3-d using the printer that goes along. Had the casio fx-702p and it really didn''t hold a candle to the pc-1500 (was not the same price either).

Tuesday 28th October 2008
Frank Burgum (U.K.)

My Sharp PC-1500 with CE-155 8KB RAM module is still in almost daily use as a calculator. I can''t remember when I last replaced the batteries: a couple of years at least. I used to have the fancy docking station with mini 4-colour pen plotter, but the novelty wore off and the extensions were consigned to the loft.

Saturday 17th May 2008
marcos barale (buenos aires / republica argentina)

quisiera saber como hacer para utilizar con la pc-1500 un impresor comun en lugar del ce-150 (plotter),ya que mi ce-150 se descompuso y yo utilizo varias pc-1500 para un trabajo que me resuelven perfectamente estas maquinas.

Tuesday 5th October 2004
Marton Jakab (Hungary)

There's a clone of this machine made by Híradástechnika Corp. in Hungary based on the Sharp license. It was dubbed "PTA-4000" and has been relatively common (well, compared to Eastern bloc IT standards, that is) in during the '80s. It was sold in a kit with the KA-160 plotter/docking station and came with a 16kB RAM modul included.

It's a fun machine. ;)

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