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T > TOSHIBA  > T 1200


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Toshiba  T 1200 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 20th February 2021
Ted Black (United Kingdom)

Hi Kelly, is your T1200 still for sale?

Friday 12th February 2021
Kelly (UK)

Hello I''ve got a working Toshiba T 1200 laptop which I want to sell. Please can you tell me how to reset it to factory settings?

Wednesday 6th January 2021
Zer (Ro)

Regarding the loop... try PC-DOS.... or MS-DOS 6.22 loads of images on or winworld .... I have T3100e and managed to install PC-DOS 7.1 and 4GB (YES GB) Seagate Hard disk (with ontrack- I think also can do fat32) . Check battery also , these old machines are fussy with bad battery.

Sunday 3rd January 2021
Bob (Nederland)

I think i have an issue with an Toshina T1200. when power is attached an the little power switch on the back is off. the Lcd backlight comes on when i open the display. the computer does not boot but the backlight is on. as soon as i turn the little switch on the back on the coputer will boot normally. is the backlight suppose to be on when the power switch is off? and if not any ideas on where the problem might be? Thanks in advance, Bob

Saturday 26th December 2020
Franck (UK)

Hi, I need your help I bought a vintage Toshiba T1200 I have an issue during the boot : "Toshiba personnal computer MS -DOS version 3.30" endless loop ! If someone has an idea ? I need an image disk copy of the boot disk Thank you

Friday 23rd October 2020
mifritscher (Germany)

I''m searching 1-2 memory expansion boards for the T1600 - does anybody still have these? I would also take a complete T1600 $)

Thursday 27th June 2019

Thankyou RetroComputerFan for the files.

Friday 6th October 2017
OldDream (italia)

Hi everyone I sell a toshiba t3200 perfectly working. Contact me at this mail: for your offers.

Wednesday 16th August 2017
Lynn (Hilton, NY)

Want to find a replacement battery for a Toshiba laptop T1200XE System Unit. Have been told that the part number is PA8712U but may be as obselete as the laptop itself so would appreciate any info or part $ for a replacement battery that would work.

Sunday 30th July 2017
RetroComputerFan (Germany)

I have an Toshiba T1100 Plus and an T1200. Both are working fine. I''ve replaced the battery in the T1100 Plus with a new one. The battery of the T1200 is a bit weak and lasts only for a few minutes.

I do have the original System Disk for the T1100 Plus (wich ofcourse would also work on the T1200) and the T1200 has the operating system on its 20 MB hard disk drive.

So, if someone needs that disk you can download it from my webpage with this link:

Thursday 4th May 2017
James Tomlinson (United States)
Tetra West Technology

I bought the 1200HB in the summer of 1988. The backlit screens were on backorder at the time. One of my buddies with the dual floppy T1200 thought I was crazy to have the hard-disk. This laptop worked great for me as I started up power plants in India, Pakistan, Caribbean. GE didn''t supply laptops for field engineers at the time. It worked great for me for 3 years. My only gripe was the 9600 baud speed limit on the serial port. I installed a combo board which gave me 2MB RAM and the 1200 Baud modem. I still have it and every once in a while boot it up. I upgraded it to MS-DOS 6.2, which was difficult since it was only available on 1.44MB disks.

Wednesday 26th October 2016
Pippo (Cagliari)

I Found my old T1200 purchased in ''88. Still functioning mounts windows 2.0. Battery is completely dead. I have to turn it on fiddling a bit with the two switches behind it

Saturday 29th August 2015
Harry  (United States)

Found my old Toshiba T1200 in a closet. Not turned on for 10+ years. It want to see a system disk, which I no longer have. Can anyone help?

Saturday 29th August 2015

Toshiba T1200. Need a system disk to boot it. Can anybody help

Sunday 14th September 2014
Richard Vermeulen (The Netherlands)

Hoi Jac Senior, ik lees zojuist pas je vraag. een beetje laat, maar evengoed. Af en toe staan er Toshiba T3100/T3200 en T5100/T5200 op marktplaats. Gewoon marktplaats in de gaten houden. Ik dacht eerst dat het zelfdzame machines waren, maar dat blijkt wel mee te vallen. Gemiddeld staat er elke week wel een op marktplaats dus. Ik weet niet of je ondertussen al voorzien bent.

Saturday 11th January 2014
Filippo (Italy)

Hi you all! I have a Toshiba T3200SXC with original leather suitecase.
If anyone is interested please mail an offer

Saturday 11th January 2014
Pascal (Netherlands)

I have a Toshiba T1200. Modelrnr:PA7044E White. Its for sale. please give me a serious offer by mail.

I also have a IBM Portable 5155 for anyone who is interested. Very nice vintage portable computer.

Tuesday 3rd December 2013
Sergio (Italia)

Hi there,
I have a Toshiba T1600 (black$white) in very good condition, if someone is interested please $ me a call/mail with an offer :-)

cheers Sergio

Saturday 30th November 2013
Jac Senior

Hallo Richard, kan jij mij mailen waar ik iets dergelijks kan kopen? Ik kan niets vinden op internet. Dank.

Thursday 28th November 2013
Jac Senior (Nederland)

Jac Senior The Netherlands.

Is there someone who has a Toshiba T3200 or a
T3100 for sale for me. Like to quote price to

Monday 11th November 2013
Richard Vermeulen (The Netherlands)

6 months ago, I bought a T3100e (20mB harddrive), a T3100e/40 (40MB version), a nice T3200SX and the flagship the T5200/100. All had the CMOS battery problem. I replaced the original CMOS/BIOS batteries with ordinary CR2032 batteries. (wrapped inside plastic tape). Since then all date/time AND boot-problems are fixed.

I am now working with these Toshiba machines since a couple of months and have these questions:

1 - Does anybody know the videochip of the T3100e/40 (I know its CGA but it also has the rare 640x400 resolution as the AT$T 6300)
2 - I have many spare parts from other laptops like Compaq/Toshiba and IBM. Does somebody know a compatible diskdrive for these machines ?

Saturday 8th June 2013

i can buy one for .50 cents us money should i?

Saturday 10th November 2012
Peter (Lithuania)

I have T1200 also. Do hope to use it for an interesting project and searching for files from the "Diagnostic and Supplemental" diskette!
Anybody has them?


Tuesday 2nd October 2012
Roy Birley (London, UK)

I have a 1988 Toshiba T3200 for sale. It is in very good condition and comes in its original soft case.

Any offers to


Tuesday 2nd October 2012
Joseph (Australia)

I have a T1200. I think the BIOS has gone, because it does not boot at all. Anybody knows how to reset BIOS?

Friday 4th May 2012
Rafa (Spain)

Plis share the disketes

Wednesday 18th April 2012
James Taggart (Ottawa, Canada)

I Have a T1200 Too

I have The DOS diskette, The Diagnostic and Supplemental diskette and the original power adapter and manual. Still runs great although the battery only lasts a couple of minutes.
Great Machine still.


Thursday 23rd February 2012
JohnI (usa)

I have a functional Toshiba T1200 with power supply for sale. Please make offer to

Tuesday 10th January 2012
Antoha-spb (Russia)

I purchased T1200XE on the ebay and tried to turn it on, but the laptop doesn''t start. As I connect the power supply (3d party, but with matching voltage and current) red LED flashes and when I press ON button all other LEDs just flash for a moment. Below there were suggestions about RTC and RESUME battery replacement. Will try that....

Monday 2nd January 2012
e.Pietersma (Nederland)

Ik heb een goed werkend Toshiba T1200 Laptop te koop met alle toebehoren en printer. Wie bied er!!

Sunday 1st January 2012
martijn van oost (spain)

I got a Toshiba T3200 to sell it''s fully fuctioned who''s intrested in it may give a bid by e-mail

Friday 9th December 2011
Fawnet (USA)

I bought one of these too, but a lot later than you did$I think in 1996? My workplace was selling off unused equipment, and I picked it up for $100. I loved that little thing, and I''m not exaggerating when I say it put me on the road to becoming a good computer user. I was in my late twenties, but I hadr understood computers, and didn''t think that I ever would, either. But this machine was so neat, compact and inviting that I began to like using it, and started learning how to really make use of it. I got into DOS, and BBSes, and games, too$man, I played so much Kingdom of Kroz on that thing!
And now that you mention it, I remember the resume feature, too, and wishing that my work computer (a 386) had something like that. Mine had the 20 MB hard drive, too. Wooooo,fancy, right? :D Anyway, it was a lovely device. I think it''s still in a box somewhere, I don''t have the heart to toss it out.

Sunday 9th October 2011
kerrie ayers (Birmingham, UK)

Hi there i have a fully working Toshiba T2130CS laptop and was wondering if anyone knows of any UK collectors? My email is if anyone can help with my enquiry. Thanks

Friday 6th May 2011
Ken Trivitt (Tucson, Az/USA)

I am looking to purchase 5-10 Toshiba T2130CS/520, P/N PA1196U-S2W. Please let me know what you have or if you know a place I can purchase these from. Thank you!

Monday 4th April 2011
Allen Bishop (USA)

My email address is if someone has a working T3200 80286 for sale.

Monday 4th April 2011
Allen Bishop (USA)

I am looking for a Toshiba T3200 80286 laptop that is working. The gas plasma display is not needed to be in good condition because I can connect an external monitor. Does anyone have one for sale?
Thanks, Allen

Friday 20th August 2010
ColonelRiley (Germany)

@ andax

wie lautet deine email-adresse?
how is your email adress?

gru▀ / regards Stephan

Friday 20th August 2010
andax (Switzerland)
My contributions in USENET

I have a box of spare parts from a decomposed wreck of a T3100e/40. I found use for the HD and maybe reassemble the Screen as standalone CGA-Flatscreen at some rainy days but would give it away if someone needs it urgently. If someone needs these or other T3100e/40 parts, please dont hesitate to contact me via email, as i could not guarantee how long i keep these parts and would dispose them. For example, the floppy drive (very loud...) is in working condition, has a smaller connector than todays floppy drives. Maybe it fits into the T1200 too.

Tuesday 27th July 2010
Emmanuel Paris (México)

hi i have one of these computer t1200 if i want sold it how much can i request?? coul you help me? these even work and his baterie still can keep charch i have some programs and the original disk these is an inheritance from dad i hope you can help me bye

Thursday 13rd May 2010
Joe (USA)

My Toshiba T1200HB was working great up to last night $ The green power light goes to flashing red when the power is switched on $ the screen blips for a second, then nothing. I assume that the battery has been dead for many years. Does anyone know the meaning of the red flashing light? Is the battery required for AC adapter operation? There''s no difference in bahavior with the battery removed.

Thursday 8th April 2010
Masivi (España)

Help please!!!! I need to access my Toshiba T1200XE BIOS and I don''t know how!!! The F1 key pressing during start up doesn''t work!!!


Tuesday 16th March 2010
Mr X

The information from Mal is spot-on.

The keyboard was EXCELLENT, I have an IBM Model M now, but the T1200 had a much smoother, lighter stroke. I guess Cherry makes different switches, but those boards are $100+ and my M was only $30.

Tuesday 3rd November 2009
timerider (usa)

I have a tosh 3100-40. is it posisble to change the red plasma display to maybe green or amber???
I can''t stand looking at red!
I installed 6.22 and win 3.0 but hard for me to look at the screen and some info is not visable like shadeing to highlite certain points.
I wish i had picked up the old apple one''s i used to see in thrift stores years ago and some of the IBMs too.
The old comadores are fetching good prices on the web too!

Monday 5th October 2009
Joel (USA)

I have a T3200 and it has a problem with the floppy drive "Not ready reading drive A". I tried the A/B switch on the back, must be a bad floppy drive. Anyone have an extra internal floppy or parallel port floppy drive?

Wednesday 29th April 2009
Daniel Garland (New Zealand)

Re Call Me Leaha - What is your model of laptop, and what is wrong with it?

Wednesday 29th April 2009
Daniel Garland (New Zealand)

Re the T3200 - I have one, and have put a 16-bit ISA SVGA card in it and run an external monitor off it with no trouble, no drivers were necessary. I tried the same with an 8-bit ISA VGA card but was less successful, can''t quite remember what happened but I don''t think it wanted to boot fully with that card in.

Friday 20th February 2009
call me leaha



Friday 21st November 2008
Hans  (Germany)

I have two T1200XE. Did charge internal 6V Batt.
Self test works until RAM test, after that cusor is blinking, Hard disk makes little normal noice but nothing, after while it wants system disk, I have such (if you need let me know) but system does not recognize ... any clue?

Monday 30th June 2008

I'm looking for EPROM images for the Toshiba T3100-- I believe there are four EPROMs in the T3100. Any help?

Saturday 21st June 2008

By the way, what are people using the T1200 for today? Would it be fun for a 11 yr old to try to get it up and running again? Are there any fun or otherwise interesting programs for a 11 yr old to play with on there? What power source would it need, as i would have to get another battery I guess, and another power supply cord. Are those cords still out there? Thanks!! Also, let me know if you want this machine!! :)

Saturday 21st June 2008

I have a T1200, no power source, no programs, but it otherwise looks to be in good condition. Anyone need it, want it? Does it have a price value? Hate to toss it to goodwill, and I figured you collectors might want to work on it, so let me know.

Sunday 1st June 2008
Rick (Texas)

Does anyone know if I can put a video card (16 bit) in my T3200 and run it on my desktop monitor? If you have tried it let me know if you had any problems. My plasma appears to be fading into history.

Monday 21st January 2008
salawati (Malaysia)


I'm also have problem same with Vincenzo (Italy) with his message about Toshiba portege 3440ct. My Machine cannot function and display message "BIOS is damage!, call your serviceman", and inquire the serviceman to place a maintenance disk in drive.

Can I get that maintenace disk also :)

Friday 18th January 2008
William (Sydney)

Need help-Orange Flashing light appears when i connect power.

Wednesday 12th December 2007
Payphone Ed (Undisclosed)

Contrary to the addition, the T1200 does NOT have DOS in ROM. I have a T1200 in my collection, and can confirm without a doubt that it does not have anything in ROM besides the BIOS. There isn't even an NVRAM configuration utility, it's provided as a DOS program instead.

Wednesday 17th October 2007
Kalyan (United Kingdom)

I have a T3100e in working condition with all the boot disks and MS-DOS manuals that came with it (and the original case!). I fired it up a year ago and it was still working, though the battery was quite weak. Sitting in my attic - nw reasonable offer refused!!

Monday 8th October 2007
Henry Tohnain (Cameroon)

I bought a second_hand portable T3100e I really loved it but got a problem in using it, the operating system was missing, our technicians know nothing about this old valuable equipment. please can i get some information if any in putting it on? Thanks for your help

Friday 21st September 2007
eyedropper (london)

I've an T3200 with case and manuals to sell if anyone's interested. It works, but the PRAM battery is flat so it thinks it's 1970.

Get in touch via Flickr or email. All offers considered.

Friday 21st September 2007
eyedropper (london)

I've an T3200 with case and manuals to sell if anyone's interested. It works, but the PRAM battery is flat so it thinks it's 1970.

Get in touch via Flickr or email. All offers considered.

Tuesday 7th August 2007
David Hatton (England)

Paul (canada) one way to get that drive back up and running is to remove it from the tosh and set it up on another computer and then just install ms-dos 5 from there. Once done just re-install it back into your tosh.

Rob(Netherlands) as long as the d: partition was not created with partition magic and you can boot from a floppy. You can either remove the hard drive and attach it to another pc and try and access the data that way or boot from a floppy that has fdisk on it. rn fdisk first of all to make sure the HDD can be found. If ok then exist fdisk and run FDISK /MBR it's a hidden option on the fdisk command that rebuilds the master boot record.

I woul stress that attachin g the drive to another pc as a slave would be my first choice doesn't matter what version of windows it is it should detect the drive. Also check the bios on the pc to see if the slave drive is detectable. If not then it's a professional data recovery services job t get that info.

By the way FDISK /MBR will destroy any extra partitions setup by partition magic.

Tuesday 31st July 2007
Tichwin (Netherlands)

I have several vintage laptops: Toshiba T1000, Toshiba T1200 and Toshiba T1600. All have the same problem: although connected to their original AC adapter, the batteries do not load, and power fails directly when power button is pushed, leaving behind a red flashing LED. I remember having seen message RESUME BATTERY LOW the days before the problem occured. These batteries (RTC and Resume) are quite expensive. Has anybody tried to make such batteries by using AA-cells? Same voltage (2,4 V or 3,6 V) and a lot of mA/h compared to the original batteries. Do I risk to damage the motherboard? And: I've been told also to unsolder the condensators on the powerboard and replace them. Has anybody tried this with success?

Monday 2nd July 2007
ari (ISRAEL)

my email:

Monday 2nd July 2007
ari (ISRAEL)

I bought an old thoshiba portege 3400ct .I need it for windows 98 se.the problem is I can't find the driver of the plopy disk TOSHIBA MODEL NO. PA2940U for windows 98se. somebody can help?

Monday 25th June 2007
rob (netherlands)

looking for an mbr (master boot record) for a t3100e/40
the 40 Mb is divided in c: and d:, 20 Mb each.
the hd is not accessible now as is 'is not found', as i have data on it i would like to restore the before situation.

have software here to copy and to restore an mbr...

can any owner help?

Friday 8th June 2007
Paul Williams (Canada)

I bought a T5100 today, it told me I only had 1.5M of HD space so after deciding I didn't really need what was on the 40Mb Drive (such as Windows 3.0) and WP 5.0 I decided to format the drive- no problem, right? Well now for some reason using a floppy boot disk w/ Ms-Dos on it only gives me an error "NON SYSTEM DiSK.. or "PROBLEM WITH DISK INSERT STARTUP DISK... etc. etc." Any ideas as to a solution. By the way I even have TOSHIBA's MS-Dos 5.0 system disks, and it doesn't want to boot from them either....

Thursday 24th May 2007
Martyn C Talbot-Sykes (Blackpool, United Kingdom)

I recently bought an old Toshiba T2130CS laptop PC to run old programms on, any body out there got the manual?. Martyn

Tuesday 15th May 2007
David Hatton (England)

The T3100 originally was supplied with MS-DOS 2.11 not 3 as in the main article. Although it was a Tosh modified version.
Unusual because 2.11 is not meant to support 3. inch floppies. Being a 286 you would have thought it would support 1.44 flops but it don't. Fortunately I have a box of old 720K (DS/DD) that format ok and can easily be read by my main pc.

By the way my T3100 is US spec version (with the psu set to 240volts) it is complete with dos disk, both tosh dos and user manuals and it's original soft carry case. The only thing it needs is a new lithium battery. These you can still buy!!

It was purchased when released in 1986 and was used until 1999.

If anyone wants to know what those dip switches do at the back then let me know.

Tuesday 13rd March 2007
Sebastian (Austria)

Hi guys i found an Thoshiba Laptop today it's a T3200 and it works!
Now I'm wondering what a collector would pay for that Laptop ????

Sunday 11th March 2007
Mike (Norway)

Well now im in trouble, the 1.44 has stopped working, its behaving like a 5.25" It tells me to close the door basically, and it sounds odd, i think i need to enter the bios of the T3200... Though no combination seem to work, "F1, F2, Fn, ctrl+alt+f10" The bios would be the easy solution, everything down to the bios battery is made by Toshiba there's not a single standard piece of cabling, wiring or component in there. The floppy has a strange smaller than normal connector, missing four pins from a normal one as far as i could tell, and no 4 pin power plug either. But the floppy drive might be the problem i think, any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


Monday 12th February 2007
D.C.S. (New York)

I have a similar problem with a Toshiba Setellite Pro 405CS

**** Bad check sum (CMOS) ****
Check system. Then press [F1] key

this occurs shortly after powering up, and is the first thing that comes on screen

any ideas?


Saturday 27th January 2007
Erikas (Lithuania)

Hi , i have the t1200 and it works good . But it don't have the OS . that OS can work on this laptop ? if somebody has the OS for this laptop pleeae email me . Thanks .

Monday 25th December 2006
el mariachi (Portugal)

I have a T2130CS and i want to install a linux distro in it but since it doesnt have a cd drive i want to remove the hdd to install it directly. How do i disassemble the laptop? i already removed all the screws at the bottom of it but the cover wont come out is there soimething missing?

Tuesday 28th November 2006
Marc D. Williams (Rosemead, CA)
Windows 3.x Schemes and Themes

I work at an outdoor swap meet and people discard all kinds of things. Last week I came across two Toshiba laptops, a T1200 and T1600. They seem in nigh perfect condition but no power adapters.
Seeing as how I just started working on trying different DOSes on an old Dell this find was timed just right.

Tuesday 14th November 2006
Nils (Sweden)

For the record: I've been searching the net for info on the T3200 since I aquired one from my work. I had to get into BIOS to see if I could make any changes because of some of the CMOS errors listed in this thread, but I couldn't find any on that model. So after trying all kinds of key combinations I found that CTRL+ALT+F10 worked (at least on my comp).

Thursday 2nd November 2006
Deelerium (Alhambra/Pasadena USA)
Deelerium Studioz

just found a Toshiba T3100/20 beside a garbage bin. So i decided to take a closer look into this componant. Plugged the power and was curious to see if it would turn on and start up.. And wow boom! expecting major problems and abnormal performances, suprise!! no hesitation and not even a sound of struggle.. Bright orange vintage looking display that just grabbed my attension to it even more for some odd reason... After surfing the net for a little bit more information and backround on this machine, the more i am becomming intrigged by this thing.. Just knowing that this T3100 is one of the first "laptop" that has been manufactured. This old looking thing is a part of computer history.. IM keeping it man...

Monday 23rd October 2006
Diego (Argentina)
Argentina Clasico

hi i have this computer. i buy this a few days ago with out the ac adapter, but i use an external power supply that bring the same volt. the batery is dead and i don`t use it.
when i power up the machine a red led blink and the power grenn led start, but then stop, the display do the same.
i don`t know what to do, if somebody know please email me.
Thanks from argentina.

Thursday 28th September 2006
Daniel Garland (New Zealand)

No, No, No! A T3200SXC is NOT THE SAME as a standard T3200 (unsure about the T3200SX though), and they wont open the same - you risk doing damage to it if you follow that SXC guide. And a T3100 is different from a T3200 in how it opens, its all quite crazy as each individual model appears to have proprietary components that are model specific. Its a pain when you happen to be an owner of one, as I am...

Still looking for another T3200 for myself, and I just stumbled upon a website where a guy has 3 of them, all looking to be in good nick... some people have all the luck :-(

Monday 25th September 2006
Zlork (Belgium)

Mike, take a look at
Maybe there's your answer...

Friday 22nd September 2006
Mike (Norway) Found this , might help the one with the bios damaged thingie.. ive gotten a t3200 today 286 with 4mb expantion. im trying to figure out how the hell to open the damned thing....

Tuesday 25th July 2006
candice (hamilton (ontario))

i have a working toshiba t3100/20 and was wondering what todays value is?

Monday 19th June 2006
Vincenzo (Italy)

I'I've got a Toshiba portege 3440ct, when i turn on it it says me... "BIOS is damage!, call your serviceman", and inquire the serviceman to place a maintenance disk in drive... where can I get this disk :-( Thanks !!!

Wednesday 31st May 2006
Richard Walker (203 East 27th Littlefield, Texas 79339)

I need the pinout for T3100e (Panasonic MD400F640PD6 ) orange Gas Plasma Display

Thursday 23rd March 2006
Jordan  (Sweden)

Hi i have a t3200 at full working order, kind of .
The floppy works and theres dos 5 and even win 3.1 on it, tho i cant get in win cause theres somekind of a problem -
it simply prints : cannot run windows in either standard or 386 enached mode
it also has minor problems like an empty time keeper battery and an error in cmos in bootup caused by the blank battery. Now i call upon you fellow computer folks - if anyone has any experiences regarding the standard and 386 modes or anything else that could help or be useful , please be so kind and mail me at
Thanks a million !

Thursday 9th March 2006
Charlene (USA)

I have a Toshiba 3100 and all it does is boot up to a screeen that says Insert System disk in drive. Can someone tell me what disk I need?

Tuesday 3rd January 2006
Kendrick Walker (Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada)

Does anyone know if the T1200 had MSDOS in ROM, I know the T1000, and the T1100 did, but i can't find any difinitive information on the T1200. Also, what interface does its hard-disk use? Thanks!

Wednesday 21st December 2005
Sam Burgess (Greeley, CO. USA)

I have a working Toshiba T3200 and was wondering what price a collector would pay for one seeing as how I am out of room at my house.

Thursday 8th December 2005
Daniel Garland (New Zealand)

I remember in 1988 or '89 Dad bringing home a T3100 from work to do some stuff at home, and the coolest thing it could do was play some simple animation of a bicycle, on its Amber/Red gas Plasma display... very neat. They were then issued with T3200's, and then a number of years later Dad came across a T5100 which wasn't being used, so we were allowed to borrow it until it screwed up & they asked for it back. I dare say that it was put in a skip (this was 1995 or 1996). I've managed to get my hands on a T3200, its very cool, I love it :) but the floppy drive doesn't work. I want another T3200 when I can find one, preferably with a working floppy drive - most probably the one I have now would become spares for the other. Not easy to find, espeically on a student's budget...

Friday 18th November 2005
José Luis (SPAIN)

I've got a Toshiba T2130CS, and i'm try to recovery it from the "garbage room", but when i turn on it it says me...

"BIOS is damage!, call your serviceman", and inquire the serviceman to place a maintenance disk in drive... where and/or how can i get this disk !?!?!?!

Thnx !!!

Friday 28th October 2005
Mercer Helms (mhelms1)

Anybody know where I can get a T1000 ac adapter?



Sunday 4th September 2005
Andy Smith (UK)

I have bought a laptop on ebay and are looking for a manual for it, does anyone know if i can find a manual/ users guide for it online? its a Toshiba T2130CS Laptop
any help appreciated you can email me at

Saturday 13rd August 2005
Jennifer (USA)

I bought my Toshiba 1200 (laptop) in 1990, used it until 1996, when I bought a Gateway Notebook. I'm on my fourth laptop, but I still have my old 1200. It went everywhere with me, including vacations and graduate school.

I loved it--very simple for the non-tekkie--I love the old DOS, resisted learning how to use Windows, but time and technology move on.

I remember when 20MG was considered the ultimate size for a hard drive; now we have flash drives 1GB and larger.


Saturday 30th July 2005
Matthew Baggett (England)

Im looking for the pinout of the MD400F640PD2A Orange gas plasma display from the T3100! Please help!

Sunday 24th July 2005
johannes (sweden)

I just found a t3100e/40 and a t3200 in the garbage room.
The t3100e/40 has no OS, but the t3200 starts up fine and I played "ski or die" for half an hour (incredible system speaker music in that game), but I just wonder...
what am I supposed to do with two computers like this?
It would be a shame to put them back in the garbage room, but we're not talking about a small amount of space here.. does anyone actually have room for those things?

Friday 22nd July 2005
Robert (Holland)

I have a T2130CS/520, with win95. Can I use it for wireless network using the PCMCIA slot?
Where can I find more info? Thanks, Robert

Sunday 12th June 2005
Kjetil (Norway)

Anyone who knows if it's possible to take the fancy orange plasma screen from the t3100e and use it on my own computer for showing song names and stuff like that... like one of those 20*4 displays, except it's 640*480 ?? It would have been a killer!!

Friday 20th May 2005
joakim (norway)

I just acquired a toshiba t1200 and it needs a system disk any ideas where i might download what i need?

Wednesday 9th February 2005
Daniel Iversen (Australia)
Daniel Iversens website

If you have an old Toshiba (I have a T1200) you can use the newer Toshiba laptop Chargers... plug is the same and the voltage is a bit higher but the old laptops doesn't seem to mind - very robust little bastards ;)

I am charging my T1200 with a Toshiba Satellite 4300 Pro charger..


Saturday 5th February 2005
Daniel (Canada)

I have acquired a Toshiba T1200. If anyone has manuals for this model, I'm willing to pay a few dollars and the shipping.
This machine was dropped off and had been sitting for over a month. I just took a look at it today. I need to know if there's access to the bios/cmos and such. Any information would be appreciated.
Thanks. :)

Friday 4th February 2005
derek (USA)

I recently got a T3100 with WordPerfect 5.something already installed on it. The only problem is, I have no way to print anything off. Could I just hook any printer up to it and expect it to print, or would there be more work involved?

Tuesday 18th January 2005
Phillip Bedford (Australia)

I have a working T3100e running dos, X-Tree Gold, WP50,Typefast and WYSIWYG :-) I still use it for a typing tutor for some of my staff because the keyboard is still superb :-)

Sunday 2nd January 2005
lop7x8 (USA)

I am looking for T3100 user's manual and chess game software

Monday 27th September 2004
Erlend (norway)

I have an Toshiba T1200 but i dont have the power suply.. it is in greate shape and i got an internet card in it.. i love it.. hoping to get it fixed soon!

Thursday 16th September 2004
andrei (Romania-Timisoara/Europe)

have a T3100, great machine for a freak like me.
now i don't have any users manual, software/diag diskette.... can anyone share smtg like that?
I found it, it has DOS5 and boots up, but as it only supports the 720kb diskette and my home-pc FDD doesn't support anything but 1.44, i'm into trouble...
can't format 720kb diskettes on the t3100, too, it says "unsupported parameter"... any idea?
also: any expansion/uprgade possibilities, maybe experience with them? i still have 640kb ram, 10Mb hdd and 720kb network :((

any idea/help/contribution for this toshiba 3100 will make me very happy, even bare thoughts :)

Tuesday 7th September 2004
Ron Chownyk (North Carolina)

To gain access to the T3100e BIOS, hold down the [Fn] key while it is booting up. After the memory check is finished, there will be two short beeps. Press [F1] to get into the BIOS.

Now that I've figured that out, now on to my problem. My machine will also not boot from the hard drive. The floppy LED flickers, then the hard drive LED flickers, then the floppy LED comes on and stays on, and the machine hangs up. Yes, it will boot from the floppy, and everything on the hard drive works after that.

I have also just changed the CMOS battery (which is hidden under the keyboard - some disassembly required!), but the laptop had the bootup problem before the battery was changed.

Is there ANY utility disk for this computer???

Sunday 25th July 2004
Jojo (Toronto)

hi, i have a T3100/20 classic lapttop. i'm trying to run the is not totally work....everytime i turn it on the power asking me a system doesn't reboot too...and i'm trying to go into the bios won't go thru ever i press control+Alt+ESC or Del. anyone any idea to get this thing running..pls...Help...thanks and i will hightly appriceated if u could help me....

Sunday 18th July 2004
Olav Heirman (Belgium)

I have acquired an old Toshiba T3100/20 in working shape. The only thing it doesn't do is start from the hard disk. But the hard disk is fine because i have started from a boot-disk in A: and everything works. Seems like is damaged. Can someone gives me a hint where i can find an undamaged version ?? Or some other solution ?

Thursday 15th July 2004
Terra (Michigan)

I have a T3100e that was used for a business in the 90's. It is in such bad condition, it barely starts up. In order to access the main screen you have to go through twenty minutes of errors in CMOS and bad check sum. Any clue as to how to fix this?

Tuesday 11th May 2004
Mati Kirjak (Gdansk (Poland))

HI! I need T3100 diagnostic disk. If somebody have shomthing like that please email me. T_;)

Tuesday 9th March 2004
Charles Verrier (London)

I had a T3100 for a while - it had a superb quality keyboard.

There was also a T3200 which was larger to accomodate a bigger screen and a keyboard with numeric keypad.

Monday 22nd September 2003
Mauro Bighi (Turin)

I have a T1000 it's great. I write a lot of document and never loss a word.

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