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A > ACORN COMPUTER  > Archimedes A3010


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Acorn Computer  Archimedes A3010 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Monday 24th January 2022

Woow, 32-bit!!

Saturday 4th September 2010
hello (herefordshire uk)


Saturday 4th September 2010

I connected a fdd from a bbc micro to my ACORN A7000+ through the serial port and gained access through a program I wrote in BBC basic

Tuesday 31st August 2010

does anyone know where i can get a floppy disk drive or a compatible one for my acorn archimedes a3010,thanks

Sunday 2nd April 2006
Chris Charlton (Manchester, UK)

Still got one of these bad boys in the loft! Remember doing all my GCSE coursework on it and printing out on a dot matrix printer!

Might be interested in flogging it if anyone wants it? Drop me an email!

Monday 27th February 2006
Harris Khairuddin (Bath)

I had Mad Prof! It's a brilliant game! Anyone know where I can get a 4mb memory upgrade for an A3010?

Thursday 22nd December 2005
Huc (Leicestershire Uk)

Did anybody have mad professor Mariati

Thursday 22nd December 2005
Huc (Leicestershire Uk)

The A3010 was amazing

Monday 11th October 2004
Andy (Manchester, UK)

I had one of these, but a very, very early version! My serial number was ...0004, and instead of an ARM250 processor soldered to the motherboard, I had one of the rare 'piggy-back' modules, which was basically a cut-down ARM3. These were only used for the very first run, as Acorn were worried that they would not have the ARM250 modules ready for production of that initial batch.

The added bonus was that the piggy-back board was slightly faster than the ARM250, and a company at the time (Simtec?) were able to replace it for a full ARM3! I never did this as it was just too pricey, but over the years it did gain a hard drive! Best of all, I've still got it somewhere... Stunt Racer 2000, anyone? :o)

Tuesday 1st June 2004
Andrew McConville (Scotland )

I had one of these! Wish I still did in many ways. Mine was the standard 'Family' pack which I got in December 1992 and had it upgraded to 2MB Ram. Earlier versions of this machine had Risc OS 3.10. Anyway over the years it served me really well and was upgraded a few times- firstly with an 82MB Hard Drive and then one of the fabulous exploding AKF 18's (fortunately this one didnt go on fire and I managed to get it fixed) which blew twice.... By the second time I had bought a PC anyway so it wasn't so important.

The last upgrade I got for it was one of the last "Super Turbo" 20Mhz clocked 4MB Ram upgrades which you could get for Arm 250 machines - they were made by a company called Simtec if I recall correctly. Benchmarked it against one of my school's numerous 4MB A5000's once - I was rather surprised to see that mine won by quite a margin. Unfortunately I don't remember what the upgrade actually did to eke out more performance.....

In many ways I wish I still had it - you can see the influence on more modern OS's even today...

Tried to add some of this info to the main hardware page but couldn't, got an internal server error. So if any of the admin folks see this.....

Thursday 11th March 2004
Gilbert Dykes (Scotland)

The Archi A3010 had a brilliant draw program I wish my new computer had one half as good. And it was multi tasking not bad for 1meg.

Monday 23rd February 2004
mick Thornley (S.normo)

Silly me i fogot!

Friday 23rd January 2004
Doug (Bedfordshire, UK)

Because its an old computer!! And the programs easily fitted on floppy discs :) I added a hard drive to mine. I guess adding a hard drive was just too expensive at the time.

Thursday 20th March 2003
mick Thornley (Derbyshire,South Normamton)

Why don't the Archimedes A3010 have an hard dirve?

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