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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Apple  APPLE 1 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Wednesday 23rd June 2021
Achim (Germany)

All known Apple-1 are listed in the Apple-1 Registry.

Tuesday 4th November 2014
Joe Cassara (USA)

The story of Apple and Commodore is a little more nuanced than what you''ve written in this entry. For a more complete account, I suggest you check out Brian Bagnall''s book _Commodore: A Company on the Edge_.

Jack''s (actually, Chuck Peddle''s) interest has nothing to do with this machine''s "popularity".

Monday 22nd April 2013
GSGeek (Quebec, Canada)


Monday 22nd April 2013
mc shop (itv ad)

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Monday 22nd April 2013


Tuesday 22nd November 2011
rj (ulster uk)
sam koop$EmwW_6kUdHw

please post this link to youtube
hope yu can find your way to the real great sam sites on the net

Monday 10th January 2011
Dana (Los Angeles California)

I owned an apple 1. It came with 4 K of memory and I added another 4K so I could load Basic, from tape of course. I sold it to a computer shop in Reseda California about15 years ago, for $100. I wish I had it back now.

Saturday 6th November 2010
Anders (Sweden)

There is a site on the internet that sells a replica of the Apple I that you can use to try it out yourself:

Thursday 5th August 2010

At Auction on Artfact LIVE, August 16 is AN APPLE I (APPLE-1) EARLY PERSONAL COMPUTER WITH OPERATION MANUAL, designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak, Apple Computer Co., Pala Alto, CA, c. 1976, the fully assembled circuit board is displayed as a wall plaque with metal frame and measuring 9 x 15.5 inches. History behind the item - About 200 units were produced with an estimated 30-50 still known to exist.

Check it out!!

Tuesday 6th July 2010
Xterra (USA)

According to Wikipedia, the Apple I was basically just a motherboard, without case, without keyboard, without monitor. It seems like a bunch of work to me! Nowadays, you could buy a "build-your-own" computer kit, but it wouldn''t be any kind of work like this, hoo hoo!

Tuesday 6th January 2009

No, the Apple I did not come in a case. Whoever bought it, and wanted to, would have to build it. The wooden case is just a surviving, and pretty, example.

Sunday 3rd December 2006
Wills ward (USA)

Is it made out of wood?

Wednesday 2nd March 2005
Niles (Spain)

There is a real Apple 1 at the Science Museum of London. I was shocked when I saw it! :P

Thursday 10th February 2005
Stephen (California)

I am into the apple I and similar microcomputers, and out of nostalgia I want to design an apple I-based microcomputer with a casset interface and make my own programming language and burn it in a ROM (as crazy as it sounds, it's true!) Although the only way I have ever even played with an apple I is through an emulator, I still think they are very cool indeed!

Monday 22nd November 2004
ernest (mexico)

COUMO: the way to save data in the apple I was in audio casettes, with a ordinary casette recorder and the casette interface, visit

Wednesday 19th May 2004
ernest (mexico)

what was the EPROM card for???

Thursday 8th April 2004
GSGeek (Quebec, Canada)

Counterfeits... hmmm, maybe some creative people could clone the motherboard then stuff it with appropriate IC's of that era and voila! A new generation of Apple 1s. Getting the BASIC PROM content could be trickier tough (and getting software for it :^).

Thursday 25th March 2004
Cuomo (Toronto)

i was looking at the Apple 1 and figured out that it had some memory and a keyboard...but what was it used for?
What did the user do with the saved data? could you save data?
please explain why anyone would spend money on this computer!

Sunday 26th October 2003
Jon Jarmon (Tacoma Washington)

The Apple 1 is one of the most sought after collector items for vintage computer collectors.
It's value is around $30,000.Only around 250 were ever sold.Beware of counterfeits though.
Most counterfeits are just Apple 2's components in a wooden box and are easy to differentiate from an original apple 1.
The original Apple LISA(The first model only) can be worth upwards to $10,000 with original packing manuals,software and in excellent operational condition.

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