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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Northstar  Advantage computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Sunday 7th June 2020
Pierre Frigon (Canada)

I still have a functioning Northstar Advantage I use to compute on in the 1980''s... to give away or sell, if interested. Comes with fer 5.25 floppy disks... I guess I''m not enjoying it if its stored for decades... Who wants it ? Montreal Canada 514-827-1676

Monday 29th May 2017
Ian Mak (London, UK)

I have just picked up a Northstar Advantage, with quite a lot of software and manuals. However, the floppy does not read and the screen died on me after 20 minutes.

I would like to purchase a system off anyone who is offering and am prepared to pay a reasonable price, including shipping etc.

Please contact me. Thanks!

Tuesday 22nd November 2016
Pamela Jacobson (94501)

I also have an original Advantage, that I used at work for NorthStar in the 80''s until they went under. If anyone is interested, it too is for sale. I have all the manuals, floppy disks, and it still runs very well!

Monday 16th June 2014
ian Butler (USA)

In the past few years this appeared in Old Spice''s MANta Claus commercials on YouTube, with the badge covered and fake screen overlays. It seems to have escaped notice, but pretty cool to see it on the small screen anyhow!

Wednesday 16th April 2014
Andrew Reid (Australia)
Andrew Reid

I may have some old Creative computing NorthStar Horizon information if any body is interested $$ Also has any body got an electronic copy of the program "What''s IT"

Monday 2nd December 2013
John Lynn (USA)

I still have a Northstar Advantage. It was purchased new in 1981 and was used in our business. Later on it was used by my children for high school and college. I have all the original diskettes including Wordstar and CPM. If someone is intested I will sell it for the right price.

Tuesday 22nd January 2013
Ken Adler (USA)

Bought one in 1982 for law practice. Upgraded to MS-DOS version in ''83. A son developed a macro program that patched into Wordstar and made it a joy to use. Sold a small number: 80 macros to both eliminate keystrokes and to emulate complex functions that existed on the dedicated word processors of the day. Great keyboard with lots of return codes to place macros on. Program name was PhraseStar for CP/M and for MS-DOS, various 8-bit machines and PC''s.

Thursday 11th November 2010

Used these at college in 82/83...ran Dbase 2!

Saturday 6th November 2010
Anonymous Tech (USA)

A Northstar Advantage played the role of a fictional "Phalanx XR-12" computer for the NBC TV show ''Chuck'' in the Nov 1, 2010 episode "Chuck Versus The First Fight". The "Phalanx XR-12" uses triangle-shaped discs! $-)

Wednesday 23rd April 2008
Chris (Edinburgh, Scotland)

One appeared in the BBC show "Making the Most of the Micro" - I'm watching an old copy now. It was running some kind of database program to illustrate how they could be used on Micros with Ian MacNaught-Davies.

Monday 18th September 2006
Felix (Spain)

I have one. I got it twenty years ago. It was wonderfull for me (twenty years ago). I made software in Z80 machine code with this computer. Now I still have it in my old thins store and it is plenty of dust. How many useful scrap are there in our personal stores? Somebody can make somethin with all this old computers?

Thursday 24th February 2005
Joey Swails (USA)

I used an Advantage in a music retail store in 1983 as a database system (dBase for C/PM, as I recall) and wrote a simple point-of-sales application in CBASIC for it. It ran the compiled BASIC program blazingly fast compared to running interpreted BASIC on an Apple ][ (my personal computer at the time) and taught me the value of structured programming! My dream was to create a networked POS-DB system for the store but the owner never financed the plan. I had a short career being a NorthStar consultant for two other businesses whom had bought them, just by virtue of having used one, before being hired away by a start-up software company, and I never saw a NorthStar again. It was a bulletproof machine with a very nice keyboard, but I agree with N.T. French regarding the disk drive problems -- the machine had to be recalibrated by NorthStar - twice.

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