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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Sage Computer Technology Sage IV computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 18th October 2019
Toshi (Germany)

I own a running SAGE II as well. I would be very pleased to get in contact with other SAGE owners and I am as well interested in any SAGE soft- and hardware that might be for sale - email " thufir(at)"

Friday 3rd February 2017
Doctor Smith says: Cackling Cacophony!

Doctor Smith says: Cackling Cacophony! Very fast over priced junk. I prefer Apple II anyday over this Bubble-headed Booby. Version 4

Thursday 14th February 2013
Jonas Glanshed (Sweden)

took some pictures of my Stride 460 a while ago$0 tape drive´s dead though and the winchester discs have seen better days, so running or reinstalling Unistride is not possible at the moment. pSystem on floppy works fine though.

Saturday 15th October 2011
Rich Austin (Barnsley, England)

I learnt programming many years ago on a Sage IV. I have been a programmer for years and I still think the ucsd Pascal embedded in the Sage IV was the best language I ever used.
I loved the Sage even if it did have a tendency to break down quite a lot! We used it for transmitting programs to 4 welding robots. It was connected to an external box which allowed it to produce colour graphics on one of those steel cased monitors you used to see on BBC Micro''s.
I once wrote a robotics simulation which used the colour screen. It simulated the 4 robots and I had an outline of the machinery on the screen too. Really powerful piece of kit for its time - early to mid eighties.

Wednesday 23rd January 2008
Peter F. (Suffolk, UK)

Used to use one at work running UCSD Pascal with a hazletyne terminal.

Tuesday 8th November 2005
Bob Needham (Reno, NV)

I was amaxed to stumble across the SAGE/STRIDE sites. I didn't think anyone cared anymore. It is heartening to hear that some are still running.
I have quite a bit of old documentation, some software, and schematics for all boards. I will be glad to share copies of anything I have with anyone.
-Bob Needham
-Co-founder, SAGE Computer Technology

Monday 31st October 2005
David W. Erhart (Milpitas, California)
Sage and Stride

It's wonderful to find people familiar with the Sage and Stride systems. I'm building a site to honor those systems: If you have anything that will add to the site such as documentation, marketing/sales material, software, pictures, stories, etc., please contact me and I'll update the site with the information. Dr. Wigan has already shared many great stories with me and I hope for many more. Thanks, david.

Monday 24th October 2005
Marcus Wigan (Australia )

Sage 2 and 4. I handled these in Australia for some years and still have 3 sage 4s. I have PDS, HyperForth+, Lispkit Lisp, Modula2(USCSDII), UCSDIV, Idris(unix), cabrideg TRIPOS (including the full symbolic algebra system REDUCE) and Mirage operating systems for them, plus service manuals and full docs plus the entire UCSD P-system library in sage format 5" floppies... I knew the people at Softech and UCSD a little, and Telesoft when they moved on to Ada... and several PLUTO colour boxes to give Sages colour - these were shown at SageFairs in Nevada and came out of England. Would like ot make contact with Birger Blixt as we may be able together to plug any missing holes in support docs...

Monday 24th October 2005
Colin Hamilton (UK)

I was a self-taught programmer in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the very early 1980s, learning how to program Apple IIs using UCSD Pascal. Sage microcomputers came along and I established my own software company on the strength of them. We made use of Sage II, Sage IV, Stride and then Pinnacle computers. The beauty of the UCSD p-System of course was its portability, and I am still (Oct 2005) maintaining clients with UCSD Pascal systems that are now running on Windows XP and Novell networks.

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