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C > COMMODORE  > SX/DX 64 - Executive computer


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Commodore  SX/DX 64 - Executive computer computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Tuesday 28th November 2017

I want one. I am willing to pay up to $100 for it. Let me know!

Friday 10th October 2014
Silent-Hunter (USA)

I have one of these, it is very nice! The only issue is a timing problem with the cartridge port, preventing me from using the MicroSD card reader I bought for it.

Saturday 17th December 2011

It is in perfect condition. There are no bugs no errors and has all of it''s parts. No scratches no dents perfect condition.

Saturday 17th December 2011
Shorrdan (california)

I am willing to sell my commodore 64 for $1000 minimum price max price is $2000

Sunday 28th August 2011
M Phinney

I have one of these for Sale, everything seems to work, can supply pictures and info, also have other old computers as well. Sx-64 $1000 plus actual shipping
Paypal only

Saturday 23rd April 2011
Mike (Kingwood, TX)

I have one of these for sale but I don''t know if I trust shipping it, not to mention the shipping cost but if anyone in the Houston area wants one...

Wednesday 20th April 2011

I''d buy one of those!

Thursday 9th September 2010
commodore 64
commodore 64 music

yeah, i wouldn''t mind having one if i can get one at a decent price with everything working. back then, it was the holy grail of everything c64.

Saturday 14th February 2009
Mr. Commodore (Atari Land)

I''m scared to the Z80 of 2 things:
Computer Viruses and spiders
Emulators realy make me chew my fingernails, I had to buy my own copy of windows for my computer and I do NOT want to have to wipe the windows partition of my Mac... That would be $200 and 4 months of mowing lawns, shoveling leaves and blowing snow down the so very unforgiving drain. :(
Back to the point can any of you fellow computer nerds help me find an emulator that I KNOW I can trust? I need it to be small because I have the "You are running out of disk space, click on this message to have windows $ the presious non-replaceable files you collected over a period of 1 year" message popping up whenever I start Windows. All sugestions are welcome, Thanks! (sorry i ramble sometimes)

Tuesday 3rd October 2006
FATAL EROR! (england county durham)

do they have a battery if so what is the battery life like on them? if not can you rig one up for it?

Friday 11th August 2006
Dave (USA)

(Sigh!) I was lucky enough to own an SX-64 back when the Commodore 64 was still very popular. With a bit of skill, the SX-64 could be nicely modified into a dream machine that caught everyone's attention at computer user group meetings.

First, I remember that there was a commercial hardware product called the SX-Flash, which was a truely transparant speed-up mod that worked with all games, plus added some nice fast dos commands (fast load cartridges were good, but they didn't work with some copy protected games).

Second, there were some great home-grown modifications that could be done, with nice places to hide the switches. We added a drive number selector switch so that the built in drive could be device 8 or 9, complete with an LED number display mounted flush right next to the drive in the area between the drive and monitor.

We also added a write-protect always on/off toggle switch for the drive and mounted a flush red/green LED in the same area. (This was specifically for one guy in the user's group who had a bad habit of not keeping the source & destination drives straight and copying his blanks onto others' software disks.)

I was software librarian and finally found an SFD Dual Drive. This was one of the best drives ever made for the C-64 family and it made the SX-64 the perfect portable disk duplicator for club meetings.

Thursday 27th July 2006
eror (?)

im after one

Thursday 7th April 2005
Jae (US)

I have a sx 64 from a friend that works, but didn't come with a keyboard cable. A straight db25 female cable will work, you just have to get the cable to fit in the recess. The pins are not actually narrower, it just looks that way.

Wednesday 15th December 2004
Søren Peo Pedersen (Greve, Denmark)

My first computer was an SX-64 as shown on the exhibit page. Rare as they go, mine was even rigged by the danish branch of Commodore to have danish letters (Ă/Š, ě/° and ┼/ň) on both keyboard and on screen.

Here are a few tips about it:

The floppy drive on the executive will work on pretty much any 5.25" floppies that you can get hold of. For info on using the machine and it's built-in Basic and OS, search the Net for info on the Commodore 64. There's both the user manual and the in-depth "Programmer's Reference Guide" - read these as if you had a "regular" Commodore 64 rigged up with a 1541 floppy disk drive and a monitor. The only things that don't apply to the Executive, is the use of the "Datasette" and casette tape storage.

Beware of expansions that go into the "User Port" at the rear of this machine. In at least the SX, one side of the 9 V AC available at the user port is connected to the DC ground, whereas in the Commodore 64, the same 9 V AC supply is electrically "floating" relative to the DC.
So things like e.g. RS232 interfaces, designed for the user port on a Commodore 64, might fry either itself or the (supposedly compatible) machine if plugged into an Executive 64...

About the keyboard cable: Allthough the connectors in the keyboard and on the main unit may look like standard DB25 females, they are not - at least the spacing between the two rows of pins are narrower than standard.
In case you consider replacing the connectors with standard DB-25's and soldering your own keyboard cable: I'm not perfectly sure about it, but as far as I recall from hunting down a "flaky" connection in my cable, most (if not all) of the wires go straght through, from pin #n on the keyboard, to the same pin #n at the main unit (numbering just as if they were DB-25's).

Tuesday 2nd November 2004
Steve (England)

Hi, I have an dm sx64, does anybody know anything about these. I cant find anything about it on the net and it's the only one i have ever come across on ebay, is this an increadibly rare machine??????

Tuesday 21st September 2004
titanshea (Tennessee)

I am looking for a keyboard cable for my sx-64

Sunday 8th February 2004
dale (uk)

i have an sx 64 with the keyboard cable but no keyboard can any one help????? i have had it for years and ut works perfectly on cartridge games.

Thursday 9th January 2003
Simon (Milan, Italy)

Hi Team,
i'm looking for the current used price for this wonderful C64/EX ! any idea ?

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