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S > SHARP  > PC-7000


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Sharp  PC-7000 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 18th August 2018

We had many hand me down computers growing up but this is the one I loved the most. Maybe it was that pack up portability or super crisp text on the screen. I remember spending hours playing in a text editor...exploring all the menu items to see what they would do. If anyone has a PC-7000 and wants to sell it let me know nelson1707 at

Monday 29th May 2017
Rene Wissmann (Germany)

Hi, my dad owned the Sharp 7100 and i assume like the 7100 the 7000 does not have a internal Batterie (except for BIOS)
It only had a big 3 Pin Powersupply.

I learned programming on that the 7100- loved it.
The internal display only was capable displaying Letters (i think it was 25 Lines and 80 Columns letters)
the 7100 had an external Monitorport (I think it must be the 15 Pin that is often called vga-port but i don''t know if it was VGA or CGA or something)
Only the external display was able to display graphics (i had to switch to another graphicmode to enable the external display and then i could draw sprites into the videoram).
With the square on the right you can change the angle of the display to come out a bit and there was a weel at the top of this square to change the contrast.

i can confirm the 7100 has a 20mb harddisk and one 5 1/4 floppy drive.

some years ago i heared my father has thrown it away :''( (even if it was still working and had absolute no damages or scratches)

Wednesday 30th March 2016
Cristof (France)

je vend un Sharp PC 7000 en parfait état et complet. (Notice, OS, cables, pochette).
Le rétroéclairage est orange, pas bleu.

Friday 17th October 2014
Michael Fehlhammer (Germany)

I recently acquired a Sharp PC 7100 without documentation. At first sight that was no problem, but all of a sudden the hard disk drive isn''t recognized any more. The drive might be damaged, but maybe just the BIOS settings ( hard disk parameters ) have been $d. The onboard setup routine doesn''t provide settings for the hard drive. So probably there was a floppy disk- based HD-configuration program on the original system disk(s)?
Help, please!! It''s such a cute little ( ok, not really little ) machine!

Friday 17th October 2014
Michael Fehlhammer (Germany)

I recently acquired a Sharp PC 7100 without documentation. At first sight that was no problem, but all of a sudden the hard disk drive isn''t recognized any more. The drive might be damaged, but maybe just the BIOS settings ( hard disk parameters ) have been $d. The onboard setup routine doesn''t provide settings for the hard drive. So probably there was a floppy disk- based HD-configuration program on the original system disk(s)?
Help, please!! It''s such a cute little ( ok, not really little ) machine!

Tuesday 27th May 2014
René (Netherlands)

I have one of these computers in perfect working order, it has a lot of extra''s (a lot of floppy''s with different programs, manuals, a protective cover).

I''m looking to sell it, if anyone is interested send me an email$ rbmunneke $at$

Thursday 29th August 2013
Ash Cooper (NSW Australia)

Does anyone have a dead or parts 7000 that they would be willing to sell the LCD from? I bought a working 7100 and when it arrived the LCD was stuffed (torn ribbons)... I''d be overjoyed if someone could $ me an email.


Tuesday 9th April 2013
Matthias Krambeck (Germany)

Hi, I need some help for my Sharp PC-7000...7200, the Master Disk is defect/not available. May somebody help me with an image? Thanks

Tuesday 26th February 2013
Paul (Detroit, MI, USA)

I re-visited my poor neglected PC-7000 yesterday armed with a DOS 3.1 boot disk and a sense of determination... after putting the disk in the right way and remembering to click the button to lock the disk, it booted fine. I was able to play "Kingdom of Kroz", this is a great little PC!

Monday 3rd December 2012
Adnan (Finland)

hi oneskibum, i want those disks (5.25 floppys) for my Sharp PC-7000. please let me know if you still have them,
Thanks in advance.
my email is: gorojee (at)

Sunday 14th October 2012
Sue uk

Opppsss sorry should have posted in main forum.

Sunday 14th October 2012
Sue uk (UK)

hi, I''ve had a PC7000 since new, it is fully working with the original boot disks, and an original set of Mini Office Personal disks and a working copy of PCA astrology programme. It''s currently listed on UK ebay and I checked it all worked before listing it. :)$item$180994311156

Wednesday 16th May 2012
oneskibum (Austria)

i had one of those things and sold it about five years ago. DOS operating system, did a lot of assembler and pascal programing with it. still have some 5.25 floppys laying around. let me know if you are interested. i might even have the original ms assembler floppies and the manuals but i do have to look.

Thursday 5th April 2012
F. Scott (Palm Coast Fl.)

I recently aquired a Sharp PC7000. I need a little help deciding what to do with it. Everything works but theres no printer. I have a few disc that came with it, but the drive seems to not read or the disc are just too old and have lost their information on them. If anyone has any advise feel free to send an email at referrence Sharp PC 7000.

Saturday 8th October 2011
Tim Nelson (USA)

Correction: I had a Sharp PC-7000 and I''m looking for that model not the PC-7100 as previously stated.

Saturday 8th October 2011
Tim Nelson (USA)

I would love to get my hands on a Sharp PC-7100. It was my first computer and would love to find one again. Send me an email to nelson1707 at if you want to sell yours or know someone that has one.

Wednesday 14th September 2011
Paul (Detroit, MI, USA)

I spoke too soon... I fired up my PC7000 last night to see if it would in fact boot to MS-DOS 5.0 and now I get the error message when booting. The 5.0 disk was still in the drive so I know it worked last time I used it but now I don''t even hear the drives trying to access the disk. Does anyone have the service manual? I''m disinclined to pay $20-$40 USD for a PDF download... does anyone know the key to enter the BIOS?

Tuesday 13rd September 2011
Paul (Detroit, MI, USA)

I was able to boot my 7000 with MS-DOS 3.2 without a problem and, if I remember correctly, MS-DOS 5.0... but 3.2 for sure.

Sunday 22nd May 2011
Pieter Hoekstra (Netherlands)

I have a working Sharp PC 7100 with MS Dos manual and Operattion Manual.
No original disks but i have a boot disk 9-11-1993 and a disk with /autoexec.bat/config.sys/Reslock etc.

Wednesday 13rd April 2011
James (England)

Hi there

I''m having similair problems as other people, my PC-7200 sits asking me to press F1 to continue. But will not read any of the boot disks i $. I''ve tried the IBM AT setup disk but it doesn''t work. Does anyone have the setup disk for this machine?

manic_nutter at hotmail dot com

Tuesday 22nd March 2011
RdM (New Zealand)

"You have to use an older version of MS-DOS, I think. If I recall correctly, 3.x was already too modern for my PC7000 and wouldn''''t boot correctly. MS-DOS 2.11 is what I had on it."

Maybe it needs some special files added to the bootdisk, which I''ll check out, but here''s one I''m resurrecting, running MSDOS 6.0 ...


Tuesday 22nd March 2011
RdM (NZ)

Monday 17th May 2010
Mike (Cambridge, MA)

I''''ve got an old Sharp PC-7200 that I''''m trying to resuscitate. It seems to be in great condition, but on startup is says "Disk Error or Drive Not Reading from Boot Sector!" Anyone have any idea why this is, and how I can fix it? I don''''t have a boot disk for it, but I do have MSDOS 5.0 on 5.25" if that can somehow work. So far no response from trying to use those.

Any help would be great! ,/i$

Be sure you have to know this:- even though the floppies click into place, you still have to press the button to "engasge the heads", $ etc. Try it...

Ross $RdM$

Friday 10th December 2010
Joerg Groening (Germany)

Hallo Rod (NY): I´m urgent looking for a JX-25 RB ribbon cassette since a long time (see below). How can I contact you? I´m very interested to acquire the dual pack.

Sunday 5th December 2010
Rod (NY)

Anyone in search of JX-25RB ribbon cassette''s? I have a dual pack available. If interested, please let me know.

Thursday 30th September 2010
kev (australia)

if any one can send me a web site,to locate any and all parts for the sharp pc 7000,i would be greatfull,thanks.kev.

Thursday 19th August 2010
Han (Belgium)

Indeed Lasse, my PC7100 uses MS-DOS 2.11 V3.0B. The Sharp MS-DOS floppy says: "For PC-7000A/7100".

Monday 16th August 2010
Lasse Kärkkäinen

You have to use an older version of MS-DOS, I think. If I recall correctly, 3.x was already too modern for my PC7000 and wouldn''t boot correctly. MS-DOS 2.11 is what I had on it.

Wednesday 9th June 2010
Simon (UK)

@Mike Hi I may not have one of these machines but sounds like the hard drive is corrupt at the very least. What I would be inclined to do is try to find an eariler version of dos. say maybe ibm dos 3.0 and boot from that and attempt an install.

You could try booting off your dos 5.0 disk (it should be bootable) but I dont know how happily it will run on that machine so again I would recommend tring to get hold of an earlier version of dos on 5" 1/4 floppy, have a look on ebay there are a few copies floating about.

Alternatively there is a version of DOS out on the net called free dos. It is built for varying architectures, some quite old such as the intel 8086 cpu. If you have another computer that has a 5" 1/4 drive you could create a boot disk and give free dos a try.

From you post it does seem like the machine should run, probably just some problem with the hard drive that hopefully can be sorted out with a simple format and install of dos.

I wish i could start a collection of older machines but i have no space and it would certainly drive my girlfriend bonkers haha

Monday 17th May 2010
Mike (Cambridge, MA)

I''ve got an old Sharp PC-7200 that I''m trying to resuscitate. It seems to be in great condition, but on startup is says "Disk Error or Drive Not Reading from Boot Sector!" Anyone have any idea why this is, and how I can fix it? I don''t have a boot disk for it, but I do have MSDOS 5.0 on 5.25" if that can somehow work. So far no response from trying to use those.

Any help would be great!

Tuesday 24th November 2009
Stuart Dash (USA)

I used the Sharp PC-7000 lunchbox computer through my three years at MIT (1986-89) - Master in City Planning and Master in Architecture Studies. I had two young children at the time, and thought a portable computer would give me some versatility to move to different rooms in the house - which it did. It was considered pretty capable, as I recall, because of the 8086 processor. Other portable units didn''t have the full, detachable keyboard - a key selling point for me, as I recall. I had a number of games on it for my son (Where in the World is Carmen San Diego being a memorable one for him - playing with a friend).

Friday 21st March 2008
Peter Hurst (UK)

I had one of the 7100's for a while. First machine I had with an IDE hard disk, although it had an overheating issue. The machine actually had a packet sniffer card in and sniffer software (can't remember the make) and was stickered up with special keypresses and the Sniffer company's logo's. I suppose it could be an early "appliance". The sniffer card was a full length ISA card - the slot was in the base of the unit with the ports appearing on one end of the main box.

Keyboard was a joy and the screen pretty good too, I thing it was CGA compatible but the video port could have been EGA. Cable tucked neatly into a slot in front of the screen with a spring-loaded flap on it (you can just one edge of the slot below the left hand edge of the screen in the pic.

I still have some 1.2Mb floppies bought for the drive on this machine - I think I might even still have some files from it. Unfortunately I can't read them to find out!

Thursday 19th July 2007
Arthur Corliss (Earth)

I have a working 7000 in front of me right now, with the docs. The hard drive was available as a add-on for the 7000, so I have the dual drives plus the hard drive (and just about all the optional components). It' s a sweet unit.

Thursday 24th May 2007
Robert (Australia)

I had one of these when my interest in computers began about 1995. It was a hand me down from a teacher at my school at the time, i was fascinated as i had never owned a computer before. Of course I occasionally had access to friends 486 machines, but this one was mine.

My unit had a built in 1200bps modem, which interfaced (if i remember correctly) against the left hand side of the motherboard, if i were facing the rear of the machine.

Despite the site stating it had batteries mine did not, and i was under the impression that plugging into the wall was the only power option.

Tuesday 10th April 2007
Edward Hoggan (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Hey Dude...... Found one of these at the thrift store for 5.00, but sad to say it is missing the printer. There is a web site that carries some software for these (boot disks ect.) look at

Sunday 8th April 2007
Death (Farnborough, Hants, UK)

Hail All! :-)
I just managed to pick up one of these from a local car-boot sale today for GBP 3.00 and I'm highly chuffed with it already! As a fan of old-school hacking and programming (Before you ask; I'm a White-Hat! :-) this machine really looks the part. In all honesty, I bought it just to chuck it straight onto eBay, but I don't think I'm going to be able to let myself part with it now! :-D

Anyhow, onto the serious stuff: I got my machine (A PC-7000 series) in it's original box with keyboard and cover, but no instructions or whatnot. I've already skimmed through the posts below and know about the "Won't boot after a while" problem, but what I need to know is: If I create a boot disk under DOS - Using the SYS command on a 360Kb formatted disk and adding other utilities such as EDIT.COM - Will it be likely to work on the '7000...Or do I need a specific disk? (I.E: The IBM restore disk that others have mentioned.)

Additionally: If anyone else here has a set of manuals, please can they type/scan/OCR them into this site so that we have some usable instructions? :-)

Replies both on this page (For other users) and to me via e-mail please, as I won't be able to check this page regularly. Please include "PC-7000_01" in the subject so my spam filter doesn't bin it. Many thanks in advance! :-)

Farewell... 8O)
>> Death <<

Sunday 28th May 2006
Ralph Wells (Cleveland Ohio)

I just came across an old Sharp PC 7000 firmware version 1.0A. Don't know much about it except it says it wont boot up. Where can I learn some more about this computer?

Thursday 25th May 2006
gary gilmore (florida panhandle)

looking for boot disks for a sharp pc 7000. any help would be greatly appreaciated.

Wednesday 15th February 2006
Bob Panish (Philadelphia, Pa., USA)

Re: Sharp Pc-7200, Looking for product manual, owners manual, or other information for this item.

Wednesday 15th February 2006
Joerg Groening (Germany)

Hello, I have a Sharp PC 7000 computer complete with printer Sharp CE 700 P. I´m urgently searching for a ribbon-tape Sharp JX-25 RB for the printer. Who can help me, please?

Tuesday 24th January 2006
Angelo (Idaho USA)

I picked up a Sharp PC-7221 at the university here at UofI surplus store for $5. The machine boots and the Pheonix Bios boots up, checks memory and tries to boot from the HDD (the HDD light lights up). The Floppy drive light lights up, and the message:
No boot device available Strike F1
appears. Hitting "F1" makes the computer try to access the HDD then Floppy drive and the same message appears again.

I can only assume that it
1) needs a new bios battery
2) from another post in here that I need a setup disk to setup bios again
3) I need to install DOS

I have no Idea where to find either the setup disk or what version of DOS this thing uses. Any infor would be much help.


Monday 6th June 2005
David Lee (Klang, Selangor, Malaysia)

I had a Sharp PC-7000A. Two disk drives, no hard disk, upgraded to 768K RAM, upgraded with a CGA monitor output port. Couldn't run some games porperly (Flintstones Lost in Bedrock would freeze after the title screen is displayed, Alleycats would periodically hang, Buzzard Bait and PC-Man would not read keyboard presses), but I could actually get the machine to run in "Dual Display mode", in which the onboard LCD display ran in monochrome mode and the connected display would display CGA graphics (some programs, notably SignMaster, could take advantage of the configuration and use the monochrome display for editing and the color display for output sampling). Has a 3-pin power connector, RS-232C DB25 serial port, a centronics parallel port around the back (upgraded models would also have a 9-Pin CGA port). The keyboard is connected to a port around the side. Keyboard has a special key that allows one to go directly into the BIOS and make changes that can take effect on the fly. Changes includes time and date settings, speaker volume, printer behaviour, Serial port behavior, and LCD behavior (off/monochrome/graphics, normal/inverse ). All in all, nice machine. Might consider pulling it out of the closet and powering it up again sometime.

Monday 7th February 2005
sylvain D (quebec ca.)

i got an old sharp pc 7221 but it w'ont boot from the hdd, i have any boot diskette , can anyone help me please thanks!

Thursday 30th December 2004


Tuesday 16th November 2004
Rgoer Lawes (Tweed Coast NSW(Australia))

My Sister gave me her old Sharp pc 7000 many years ago. I love it because it is so compact and I play F-18 , Elite Starglider, SWC from self booting disks.

Absolutely no viruses. The lcd screen graphics are black and white low resolution but it has not worried me.

I used it once at college for an overhead projector display using some software on it which made spread sheets as well

I have been looking for accessories like the printer and extra memory.

I got a date file program that accesses the internal clock from Sharp(Sydney) corporation a few years ago to run an appointment reminder program. When the computer starts up it checks the appointments from the autoexec.bat file.

The internal clock battery takes four days of continuous use to recharge. I haven't used it much and probably does not work any more. No matter, I still play SWC when I need to take the edge off.

I used to play falcon.exe from a couple of RAAF blokes. Unfortunatly the program got more & more difficult to start untill eventually nothing.

I have a renewed interest in GWBASIC and occasionally type in something to run

Tuesday 16th November 2004
daniel (australia)

i was quite fortunate to come across a pc7000 about 6 months ago. It has original manual, msdos instruction manual, original msdos 2.11 disc, original cover, and still in original box. I paid only $5 aust for this computer (WHAT A BARGAIN), an it would be interesting to know how much it is really worth. If anybody knows, or knows anything else about this fine old computer plz email me at: Thanx

Saturday 29th May 2004
robbie (New Zealand)
Wanganui Computer Museum

I managed to get one of these last year with the printer manuals and disks. Even original and in good working order it even came with the receipt from the store. And it only cost $1 which is about 63 cents in US currency. I would like to know if they have acmos battery and if so how do you replace it? As they leak after 4 years and mines 19 years old.

Monday 24th May 2004
John Pal (Orange, CA. USA)

Does anyone has schematic drawings or information for SHARP PC-7000 machine(dual 5 1/4" floppy mechanism, 8086 CPU)
I would like to remove the floppy mechanism and replace it witha 20MB-MFM hard disk and a 3 1/2"-720kB floppy. The control cards for these devices normally plug into the XT-slot (8 bit ISA). I hope to make some kind of adapter that can provide me with the XT slot(s). I greatly appreciate anybody's help in this matter. -John Pal-

Friday 28th November 2003
jedwg (Chatham, MA USA)

I have a Sharp PC-7221 [with 21Mb HD] that had the same problem and was VERY simply solved. I believe the problem was/is that the ROM BIOS needs to be refreshed as a result of a long period of inactivity...perhaps the CMOS battery is low as well.

Here's how I "fixed" mine:

1. You will need a copy of the old original IBM AT Setup Diagnostics Disk...mine is a 360Kb disk. NOTE that this original IBM utility disk is a BOOTABLE disk. I believe these are available from most FTP locations as a simple download. I think my copy was obtained from an old DOS utilities CDROM disk. My IBM Setup disk reads as version 2.04...with most of its files dated 4-24-86.

2. Insert the IBM Setup Diagnostics Disk into the A: Floppy Drive.

3. Turn the Sharp PC-7200/7221 power switch ON and allow the compter to boot to the A: drive....the DIAGNOSTICS menu screen will appear.

4. From the menu, choose the SETUP option by entering the number 4 and then pressing the keyboard ENTER/RETURN key....the SETUP routine will now start to appear on screen.

5. Follow the SETUP screen prompts, making each selection ...DATE...TIME...etc.

6. When the listing of options is shown, review to assure that they represent your PC-7200/7221. You may want to review each, selecting the option shown from the menu listing of each.

7. When done, and proimpted "Are these options correct (Y/N)?....type Y and press the ENTER/RETURN key.

8. Now remove the IBM Setup Diagnostics Disk from the A: drive...and respond to the screen prompt to press "ENTER".

Your PC-7200 should now Boot normally from the C: drive...and your A: Floppy Drive should now be normally functional.

Sorry for the long post....HTH....John

Saturday 15th November 2003
Trevor Huntley (Halifax UK)

Can anyone help?

I have a 1987 SHARP PC-7200 Personal Computer, with 5 ¼ “ Floppy and a HDD.
The computer has not been used for a quite a long time and will not boot up, I think that the battery may have lost its charge and therefore lost the BIOS settings.

I have left the computer switched on for 12 hours and reset the clock, which is keeping good time now.

On power up the screen shows: -

Phoenix 89286 ROM BIOS Version 3.07
Copyright © 1985,1986 Phoenix Technologies Ltd
All Rights Reserved

SHARP Personal Computer System
Firmware Version 1.0A

640K Standard Memory, 00000k Expanded
Invalid Configuration information
Strike the F1 key to continue

After pressing the F1 key the screen clears and shows: -

No boot device available
Strike F1 to retry boot

After pressing the F1 key again there are two beeps and the floppy busy light lights up but without the normal spin, followed by the instruction: -

No boot device available
Strike F1 to retry boot

I have tried disconnecting the floppy and then restarting the computer and I get the following result: -

Invalid Configuration information
Diskette drive 0 seek failure
Strike the F1 key to continue

With this result, I do not understand why the computer does not spin the floppy but recognises that the floppy is missing.

I do have the original master disks
1/ SHARP diagnostics V1.0c
2/MSDOS 3.2 / GWBASIC V1.0c

The diagnostics disk does have the program to alter the floppy and HDD type, but been unable to boot the computer I am stuck.

Please can anyone help!

Sunday 12th October 2003
Michael Buchan (Perth, Australia)
SMSS Auctions- eBay Store


Got one of these obscure things today for AU$5. Does anyone know where I could find a keyboard for it, due to RJ 11 (Phone/Ethernet) cable used for it.

Friday 12th September 2003
Tom Dwelly (UK)

I just got hold of a "SpiderSystems SpiderMonitor PC200" from a clear out at my university (I dunno why they still had it hanging around).

Well, after taking the thing apart (I couldn't resist), I discovered that its actually a PC7100 with a fancy NIC in the expansion slot (and some tasteful decals of course).
I can't see myself using it as is, especially as its not booting, but some of the bits may be useful.

So the question is, does anyone know if its possible to get the LCD panel working independently? Pin-outs or such like would be useful too. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thursday 24th July 2003
Pat McNeil (Canada)

Hello - does anyone have the pinout for the keyboard connector for the Sharp PC7100? (I imagine the other models 7000 are the same?) I have a machine here that boots from the internal HD, but I can't work w/it as I don't have a cable. It' a phone cable w/6 conductors, but it isn't a straight through, it seems.

Anyone with a cable that can check this for me?


Friday 27th June 2003
scott parkin (u.k)
cafeine powered computer services

hi ive got a sharp pc-7200 can someone HELP PLEASE!! i cant get it to boot ive made loads of floppys with differant os's on msdos,pcdos,fredos,elks linux but im getting no where the os whats working the most is freedos cos it starts to boot then stops all others say invalid system disk thanks scott

Wednesday 21st May 2003
pete (Netherlands)

I've a sharp pc7000 and I wonder if there is any stuff for it. (such as a modem, printer etc.)
if you can give me a hind I am verry happy.

ps. pardon me for my bad english, bud I'm Dutch

Tuesday 8th April 2003
Dave Creek (Hokitika - New Zealand)

How do Guy's?! A friend has rescued a PC 7000A for me from the local rubbish dump. I would like to know anything about it as it is entirely new to me.

I would quite like boot diske etc to be able to use it.

Cheers Dave Creek

Tuesday 8th April 2003
Paul (Michigan USA)
Pauls Brain-o-scope

I found a PC-7000 at a moving sale with case but no manuals. Does anyone have downloadable manuals or know of a place to find them? Also, my PC-7000 has no video out, what are the upgrade options to allow CGA video-out?

Wednesday 26th February 2003
Robert Maddren (New Zealand)
Hippy for Sale

I have an old PC-7000 in NZ they are worth about $200-$400 to a collector. I only payed $5 for a coplete system in good going order with manuals case and programs.

Friday 24th January 2003
paul (brisbane australia)

I just got hold of 2 pc7000a's from recycling centre at my local tip. need to know correct opsys.

One starts but screen is a bit dull, any ideas of fix.(swapped screens over, no change)

Also does any one know if expansion port is compatable with pc isa slot (my pc7000a's dont have hdisk support.

I would appreciate emailed copy of manuals and/or softwear. thanks paul

Wednesday 25th December 2002
Ben (Australia)

I've also got some old software and manuals for the pc7000a, and boot disks. All software is 5 1/4 in disk so it might be tough for me to get the info off, but if anyone wants this software or copies of the manual I would be happy to email them.


Wednesday 25th December 2002
Ben (Australia - Canberra)


I've got a couple of these old babies lying around. Now I did try to take them apart and salvage bits. This was about ten years ago. I didn't find anything I thought was of value back then. I have just rediscovered them and am keen to get the LCDs out and use them as displays for CPU temp, fan speed, network throughput etc, on newer computers. Does any know where I might be able to find out what type of LCD and controller chips they use, and how to wire them up? Any help at all would be muchly appreciated

Monday 10th June 2002
doktor seltsam (germany)

I´ve got a pc7000 and a lot of old 5 1/4" drives(4!). But i dont got any soft for the sharp itself.
ANYBODY help please! Pac -Man ?
i need to know how to reactivate.
perhaps i could also use it as terminal...?
thanks .

Thursday 2nd May 2002
ACE!!! (yea)
The 7Th Layer

A Sharp PC-7000 is valuable only to one who has great interest in it. now, if you plan on making a few 100 on it you'll get laughed at i think, unless you got one thats new in the box. highly unlikely.
keep the computer, it's not eating much space and it's nice to play with, even for kids. i got one and it still provides for many hours of gaming fun. (nothing like a good ol' game of the original pacman or paratrooper!)

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