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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Video Technology  LASER 2001 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Wednesday 23rd June 2010
Scouter3d (Austria)
Inka Schamane

Finally, after years of searching, i found the Pinout of the PSU for my Laser 2001 (thanks to Madrigal from Creativemu). I figured my Laser would have the same PSU as the CreatiVision Game, and i was right! (9V AC and 18V AC). But be carefull, there are different Versions of internal Laser PSU´s some need +5V DC, -5V DC and 12V DC ... There are some pictures at the Creativemu homepage. Greetings from Austria

Tuesday 12th April 2005
Olivier (France)

Ask webmasters of this site :

I know they have a Salora Manager

Or... use the Woozgotwat function of to find collectors having these systems:

Good luck

Monday 11th April 2005
scouter3d (austria)

I am searching for the piunout of the Laser 2001 / Salora Manager Powersupply ... Please help !
Greetings TOM:-)

Wednesday 12th November 2003
Ansichrist // Antti Kolsi (Remorse1981)

I have a Salora Manager too... It's a nice lil' machine. Only thing I'mmissing is a decent drawing program for it.

Btw. hi, Eero.

Wednesday 6th August 2003
Eero Nevalainen (Finland)

I am a proud owner of a Salora Manager, and as a programmer I would just love to get to code something for the machine. Of course there's the BASIC, but getting to do something directly in assembly would be great... alas, there are no real specs for the machine anywhere.

Does anyone know of any in-depth programming information for the computer in question? The floppies seem like they could be written on a PC with a floppy drive, so this might offer a possibility to code and compile on a PC and then execute the result on the Salora (unless the thing only reads BASIC off floppies, of course)... anyone knows what sort of binary format the Salora wants to see on the floppy?

Any info would be greatly appreciated, as it would rock to see what this old steam engine of a computer can do if pushed to the limit.. ;)

Tuesday 26th February 2002
Pertti Toivonen (Finland)

I've got an 'never used' Salora Manager. Anyone interested???? Mail me.

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