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O > OLIVETTI  > P6060


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Olivetti  P6060 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Tuesday 6th April 2010
Jim Freiman (USA)

I worked for Olivetti and had one of the first 6060''s in the US. The manual was in Italian so I had ASU interpet it. One thing I remember was the interpetation had bites and nibbles which later became bytes and bits. Not many schools had experience with computers then. After learning the system I was sent to various regions to teach the 6060 and the basic language to other sales reps. Big uses were for Statistics, land surveying calculations, and computing auto contracts.

Thursday 30th September 2010
Wes (USA)

I used a P6060 when I worked at Kimball. I used it for NC programming which at the time - about 1977-1981 was pretty cutting edge. I did all the music panel programming for pianos and organs - the thing that holds the music - which was usually a series of freeform curves. A great computer - unless the floppy drives got dirty!! A great machine with great memories.

Monday 26th December 2005
Steve Oatway (UK)

I used to work for an Engineering company in the late 1970's and I used two of these machines to perform drive belt power calculations and stock control. I did my first real business programming on these before moving onto an M-PM based machine and then onto LSI Octopus machines. I remmember when we upgraded the memory on one of the Olivetti's and it cost £3000. There was a lunar lander game and also a golf game which we had, used loads of paper !!.

Monday 19th September 2016
Peter Farrell-Vinay (UK)

Further to my last post, the software engineer who wrote the BASIC Compiler was Shefford Bryant.

Monday 19th September 2016
Peter Farrell-Vinay (UK)

The BASIC interpreter was written by a team from Softech in the US. It was a two-stage interpreter with an intermediate language (because Olivetti insisted) which made execution slow. The use of heat-sensitive paper for output was added fun in that they grew dark with age ...

Friday 3rd April 2015
Jane Gilbert (United States)

The Olivetti P6060 was the first computer I laid hands on in 1978 while I was still in high school. So many good memories and funny stories! It was a bad day when someone figured out how to reprogram the function keys and changed the "Save" key to "New." Some poor schmuck lost all of the new program he had just typed in.

Thursday 19th June 2014
Maurice (Hong Kong)

I worked for Olivetti (Hong Kong) in 1977,immediately after graduation. Had the job of being technical support for the P6060 and P6040 minicomputers. Great fun but price and lack of memory did not lead to many sales.

Thursday 3rd April 2014
rallemann (germany)

Is there still a working machine of this type? Who transcribed the error manuaul from italian to german? Great guy!

Wednesday 12th June 2013
Ralf (Germany)

My first love... Was our one and only computer in school for a few years. Expanded later by Display (green monitor), printer (line mass printer), harddisk (9.5 mb) and mark carde reader (special build for our needs). Complete developement of individual school charts was done by a 12.000 line advanced BASIC program... Wow.... great machine... Would still like to have one operational for teaching purposes...

Wednesday 23rd January 2013

I work as developper and trainer for NC Programming system working on this computer. Big uses and nice trips as Olivetti sold it in Poland, URSS, Tchekoslovakia ...

Friday 4th January 2013
Riccardo Ukmar (Italy)

It was 1980 and I was studying at High School ITIS Camillo Olivetti, in Ivrea. For math there was a wonderful lab with several P6060 (one for three/four students). Programming in Basic it was very simple to draw mathematical functions on the embedded thermal printer. It was a great experience, in1984 I joined Olivetti in the printer division (Olivetti Peripheral Equipment)…

Friday 9th December 2011
Francesco Vecchio (Brescia/Italy)

I forgot to write that the architecture of the ALU of the CPU ("PUCE1/PUCE2") had introduced an innovative technique that consisted of variable-length microinstruction made $$8203$$$8203$possible by the use of nano istruction which replaced the matrix of control of the ALU. I think it was the first ALU adopted this technique that was later patented by Olivetti (Italy in the patent owner at the time was the company where you worked)

Best regards and sorry for my English.

Francesco Vecchio

Friday 9th December 2011
Francesco Vecchio (Brescia/Italy)

I found this site and wish to leave a message because I am the father of two CPU boards p6060 "PUCE1/PUCE2" I designed at the R $ D Olivetti Via Camperio, 3 Milan in 1970. Lucio Lanza was my boss and the boss of bosses Louis Mercury.


Francesco Vecchio

Tuesday 25th October 2011
Barry (United States)
Houldsworth''s Random Ramblings...

I used to support payroll on one of those things. The biggest problem was that the programs would sometimes crash and fail to close the files. Then I had to jump in the car and drive to the client site to manually close it with a utility we had. Happy days...

Saturday 1st October 2011
ValerieMichelle (United States)
The Mint Partnership

I paid my way through college with my computer experience (1976) starting with a summer internship with the Social Security Administration. The project was to input all of the original social security cards from 1936. It was so cool, since I love history and I was part of an historic process for the Bureau of Records Management. It was also my initial realization that I was a geek at heart.

Friday 12th August 2011
Jane (USA)

My high school had one of these back in the late 70s, and I first got to use it in 1978. We all had our own 8 inch floppies that we guarded with our lives, and I can remember HATING when the thermal paper roll got close to the end and our print-outs would be ridiculously curly. I still have some of those print-outs somewhere.

Saturday 9th April 2011
Maurizio Della Corte (Italy)

I had a machine like this, and for that era was the best computer to work on. The only limitation was the small amount of system memory.

Thursday 22nd April 2010
Romaine (Switzerland)

At Kyle:
I''m based in Switzerland, and have a Olivetti P6060 for sale, please contact me by email

Wednesday 5th July 2006
Kyle (Cq)

This computer is so cool!!! I would Like To Know How To Buy One Of The Computers Like This!!!!!

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