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L > LUXOR  > ABC 80


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Luxor  ABC 80 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 8th July 2017
Jørgen Jespersen  (Denmark)

Well, the spec mentions sound, and claims it to be one channel.
The speaker monitored the input channel in the DIN connection to the tapedeck.
You could make a short with a resistor between output and input and generate one-bit sound. But that was a hack.

Sunday 7th August 2011

I had one. I was 12years back then. If you asked for sqr(4) it said 2.002! I managed to run some c64 programs on it.

Tuesday 19th April 2011
Rainer Fredrich (Germany)

Another ebay auction achieved 234 Euro for an Luxor ABC80 with FDD and cassette recorder. See attached auction picture:

Sunday 17th October 2010
Rainer Fredrich (Germany)

A recently ebay auction achieved 78.88 Euro for an Luxor ABC80. See attached auction picture:

Wednesday 11th August 2010
Fredrick Heia Romstad (Norway)

Hey! My dad havde this computer( Luxor adc800) and i want to know how much this computer can be sold for today.

Wednesday 14th July 2010
Rickard (Sweden)

Minor correction: The graphical resolution was 78 x 72 (not 78 x 75 as currently stated) as each of the 24 lines could hold 3 vertical pixels in graphics mode.

Sunday 6th February 2005
mike (sweden)

hi!i want to know when the first swedish pc came?
and which was the first swedish school pc?

Friday 28th May 2004
Mårten (Sweden)

There was a "grass roots computer movement" in Sweden druing the beginning of the 80s when lay-men took evening classes to learn computers and programming (in BASIC).
Theese classes where not uncommonly held using ABC-80s. (Indeed such a course in 1983 was the first encounter of miy own with the wolrd of bits and bytes)

Friday 31st January 2003
Leo (Hungary)

Radiotechnic. Not Radotechnic. :) Never mind.

Friday 31st January 2003
Képes Gábor (Hungary)

There was a good Hungarian version of ABC-80 too. This is the BRG ABC80 (BRG = Radotechnic Factory of Budapest).
It was a great school-computer, in a metal case.

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