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N > NEC  > PC 8201A


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the NEC  PC 8201A computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 2nd April 2022
Stephen G. (Australia)

I have an NEC 8201A and NEC8300 both in good working order and still use them regularly. I have the Ultimate ROM II and mainly use the outliner IDEA!. Still have all manuals, etc. True trailing edge stuff.

Thursday 14th October 2021
Michael (US)

I owned one of these, my first computer, after my brother-in-law showed me his Radio Shack M-100. I also got the external drive. I learned basic on it and programmed it to handle our construction company''s payroll and taxes.

Wednesday 31st July 2019
John LOW (Hong Kong)

For your reference:

cheers, John

Wednesday 17th May 2017

I still have one in working condition. However, manual, accessories like the cable and program tape are long gone.

Saturday 16th November 2013
Mark (Chicago / USA)

I used an NEC PC8201A in the early 80s to hook up a Mettler balance to do "real-time" fill weight for medical solutions at one of our plants in AltaVista, Virginia. I wrote the interface program in basic to allow the inspector to place the bottle on the scale, hit the spacebar to take the reading, and the statistics for all the bottles were displayed when completed, flagging in and out of spec bottles. It was a great machine!

Friday 13rd September 2013
René (Puerto Rico)

I had one. I cannot tell you how usefull it was. I bought a third party wordprocessor and with it became a indespensable tool for my work. I am an engineer. I was able to writte several engineering programs that I used in my engineering calculations. It eventually brokedown and by that time there were other alternatives. I had a lot fun with it. I tell the young generation about this "lap computer" I used to have and they are skepticall that such computer could ever exist in the 80''s.

Wednesday 11th May 2011
Jesper (Danmark)

I used the PC8201A for a job in Greenland about 1986.
Some Landis $ Gyr substations used for a supervision system should be exchanged to newer models.
I used the teletype to save the configuration data, used the wordprocessor for search and replace, and the basic to generate some other conversions. And then the teletype to upload to the new substations. It was simply marveless for the job. Would love have one. I also made a speedpilot-program in basic to calculate time to desination, and a BLOCK game.
I really like the basic in it.

Saturday 15th May 2010
Slowmotion (Hong Kong)

I still have one under my bed - it was a Japanese version of PC-8201 in silver color.

It has N82-BASIC, and surprisingly it has a dedicated word processor (text editor should be a more accurate description), and a TTY terminal... really went ahead of its time.

Monday 17th July 2006
Joe (USA)

I bought my PC 8201 while living in Tokyo shortly after it came on the market in 1983. I used it for note-taking, correspondence, learning basic and for hooking up to largely unsatisfying mail boxes. After learning basic on it, I wrote a "mastermind" program (including stone-age graphics and sounds) that I stored on audio cassette tape. It worked wonderfully for the entire time I used it. Very long battery life. Very crisp feel to the keyboard. Instant boot-up (no non-volatile memory of any sort). When I moved on to other computers, I could never bring myself to dispose of the PC 8201. I still have it and it still works.

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