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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Apple  MACINTOSH Plus computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 13rd May 2011
Tim Healey (USA)

I have a virtual museum of old Mac computers, each which run perfectly. I have a Quadra 700, that I still ue for graphic work, a PowerMac7300 with extra ran 128mb that I still use for Photoshop and designing agds and addition I have a Mac Clone, a G3 I believe. AQll 3 run perfect and still do the work they inteneded. Is there anyone inerested in buying these wonderful machines? I may keep the PowerMac7300. Actually it''s a PowerMac7200 with the guts of of a 7300. Let me now. Thanks!

By the way, all come with working monitors and have preloaded software like outlook express, Quarkexpress, photoshop, Adobe acrobat etc.

Tim healey.

Friday 6th August 2004
Torin Darkflight (Iowa, USA)

It is the Mac Plus which made an appearance in the comical Scotty/"Hello Computer!" scene of Star Trek IV. I've always loved that movie, and that Mac.

Thursday 26th August 2021
kamil alrustom (United Arab Emirates)

I have MacIntosh plus 512/ 800a s new still running with a floppy with games. including the original bag and the original manuels. how much I can sell all of them. thank you for

Wednesday 14th April 2021
Dan Banov (Canada)

I am looking for someone that can convert a power point version 1 to something readable?

Wednesday 14th April 2021
Dan Banov (Canada)

I am looking for someone that can convert a power point version 1 to something readable?

Wednesday 14th April 2021
Dan Banov (Canada)

I am looking for someone that can convert a power point version 1 to something readable?

Thursday 17th October 2013

Ho da vendere dei prodotti Apple come macintosh plus con scatola originale e accessori. Stampante e scanner Apple.
Per info.

Saturday 30th March 2013
JayDee (The Netherlandss)

@ MARCY BRONFMAN (Croton on Hudson, NY/USA)
If the Mac Plus computers are in good shape and still work I''m interested in buying them.

Sunday 24th March 2013
MARCY BRONFMAN (Croton on Hudson, NY/USA)


Friday 19th October 2012
Jim (Canada)

I had two of these$ one a 2MB RAM with a 40mb external SCSI HD, another 4MB RAM and 80 mb SCSI HD.
These were the first really capable Macs having SCSI, memory slots and a full keyboard.
This was the first Apple of any kind that I bought and it was an easy transition from the GEM based Atari ST GUI that I was used to previously.

Saturday 4th August 2012
Nate (Ohio, US)

My dad recently retired from teaching. He brought home a very curious looking screw driver with a long narrow shaft and a star bit. I asked him what it was. "Nate," he said "Do you remember the Mac Plus you used to play Stuntcopter, The Manhole, and Cosmic Osmo on? This drill bit was used to upgrade the RAM on the machine so it could run Cosmic Osmo when we got our first CD-ROM drive."

We ran that machine with all the RAM capability we could muster :-) It was a solid computer that taught me math, and how to read and type. I still remember playing Spectrum Holobyte''s Mac port of Tetris on it.

Wonderfully solid machine. I still have my 800KB Educorp Floppy diskettes in the house.

Monday 14th May 2012
Janet Todd (USA)

I have a Mac Plus IBM
Ram Model $ a9m030
Serial $346170.. Was wondering if it is worth anything or should I just toss it.

Friday 20th April 2012
david darlow (wa,spokane)

i have a mac 1mb that was the original assembley line model that everyone that helped produce signed on the inside of the case,,,,any comments

Monday 26th September 2011
Jen (bradenton, Fl)

I have one of the few clear plastic first laptop apple made and they only made about 100 of the clear plastic ones back in 1989 and I have the regular laptop (first one made, but not the clear plastic). How much are these worth. Thanks, Jen

Friday 26th August 2011
a hau (midwest us)

I have a mac 512 with an internal thunder drive? It weighs quite a bit. I turn it on annually and admire my MacPaint, MacDraw, MacWrite and Excel programs in thei rgrand simplicity!

Friday 19th August 2011
bob (usa washington state)

I have a Mac Plus from way back, what is it worth, where can I get a fair market value for it. thank you

Tuesday 19th July 2011
John  (RI)

I found one of these in a garage, still operating after 15+ years in storage. I still use it :)

Monday 16th August 2010
kelly kime (usa)

Hey your teach would love to revisit lode runner!
I ust'' to live in surfers...helensvale....worked @ shooters the night club....sold wine during the day. Miss u guys.

Monday 14th June 2010
Will M

The Mac Plus could actually run any os from 1.1 to 7.5. Not just 3, as the description states.

Tuesday 11th May 2010
Nigel (Southport, ENGLAND)

My first Mac, won in a competition by someone who decided they did not want it, and gave it to me. Thus started my love affair with Macs. I filled up the memory, and bought a hard disc for it and used to run Illustrator, in the days when you had to render what you had drawn and Photoshop. It was sad to upgrade to a newer Mac, but great to get a colour monitor.

Friday 7th May 2010
Erik N (Australia)

My IT teacher still has the same Mac Plus from all those years ago - 24 years old and still running fine! There is only one problem - my IT teacher only has one disk for it, and that is the tutorial disk.

Thursday 23rd January 2003
Brian Ingram (Atlanta, GA)

Along with the TI 99 4/A, the Mac Plus was the computer that I grew up with. From the first time I used it as a child, I was amzaed at how easy and intuitive it was to operate. Ever since then, I have been a lifelong admirer of Apple and its Mac OS. To this day, I still own the same Mac Plus and boot it up on occasion to play around with, even if for nothing more than using it as a nostalgic time machine. I will always hold a deep connection to the Mac Plus for all that it allowed me to appreciate about how great and simply elegant a computer could be.

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