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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Cambridge Computers Z 88 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Thursday 11th November 2010
j merk (San Diego/Boston)
35 years of Design $ Construction

Z-88 was a ''killer'' laptop in the was sold in the US as a "macintosh" compatible portable. I was able to use the port to connect to my MacSE and the text was imported into MacWord and came out fine. Address book was ported as was a life saver on business trips as it fit exactly on to the old airline trays - great to be able to swap batteries...if you were fairly quick...I still have it and plan on keeping it a keep sake

Tuesday 20th February 2018
Alec Evans (France)

Just rediscovered my Z88 - S/No. 006253 - purchased in around 1988.
Includes 128K RAM and PC Link II eprom (but software and cable sadly mislaid).
Still seems to work fine - apart from the 2-digit dates - but any thoughts of re-using it usefully were dashed when I found that Pipedream (now downloadable free) won''t work on 64-bit PCs.
Nice bit of nostalgia though.

Saturday 4th February 2017
Very Nice Vera

Running the emulator reveals a very easy to use and intuitive system!

With more than twice the screen size as the TRS-80 model 100, better batery life and lighter, this system is amazing for it''s era!

Tuesday 21st October 2014
Steve Johnson (Alaska/USA)

With undead batteries, my Z88 still boots and always returns memories of pre-world wide web days, when text still ruled the world (and the internet). As someone who also owned and used the Radioshack models 100 and 102 and equivalent NEC 8241 laptop , I appreciated the additional memory and the wide display screen. The optionally quiet keyboard was great for taking notes in meetings. The machine was relatively fragile. And, when using accessories such as the cassette tape interface, the Z88 provided a feature by then little used in personal computers. The Z88 bulletin boards and community were also a delight. I have never been tempted to sell or recycle the Z88. I still have the eprom eraser and all the manuals.

Friday 13rd June 2014
Kim Miller (Australia)

I bought a Z88 in 1987 while doing my doctorate at the University of Exeter in England. It is serial number 001569 and it cost me UK286.35 pounds. Extras - in/out cable, 128k RAM chip, mains adapter, printer cable - took the price to UK396 pounds. That was a huge chunk from my study grant, but I used that little machine to write up most of my PhD dissertation.

It was especially useful when I had to travel to London for conversations with one of my supervisors. He would read my stuff then I would meet with him and record the conversation. I could type up an hour''s conversation while traveling on the train back to Exeter. The keyboard was famous for having a good tactile feel and usability.

I still have the Z88, complete with the manuals and even the original purchase dockets taped inside. It was a great machine in its day and sits in my office as a bit of nostalgia.

Saturday 12th April 2014
RC Ellis (USA)

I loved mine, but there *were* problems - it locked up every once in a while, and would sometimes corrupt files. But for basic form/function it was ahead of it''s time. Pity they didn''t release a 1.1 version.

Monday 24th September 2012
Gary E. Andersen (Las Cruces, New Mexico)

Z88 Computer Serial Number 000003 (thats correct the 3rd one made) Never Used$-Original Box and User Guide$$Mint Condition

Monday 24th September 2012
Gary E. Andersen (Las Cruces, New Mexico)

Z88 Computer Serial Number 000003 (thats correct the 3rd one made) Never Used$-Original Box and User Guide$$Mint Condition

Wednesday 28th September 2011
David McPheeters (Cleveland, OH USA)

I have Z88 computer serial number 015805 that appears to work fine with the original box and manual, and a card in it that says 512k RAM. If somebody might be interested in and wants to pay shipping, I would easily part with it for a reasonable price.

Monday 7th February 2011
Terry Galloway (Scotland)

I have a Z88 serial number 0057869 FOR SALE.

A user guide (looks good and all the pages appear to be there, however, most of the pages have come away from the cover binding, though the pages are not individualy loose, if that makes sense)

Z88 users club leaflet

Up and running leaflet

All contained ina Z88 Cambridge Computers cardboard carry case.

Total weight 1.5 kilo

It looks good and hardly used.

Wednesday 5th January 2011
Richard (UK)

It was a cool little machine. Adrian, I know your comment is over 6 months old but thought I''d ask if there is a chance you still own the much do you want for it? I''m a student studying computer history so let me know.

Saturday 10th July 2010
Adrian (UK)

I have a z88 and was looking to sell it. Anyone interested or know where I can sell it. Its a great piece of kit and still runs 20 years later. Comes with all the peripherals but the box in long gone. Other than that the charger 215k ram upgrade and so on are all there.

Sunday 16th November 2008
Mark Wills (UK)

It must be said, the Z88, even today, is a seriously functional peice of kit. I would say the machine was released at least 5 years ahead of it''s time. It is truly an outstanding peice of British engineering.

Tuesday 5th July 2005
Karytianos Nikos (Greece)

I have bought a Z88 on the 27th of June 2005 because I have always wanted one since it's first appeared back in 1987. It has been like fullfiling a gap of my 8-bit past. Besides the sentimental stuff, it is pretty functional too, providing a first class real all around notebook. Usable history!

Sunday 10th October 2004
jupiter1716 (France)

I use the Z88 since 2003, and I always put it in its case and then in a leather attache-case, which does protect my Z88. My advice is: never put it with your trunk, but in a seperate bag. This can save its life...

Wednesday 18th December 2002
M Burke (San Jose, CA)

The Z88 was a great portable system that ran on AA batteries. I used it with great success for a number of years before moving to another state. Upon opening the trunk in which it was stored, I found the LCD screen hopelessly cracked. Finding another screen proved fruitless and it now sits in a box on a shelf. Z88s are still to be had, however, for $100. This machine was, for me, the original PDA with an added bonus... a keyboard that worked!

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