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A > ATARI  > 520 / 1040 STf / STfm


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Atari  520 / 1040 STf / STfm computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 21st August 2021
Aex Tb (Italy)

I use a 1040 st as main sequencer with cubase 3.0... He never miss, he never crash... When i switch to pc windows based cubase i miss it soo much because soo many system crash... Now made music with pc windows is good but some time ago is a nightmare.

Friday 17th March 2017
Brosen (Switzerland)

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Monday 10th February 2014
M-C (France)


20 yers ago, I made an modification inside my 1040 stf : now, it could work as a PC (win 95) or MAC (Sys 7.5 french)... Just for fun !
After 20 years, I''d like to wake up my sleeping beauty nd show it working to my kids...
Who''s got SCSI or IDE adaptator on asci or cartridge connector ?
I''m looking for schematic or buying the adaptator.

Wednesday 26th December 2012
Doug T.

Hi - yes if anyone has a 1040 ST I would definitely like to buy it! I have some old 1040 ST disks that I would like to get information from, let me know you can email me, thanks.

Thursday 6th December 2012
Jamey Orsborn (USA)

I also have an old 1040 ST, along with monitor, mouse, external 30MB hard drive. Anyone interested in buying?


Tuesday 7th February 2012
Paul S (UK)

The 520STFM was my 3rd computer (after previously having a Commodore C16 then a ZX Spectrum 128+). I had quite a good setup, the standard mouse was replaced with a far more accurate and comfortable Naksha model, as well as a Blitz Turbo external floppy drive and a Citizen 9-pin colour printer.
I did a few bits of graphics and fonts for some lesser know demo groups and even a bit of Sound Tracker music with TCB Tracker, I remember getting an assembler routine that could play the mod files and incorporated that into an existing program that displayed a Spectrum 512 colour image with a scrolling message! I was so impressed with that!

Saturday 1st May 2010
Mike  (usa-texas)

I have an atari st 1040 with color monitor sc1224 and mouse. Great condition, has been stored for 12 years. I have all much can i sell it for?

Saturday 21st July 2007
Thomsonicus (Poland!)

heh, I broke quite a couple of joysticks while playing Super Street Fighter 2 on my friend's 520STfm :)

Monday 27th June 2005
Daniel (Sweden)

Ahh i got a 520stm myself..still got it in its original box..unfortently its not working due to some damage on a chip and also the floppy is not working and got no mouse.
i upgraded it to 1mb and had around 1000+ discs with games and all kind of programs..have a few hundred left maybe less ;) I also got my cousins 1040STE..its working but have some damage keys on keyboard, and have no mouse. Damn i miss the good ol times :) ATARI RUULES FU** AMIGA ;))

Thursday 14th April 2005
Robert N. (Kansas)

I had a 1040STf in high school. It was a great system, and that Mac emulator worked better than you would expect. We had Macs at school, and my friend and I used my 1040ST at home to run the Macintosh verison of Pagemaker to product our school newspaper. In fact, I remember it running a bit better on my 1040ST than it did on the Mac SE at school.

I went all out on my ST...had both monitors and a little switch to switch between them. I also had the Supra 20 megabyte hard drive. I think that thing cost me over $700.00 when I bought it in maybe 1997 or 1998. Ouch.

Tuesday 3rd February 2004
Henrik Jakobsen (Denmark)

All of my buddies had an Amiga500. I had an Atari 520 Stfm (bought it in '89). I still have it, but the external floppydrive is malfunction, so I cant use it, though I have the FD-controller interface yet. I remember the good old days, when ST forum zine was around the shops in Denmark... I also recently found my joysticks---> what a great quality they was made of! compared to daily models. Imagine how it would be like, to play summer games on new ones!

Tuesday 14th January 2003
Mark P (bangor uk)

Not sure how I ended back here, but a kweschun. Anyone know how the keyboard/mouse/joystick reading chip can be damaged and how to put it right? A local PC shop bizarrely had an ST-TV scart lead as one of the offered products on it's website, so now my atari is alive again in full RGB sharpness :) only half of the discs still work, but hey, it's enough. problem is i get maybe 5 or 10 minutes into a game, if that, and then all the inputs stop working. Gahh!!

Looks like the only two games I can play from now on are Dynablaster and Gauntlet II, with the printer port joystick dongle..

Friday 17th May 2002
Jan K (CZ)
Jay software

the Atari has 640x400 monochrome,
640x200 with 4 colors and 320x200 with
16 colors. Both color resolution are
displaylable on TV .

Friday 5th April 2002
Mark P (Bangor, UK)

Mmm, still got one of these (1040) sitting in a cupboard waiting for my soldering skills to improve enough to finally make up a TV connection lead (tricky tricky) as the last known phillips monitor in the world burnt out years ago ^_^ Fond memories, wish I could get it going and work out a way to sync it with my palmpilot.. a machine with twice the processor speed and memory! .....hrm, hands up anyone who remembers the multitude of ST video capture devices? wonder why you can't do it on a palm... :)

On the monitor note, the official site specs box is exactly right - 320x200 in 16 colours, 640x200 in 4 colours (both from 512 palette) and 640x400 in black and white with a special monitor (why the hell TV compatibility for that wasn't available baffles me). You could stretch beyond that to higher resolutions and colours - particularly 320x240 in "512" colours - but only with very fancy programming!

Thursday 7th March 2002
Orbus (Midwest.)

The 'Cartridge that could turn it into a Mac' was created by David Small, of 'Small Computing', and came in two flavors:
The original was called the 'Magic Sac', and was nothing more than a holder for two boot ROMS from a Macintosh - Everything else was done in software, and the MS wasen't capable of reading Mac Disks (They provided a transfer program that allowed you to use a macintosh via serial cables to transfer disks.)
The second version was called the 'Spectre GCR', and had a loop-through for the external floppy drives that enabled external floppy drives to read Mac floppies, along with much improved emulation.
As far as I remember, a monochrome ST with 4mb ram (System address limit) could run System 7.5 - but, with less than four MB ram, you can imagine how poorly it ran it.

Sunday 3rd March 2002
statusbar (Vancouver)
J.D. Koftinoff Software, Ltd

Yes, the Atari ST had 640x200 16 color graphics mode as well as 640x400 monochrome and a 320x200 256 color mode. The monochrome monitor and color monitors were seperate, and the resolutions available to you were dependant on the type of monitor you had. I used to have both.

Friday 1st February 2002
PvK (Seattle)
The Wargamer

640 x 200 graphics mode? I don't think so. 640 x 400 yes, 640 x 200, no.


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