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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Tandy Radio Shack  TRS 80 MODEL II computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 17th January 2014

I had a Model II with a 10MB hard drive. It was a separate unit in a matching case, so the twin 8" drives were also usable. And it was the size of a PC lying in its side, if a little less wise. I remember opening it up for a look-see and finding a belt driving the hard drive and the motor off to one side. This when all in one drives such as we see today were becoming the norm.

I had quite a bit of software for it: Scripsit, DBase and BASIC, all running off TR-DOS, plus some CP/M disks which were (sadly) corrupted.

Sunday 5th December 2010
Chuck Rose (USA)

To Tom94022: The Shugart Hard Drives were sold in a separate box. The HD units could also be used with the Model III and 4 too as I recall. They also had a key lock on them for security.

Tuesday 6th November 2007
Sergio Internicola (Italy)

In late 70's I developed a lot commercial software (accounting, insurance, etc.) for this machine (in Basic, with several critical routines written in Z80 machine language) and my company sold several of TRS-ModII. The problems with power supply involved mainly a tantalium condenser in the video card, which caused a black-out of the screen. On the other hand, it was a very good computer for its time.

Friday 16th March 2007
Tom94022 (Los Altos, CA)

Shugart Associates sold a large number of 8" hard disk drives to Tandy which I believe were incorporated into some variant of the TRS80 Model II. Does anyone recall whether it replaced the FDD in the chassis or went into a separate box (perhaps replacing an external FDD?

Friday 24th March 2006
Lawrence Self (Brevard, NC )

I have an antique TRS-80 Model II that has a character generator ROM that is fried to a golden black. I have an EPROM reader/burner so could build another on on a 2716 chip IF I can find the code or could borrow a chip to copy, etc. I can reconstruct the code if I knew the "rules" also.

Thanks bunches

Larry Self

Wednesday 7th April 2004
Luke (Airzona)

I recently got a complete set of the model 2. I have the moniter, keyboard, two of the 2 expansion drives that each holds 2 disks, and a unopened dot matrix printer. I still have the boxes for everthing but the moniter. I also found some mannuals and Newsletters to it. If anybody is interested or at least could give me more info about it that would be great

Tuesday 3rd June 2003
Karim Momin (Houston, Texas)

I still have this Model II...Great Memories!

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