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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Spectravideo  SV 328 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Wednesday 8th January 2020
Giacomo (Italia)

How much did it cost when it was released?

Tuesday 20th September 2016
David Otter (New Zealand)

SVI-609 (SVI-605 with 10MB harddisk),

Monday 19th September 2016
LS120 (New Zealand)

I have a large amount of SVi $ 738 Info, software $ games..

also have 318,328 mk2, 738 that i am upgrading to msx2 (easy)

have alot of game manuals also if needed..

Saturday 6th April 2013
Roger Jowett (Ulster Londonderry)
sam coupe$zsjTpFR0oYQ

please help we have zx spectrum 48k and one 128k program running at 6mhz using external ram and snapper discs from velesoft site

Thursday 9th August 2012
Claus (Sweden)
Memotech MTX World

HI. Anyone can supply me with a Scanned manual of TELEBUNNY, it was a game for Spectravideo at tape, I was also released at MSX as rom cartrigde. I need the manual for the game, I actually converted/ported the game to Memotech MTX :) mail me please:

Thursday 5th May 2011
Vincent (Belgium)

You mention that the SV-328 was the successor of the SV-318 and this is NOT true. Both models were sold at the same time, the 328 being sold as a higher class model than the 318 (more RAM, better keyboard ...).

FYI, I bought my 328 in June 1984 for the price of 24.995 BEF (620€).

Wednesday 4th May 2011
Vincent (Belgium)

At the end of 1983, I was looking to buy my first home computer. I read almost every magazine there was to make my choice. Spectravideo ran ads in several french magazines saying that their computers were MSX compatible, and I fell for it. I bought a SV-328 and quickly understood that they were not MSX compatible. Several months later, I managed to strike a deal with the belgian importer (who had nothing to do with the ads in the french magazines) to exchange it for a true MSX ...

Monday 11th April 2011
Tony Cruise (Australia)
Electric Adventures

Definitely only had floppy drives available from Spectravideo themselves. I fired mine up again for the 1st time in many years and it is still working (the 328 MKII, the expansion units lights come on and the drives spin but no boot sequence or seek).

Tuesday 24th August 2010
Z80user (Spain)
Z80user Programing Faq/Foro

601B superexpander no have space inside to $ a big hard disk. I have one, only hace a floppy disk drive, centronis interface and 6 expansion slot. transformer and big motherboard, but no all have a hard drive drive, and less a hard drive.

Friday 3rd July 2009
Jose Luis (Spain)

This was my first computer, MkII model with RF-mod, a color tv, cassete (very good functionality) and some catridge games. Later I added the expansion unit seen on image, a 80 column card and a monochrome monitor, I used it for basic $ cobol pratice. Unfortunately had to sell it to buy the newest Atari 520ST :(

Friday 26th September 2003
Colossus (Spain)


You only mention the "SVI-777" disk drive, in peripherals section.

I've recently purchased an SV-328, and it came with a "SVI-904 Data Cassette" (wich works perfectly with it).

First Edition date in the manual is 1983, Hong Kong. Copyright is 1984 Spectravideo International Limited.

This unit looks very similar to the "SVI-767" shown in your SVI-728 page.

Hope this proved to be of any interest...


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