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T > TERTA > TAP-34


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Terta TAP-34 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Sunday 12th April 2020
Alex (Russia)

This is the first copter I''ve used for programming when I was a kid. I had an access to the room with 3 TAP-34 in the university (I was just a schoolboy, so I couldn''t be there officially).

Sunday 29th December 2019
Ilya Usvyatsky

This was the first machine I used for something non-trivial. It was used by Express-2 - the computerized ticketing system designed and deployed at
Tap-34 were used to manage repair and maintenance of cash registers. It was deployed at major railway ticket parlors at major stations and in Moscow and St. Petersburg central offices. Tap-34 used modems to connect to mainframes (ES-1045, a Soviet clone of IBM-360/370). One Tap-34 was deployed at the high school I attended and we interned with the Express-2 doing software development in Intel 8080 assembly.

Thursday 25th June 2015
Ruslan Kabalin (United Kingdom)

I had one in 1996-1998. It was originally decommissioned from CSTI (centre of scientific and technical information) in Belgorod (Russia), then it was obtained by my friend, he used it a while, and then I purchased it from him. I do not think it had CP/M, it had some custom localised OS they used in organisation. It was possible to load Basic and Astra (text processor) from floppy, there were some other software coming with it, but those two were the most useful for me. It had Consul printer A3 size with red/black ribbon on the spools (like in typewriter, not the cartridge), I do not remember the exact model.

At the point when I sold it, I have got just enough money to buy an ordinary PC keyboard.

Saturday 20th April 2013
Sergej (Russia)

this is the first computer I saw, it was in 1986 in Western Siberia in the oil field, the town Raduzhnyi, near Nizhnevartovsk. and began to learn the language "Basic"

Thursday 26th May 2011
Paul Kárpáti

KGST is the hungarian abbreviation (Kölcsönös Gazdasági Segítség Tanácsa) of Comecon, or The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance.

Friday 13rd March 2009
Cyril Murzin (Russia)

I''ve used this CPU since 1986 to 1990.

TAP-34 had the number EC -8534 in the EC-serries (united serries of computers) of East block and ex-USSR. abbrev. TAP states for Teletype Abonents Point. there were three known (by me) modifications of EC-8534: original one, EC-8534.02, and EC-8534.3. the last one had optional capability to boot CP/M clone called VDOS.

the standard software included some built-in teletype programs and BASIC (Terta-BASIC). there was also so called DP (Developer Package) floppy bootable system for assembly development (included editor, assembler and debugger).

the term "self design of Terta company" is very doubtful - some constructive features of TAP-34 and the mentioned software suggest that there was some prototype CPU as well as original development software which were borrowed for TAP-34. I''m still looking for information about these prototypes.

hope it will help.

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