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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Yamaha  C1 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Tuesday 8th February 2011

The day my C1 died was a sad one indeed. Loved the ease of the Voyetra sequencing software, and not having to use an outboard midi patchbay back then was awesome. With 8 outs and 2 ins I easily ran my entire studio, including:

Juno 106
Cheetah MS-6
Cheetah MS800
Oberheim Matrix 6R
Roland D110
Yamaha SPX-900
+ a pair of midi-CV boxes to drive older analogs.

Would love to have that rig again...

Wednesday 5th May 2010

Kraftwerk''s Electric Cafe was recorded during 83-86 with the Synclavier. Two C1 machines were used on stage in late 90''s only

Monday 16th May 2022
Joseph Monzo (United States)

I got a C1 around 1990 and loved it. Only was able to use it for a few years and then something went wrong with it, I don''t remember what it was now, probably the screen. I kept it anyway for a long time, and remember very clearly how painful it felt when I moved and decided to throw it away, just put it in the trash. Now I''ve become a collector of vintage computers and really would love to have one again, that''s in working condition. If anyone has one to donate or sell, search for me on Facebook and send a message.

Monday 17th May 2021
Bravine (United States)

How does the Yamaha C1 Music Computer ''die''? Mine works just fine. Had display issues, certainly... in the 90''s Yamaha was gracious to supply a replacement screen, but that failed eventually. Next step: find the proper monitor! Found one, then the computer ''expert'' insisted on testing his own way... long story short: the ''expert'' destroyed his own monitor by not setting the monitor to the proper setting as I instructed. If anyone here can supply such a monitor for the C1, please reply! I find this situation similar to monitors for Akai samplers. However, note: the C1 monitor spec and early akai (up to 3000xl, at least) are entirely different.

Saturday 2nd December 2017
Fionn (Ireland) (Ireland)

Hi Steve (USA) , I''d love the Yamaha C1, how can I get in contact to talk ?

Tuesday 19th September 2017
Steve (USA)

Does anyone want a Yamaha C1 music computer? It runs, crt display seems a little flaky. It''s been in storage for 20 years.

Thursday 24th August 2017
kihyun Moon (south korea)

You have run a sequencer with a 3.5 inch d diskette to run the sequencer program.(Added on August 24 ~ 2017), we copied the diskette capacity over the diskette capacity to the diskette capacity, and then copied it into two chapters.(Hard Installator) has copied the files from the Dosbox program to the hard disk.However, the program was able to copy the program to the second bootable disk, but it was repeated repeatedly and tried to succeed several times before attempting to succeed. Maybe it''s because the floppy disk is all about the same errors, so it might be stale old, and it might have been stale or broken. $$12640$$$12640$
Anyway, I tried to play a song called Minute, but I was only able to install a vapi driver, and it was impossible for me to play the violin. $$12640$$$12640$
However, you could not run the drive.bat file with a diskette error. Maybe it''s a driver setup file ...

Saturday 3rd October 2015
Ethan (Virginia, USA)
Ethan''s blog

I''m trying to repair a C1 that starts up with the external display LED always on. No disk seeking or anything, and the dip switch for display on the back does nothing. The screen does not light up.

I did a dump of the BIOS EPROMs from the machine and it looks like they''re corrupt, a sign of "bitrot." The letter P for Pheonix is corrupted in the dump, and I looked at dumps of another Phoenix BIOS and it looked proper.

I''m looking for someone with a working machine to run a dos utility to dump the BIOS. There is a 3rd EPROM in the machines, not sure what it does $ but the BIOS dump utilities will not be able to dump it. I am going to re-read my EPROMs to make sure it wasn''t a bad read. I''m interested in how other people''s units are failing, and I think it would be a good thing to get the EPROMs from a working unit saved off.

I have a good amount of documentation and original disks, I will put them all online. I''m putting all my notes with regards to repair online as well.

Thursday 3rd May 2012

Hey ''cram (bedroom)'' did you ever get them Yamaha C1 disks?

Sunday 27th May 2007
cram (bedroom)

"but in monochro(or)me blue," he says. like that's not the cool part.

anyway i'm trying to get mine going after 9 years in storage, no disks. who got da disks?

Friday 26th January 2007
Adrian (Earth)

I used to own one of these machines back in 1993. It had a CGA display, but in monochorme blue. It also had a 20mb H.D. and a 740K floppy disk as far as I remember. I mostly used it for learning to type. Eventually selling it to somebody who wanted it for music mixing.

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