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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Ingersoll XK 410C pong. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 3rd January 2014
Steve Allen (Uk)

Have just found my old Ingersoll XK410C. It''s still in the original box with instructions, warranty card etc. Also have the Ingersoll transformer with it, all in the carrier bag it came home in! We used to play quite regularly and, as it was all new tech at the time, was loads of fun. The beeping could be a bit tiresome, but hey, that''s what they did then! Didn''t realise just what the future would bring...........

Thursday 3rd March 2011
row (hong kong)

My dad bought one of these- my sister and I used to play on it when i was, like 6.. It took a load of AA batteries, which cost a fortune in the 80s so it was rarely played, that and one of us left the batteries in once and the springs corroded away- I fixed it using pieces of tin foil, lol! was great fun cant believe people are still using them!

Friday 22nd October 2010
Hugh (Oxford)

My Housemate has just bought one of these for £10 but we can''t get it working.
It has the gun and all the cables including the power adapter, but there''s no indicator light to indicate that it''s on.
The manual says you need to set your television to channel 37, which the telly, being modern, doesn''t have.
I''ve tried tuning it manually but it won''t pick up a signal.
Any advice?

Saturday 8th May 2010

I have an ingersoll console but there is no model number. It is simular to the displayed console but has round paddles and not joystick. It has only black and white games like Tennis Squash and Hockey / Football. Does anyone have any information on this? Maybe early 70''s

Wednesday 10th March 2010
IanE (UK)

I had one of these. I''m not aware of a gun being available - as Daddsy said you use the joystick and fire button. You had to anticipate a bit and it wasn''t very accurate. Gridball was impossible - a series of brokken vertical lines bouncing up and down and you had to get the ball past these as well as your opponent. My 12 year old son can''t believe how ancient and basic these things are - but it certainly kept us busy!

Wednesday 10th March 2010

I had one of these machines and can confirm it did not come with a gun as standard - the shooting games were played with the standard controllers - the stick moved a ''cursor'' block on teh screen and another block moved accross the screen from left to right to represent the target. The fire button was the trigger. I seem to remember the target moved quite fast which made it more difficult than it looked!

Thursday 12th November 2009
Amanda (UK)

we have one of these and it still works. My 12 yr old has started to play it. Found it harder than it looks. The games vary in colour background, all very bright. Tennis is a line for your bat that you can have big or small, court is defined by a line down the middle. Football is again line down the middle with a line for player and goalkeeper but both lines move up and down, forward and back together. Theres grid ball which is lots of lines with gaps in that go up and down and you have to get your ball through the gaps, but if you move to fast it goes blurry and you can''t go through any gaps. To play on your own you have to do practice squash or target practice. Theres no playing against the computer. After about 10 mins the noise gets on your nerves and the bright colours give you a headache.

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