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A > AMSTRAD  > CPC 6128


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Amstrad  CPC 6128 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 21st June 2013
ebay sale

For Sale: £90 Amstrad CPC6128 + Green screen monitor - working - games - utilities - joystick.
Disc drive not working - disc drive rotating but not reading discs - did work when tested several years ago.

Friday 21st June 2013

For Sale: £90 Amstrad CPC6128 + Green screen monitor - working - games - utilities - joystick.
Disc drive not working - disc drive rotating but not reading discs - did work when tested several years ago.

Thursday 4th October 2012
Chris (Australia)

My first computer with a disk drive! Awesome! Check out the wiki on all things CPC:

Saturday 7th July 2012
Dina (Denmark)

Hi, just replaced the drive belt ind my old cpc6128, but only a few games are able to load. I can run "cat" on most of them, but when i try to run the games i get and ignore, retry cancel dialogue...
Does anyone have any idea what can be wrong?

I''m all nostalgic here and can''t wait to show my daughter what kin of computergames mommy playes, when she was a kid :)

Tuesday 15th May 2012
Christopher Patrick (USA)

@Harkline1 you can play Spimdizzy online at

Tuesday 1st May 2012
Daniel (Spain)

Try replacing the disk drive belt as suggested by GreenMachine. I had the same problem with mine some years ago after recovering from the attic. The belt had tear down and the motor spun without providing enough traction to the disk shaft. A new belt, 30" and working as new.

Friday 6th April 2012
Demus (Poland)

CPC6128 with $$149$20MB Hard disk? Is this a correct information? Amstrad PC1512 have drive like this.

Friday 6th April 2012

My Mum and I have just cleared out the cubby house. We have taken the plastic off the Amstrad CPC6128 128k, and want to play one game, and one game only: Spindizzy. We put the disc in, try to boot (have tried both RUN"DISC and :CPM, but the disc drive just whirs and clicks and it then asks me to RETRY, IGNORE or CANCEL. Can anyone help? It was in perfect working order when it went into the cubby house. What could have happened during 20 years of hibernation? Is there anything I could try to one again have the joy of Spindizzy? Harkine

Thursday 29th December 2011

Hi, there is a minor error in the discription. The 5V is for the computer and the 12V is for the floppy.

Sunday 26th April 2009

Gregory: If it runs (lit LED and drive noises), but otherwise doesn''t work,
you probably just need a new drivebelt.$4477

You could also take a look on eBay or maybe here:

The CPC 6128 uses the same drive as the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3.

The belt ought to be a few mm wide - I once bought replacements that
were very thin - not optimal.

Saturday 25th April 2009
Gregory (Greece)

I have a CPC 6128 with a green monitor... 8bit machines have became one of the best retro decorations to one''s home - When the computer was about 10 years old i was thinking of selling it, now i wouldnt even consider it! I just love seeing my good old CPC sit in his small corner in the room. It brings me memories of younger more innocent times... I will never give it anywhere. If my kids want to give it away after many years ( when probably it will cost a lot more as a antique ) they can do it, but as long as i live it will never happen. Anyway.. i have a problem.. the drive isnt working anymore... :( After almost 25 years it finally gave up i guess. Anyone knows anything that i can do about this?

Thursday 11th September 2008
Noobsaibot73 (Madrid, Spain)

This computer has many superb games, as The Sentinel, Saboteur 2, Combat School, Barbarian.....thanks Mr. Sugar for "the dreams machine". My first computer was a CPC 464, during years I was looking for a 6128, and finally, I''m the proud owner of one of this incredible machines.
Ok, the rest of the 8 bits owners (msx, spectrum or C-64) will tell the same of their machines, but if you were an Amstrad user, you know what I''m talking about, no other computer (or emulator) will let you feel those sensations.

Tuesday 29th April 2008
Fatih Kececi (TURKEY)

Amstrad CPC6128 was my first computer. i really loved this machine...

Saturday 22nd March 2008
Stephen Lambert (Manchester, England)

Legendary, fantastic machine. My very first computer that I can remember and I loved it to bits. Then my parents sold it in Loot against my will...I was sad. But all is well because I've just bought one off ebay! No more emulators for me! Back to the real thing!

Sunday 11th November 2007
noobsaibot73 (Spain)

I'm the proud owner of a CPC 6128, this is a fantastic machine, this machine was intended for applications as well as games. A few days ago I bought one original MP3 (tv tuner) so now I'm able to see tv with my colour screen. I told you, this is a SUPERB machine !!!!

Tuesday 9th January 2007
Steve (GREECE)

Hi,Amstrad was my first contact with PC's,now I have it to a basement and not working on him anymore, if someone is interested for it im selling it,just email me thnx

Friday 17th November 2006
Reinor (Australia)

I found one of these outside an old sporting complex that was being cleaned out for the first time in a decade. It had been lying in the pouring rain for at least a week, in a pool of mud with various crawlies living in it, along with a couple of disks. I took it home, wiped off the mud, plugged it in and presto! Try that with a modern computer!

Monday 4th September 2006
Peter Jarvis (Doncaster, England)
Bubble Internet

When I was 12 I got a cpc464 for christmas I was over the moon, even though it only had a green screen monitor. I loved the Roland Games as naff as they are now. I always wanted a 6128 but because I was only 13 at the time they came out couldn't afford one. I have just bought one off ebay and am waiting for it be delivered; I haven't been this excited since christmas eve, the christmas I got my 464. There is something massively appealing about the amstrad computers, more than any other that was around at the time. I remember programming a game that went on the cascade50 cassette and winning a competition for a calculator watch and a copy of the games before they were released. If it wasn't for my amstrad I wouldn't be a internet developer. What great times.

Saturday 3rd June 2006


Monday 19th December 2005
Chris (Australia)

Hey Guys, Just wanna share my 2 fav games for the Legendary Old School Amstrad. Can any of you remember Manic Minor and Barbarian? how good were they? If anyone knows a website that i could get these games from and start bringing back the old memories please feel free to email me or post it here. Cheers Lads

Tuesday 5th July 2005
Víctor (Málaga, España)

¿Qué puedo decir de este ordenador que no sepáis todos los que hayáis tenido la suerte de tener uno? Fue el primero de todos los ordenadores que he tenido y es el único que no me ha sacado de quicio. Mi CPC6128 me lo regalaron mis padres en las navidades de 1986, cuando yo contaba con sólo 11 años, y disfruté de tardes interminables pegado a él con mis amigos, después del colegio. Hoy, salvo por algún cambio de goma en la disquetera, lo tengo en perfecto estado, funcionando, aunque no lo uso tanto como yo quisiera por mi trabajo. Estas vacaciones de Agosto le voy a volver a dar un poco de caña. Por cierto, me he entretenido en escanear el manual y voy a colgarlo en el emule en breve. Un saludo a todos los cpceros, y ¡¡Larga vida al Amstrad CPC!! (durará tanto como nosotros queramos). P.D. Gracias, Alan, por inventar una máquina tan maravillosa.

Friday 9th July 2004
ShadowCaster (France)

Marc, there's a fast dos emulator for the CPC.
It's called NO$CPC.

Friday 9th July 2004
ShadowCaster (France)

David, the game you are seraching is "into the eagle's nest" somtimes also called "eagle's nest"

Sunday 9th May 2004

I search the name of a game I use to play when a was young, It was a soldier in some rooms and you need the search some "first aid" some "guns" and of course you need to fire ennemies. Im not sure but it could be in a castle ? I was many rooms in the games and my soldier was blue or grey ? and the other was gree ? but Im not sure... thank you for help me

Wednesday 5th May 2004
Dimitris (GREECE)

Amstrad CPC6128 was the most home among personal computers and the most personal among homes. I still have an upgraded CPC6128 and I am still upgrading and programming (CP/M). It is very very easy to upgrade by - let's say - adding a 3.5" FD to your CPC and download dsk images from Internet or run CP/M programms written for other computers. It is amazing to give CAT command and see the message

Drive B: user 0

Disk.BIN 500k

296k free


No - 178k - size limit any more

If anybody likes to, just mail me.!

Thursday 22nd January 2004
ikonsgr (GREECE)

What can i say for this machine..., i think that AMSTRAD 6128 was one of the main reasons that makes me to think all the years with "him" , perhaps, the best years of my life. From the age of 12 untill 17, AMSTRAD 6128, with the extrordinary BASIC and the Fantastic games it had, made me to create,play,enjoy and dream like nothing or noone else can make me do, back to these beautiful days of youth.. Heil to the BEST HOME MICRO (along with Spectrum :) ) OF ALL TIME, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE IN OUR HEAERTS!!!

Thursday 22nd January 2004
David Merrett (Australia)

Both the Amstrad CPC 6128 and the lower version with the tape player in it
As well as the Commodore C64 were used in the Education Department of South Australia. You can still pic them up at Government Auctions for like 5 dollars each.

Saturday 23rd August 2003
McKlain (Spain)

"It was sold with a mediocre monitor (monochrome green or color)"

Hey, the monitors were not that mediocre!

Tuesday 22nd April 2003
Malc (UK)

I bought one of these new. The disk drive seemed tremendously fast after my Commodore 128/1571 combo in CPM mode!

Thursday 16th January 2003
Martin Upson (Frankfurt, Germany (year out from Uni, London))

I still have a CPC 6128. I loved it to bits. Got lots of old games but would really like some more!! Please let me know if you're interested in selling them. Many thanks, Martin

Thursday 26th December 2002
Directx (Greece)

CPC 6128 was my first home computer! An amazing machine ..

Hint: To see it's disk catalogue type CAT
Hint 2: To load software type RUN "software_name"

Monday 2nd December 2002
Gez (UK)

I bought a cpc 6128 a while ago at a car boot sale but i still can't figure out how to load disks. can some one please e-mail me the syntax.

Saturday 9th November 2002
marc (france)

fruity franck...
do we have to use emulator or does it exist in a dos version?

Sunday 6th October 2002
Stephen Pattenden (Kent, England)

I too have a CPC 6128. Does anyone know how much they are worth nowadays?
Is there anyone out there who is interested in buying it off of me?

Monday 9th September 2002
Andy (England)
Alchemist Research

Does anyone use CP/M on either the 6128 or an emulator? I'm writing a magazine article on CP/M and would like to hear from current users.


Monday 12th August 2002
defianter (germany)
TuS Jena Baskets

@ Ben ( UK )

I search for North vs. South for Wondows. Did you know where i can get it today?


Tuesday 16th July 2002
Gina (France)

I remember "FRUITY FRANCK" ! It was so great ! It was the first video game I played...
Does anybody know where I could find it today ? Does it work on windows ?

Wednesday 26th June 2002
Piotr (Poland)

Thanks Olivier. I've already found it. :)

Sunday 23rd June 2002
Olivier (France)

The game you are talking about is Fruity Franck. I think you can find it on any Amstrad emulation site. Enjoy.

Sunday 23rd June 2002
Piotr (Poland)

I had 8 years when I have my firs computer. It was GREAT amstrad CPC 6128. I remember a great game. I don't remember it's name but you have to walk gardener called "frank" and catch fruits. Thanks Amstrad for great computer !!!

Friday 17th May 2002
Olivier (France)

I think the game you are talking about is MGT (MaGnetik Tank). You can download it here:

Have fun!

Friday 17th May 2002
Ingo (Germany)
private family site

yeah - those were the days! I still recall the years 1987 and 1988 - dbaseII and wordstar - compared to the C64 i was using before it was really cool...
does anyone remember this game ? I don't know the name... you were controlling a kind of hovercraft through a maze of rooms with traps. It was a kind of pseudo-3D with a fly-on-the-wall-perspective. If you know the name of the game please contact me - thanx a lot!!
btw. i love this site - it's really fantastic and somehow a time-machine - cewl!!!

Wednesday 3rd April 2002
Efthymios (Greece)
Official Timisoft Homepage

My 6128 is working perfectly up to now. Sometimes I spend some time, just to play a game and to remember those days.
Dont know if someone else does the following' I usually open the keyboard to clean the chips and stuff. Am I mad; Dont think so. I am just showing some respect to the King...That's All
Thanks Amstrad for those great years of 8bit entertain :-)

Monday 4th March 2002
Ben  (UK)

I still have my 6128 and its in full working order. Just the other day I was playing classic American Civil War game "North and South" and cop simulator "APB" - the predecessors of Command and Conquer and Grand Theft Auto sort of.

Tuesday 26th February 2002
Warlock (UK)

One of the many computers we had when I was growing up was the 6128. I think my dad finally threw it out in 1998 or 1999. Great piece of kit, though - we used it for *years*

He was the only person I know who successfully recoded the keyboard routines on Jet Set Willy so that it would work on a 6128.

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