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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Acorn Computer  Risc PC computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Sunday 29th May 2016
Douglas Piper

Hi. I use a riscpc600. The canon bjc 2100. Has just died any advice on what I should replace it with. Presumably I can pick something up on ebay

Friday 20th August 2010

i want one

Sunday 27th June 2010
Andrew (Glasgow (UK))

To add my two pence worth and expand on the main article. After the Risc PC 700 released in July 1995 with a 40 Mhz Arm 7 CPU, there was a "Strongarm" Risc PC released in September 1996 with either a 202 or 233 Mhz Digital Strongarm CPU and RISC OS 3.70. Strongarm CPU cards can be fitted in any Risc PC.

There are also the 233 and 300 Mhz Strongarm-based Kinetic upgrades by Castle Technology which have their own onboard memory augmenting the RAM installd on the motherboard. This goes some way towards reducing the impact of the slow front-side bus.

Acorn may have long since gone, but the RISC PC appears to be a hardy little beast (or big depending on the number of case slices you have) RISC OS has been developed beyond 3.7, there is now 4.x in ROM which can be softloaded with version 6.20 which is available from Risc OS LTD.

I have just succeded in getting my RPC on the internet! Of all the retro/old systems I have from its era, the RPC is perhaps the most expandable, and certainly the most versatile.

Unlike a few years ago there are a few emulators (free and commercial) around for both classic Risc OS and 4.x - current.

Wednesday 8th October 2008
David (Surabaya Indonesia)

Think about No Emulator? Horewer...

Tuesday 20th June 2006
Tim (UK)

The notes say "two PS/2" ports. In fact the keyboard was PS/2 but the mouse was a "bus mouse" system in order to keep compatability with the earlier Acorn machines. A Logitech bus-mouse came with the machine.

Monday 24th May 2004
Chris (UK)

The first batch of RiscPC 600s did not have 16-bit sound. They required an inexpensive hardware upgrade to support 16-bit sound, and in some cases required a new motherboard because the header (LK14 IIRC) was not present to allow the upgrade.

In addition, this was not the first Acorn to have a PC card. There are podule cards for the older Acorns, but they were very slow due to the speed of the bus. They also couldn't share memory like the RiscPC one can, so in effect you had to pay for your memory twice.

The Windows video drivers for the RiscPC even used the ARM to help with rendering the screen. How cool is that?

It's a huge shame to see the RiscPC turn into a piece of history. Last I checked, there are quite a few going on Ebay. Get yourself a piece of history while you still can!

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