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Tandy Radio Shack

MS DOS emulatorDavid Keil's TRS-80 Computer Emulator Pages

This program emulates a complete TRS-80

MS DOS emulatorDavid Keil's TRS-80 Model III/4/4P Emulator Page

This program emulates a complete TRS-80

MS DOS emulatorJeff Vavasour's TRS-80 EMULATION Page

This emulator simulates a 48K TRS-80 Model I with 4 disk drives, printer, RS-232 board, and cassette drive.

MS DOS emulatorMatthew Reed's TRS-80 Emulator Web Site

This page offers shareware versions of a TRS-80 Model 4 emulator and a TRS-80 Model 1-2 emulator


The TRSF-80 emulator is designed to emulate a TRS-80 Model I computer on a DOS-based Intel x86 platform

MS DOS emulatorTRS-80 Model III/4 Emulator

This TRS-80 Model III/4 Emulator is a commercial product

Apple emulatorYves Lempereur's TRS-80 Emulator for Mac OS

TRS-80 emulator for MAC which simulates the TRS-80 emulator simulates a TRS-80 Model I with an Expansion Interface, two 5" floppy drives and 48K of RAM

Unix / Linux emulatorxtrs: TRS-80 Model I/III/4 Emulator for Unix

xtrs is a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I/III/4/4P emulator for Unix and the X Window System

Other platform emulatorTRS-80 Level I BASIC in a browser

With this Java emulator, you'll be able to write a BASIC program directly in your browser!

Multiplatform emulatorIra Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived Pages

A complete list of TRS-80 emulators for various platforms !

Multiplatform emulatorMESS

MESS emulator also emulates a TRS-80 systems

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