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Complete list of the (Super) TV-Boy games :

# TV-Boy name Original name & publisher
001 Pyramid war Chopper command  (Activision)
002 River raid River raid  (Activision)
003 Pac man Pac-man  (Atari)
004 Mariana Seaquest  (Activision)
005 Tom boy Pitfall  (Activision)
006 Earth defence Space invaders  (Atari)
007 Donkey kong Donkey kong  (Coleco)
008 Super ferrari Enduro  (Activision)
009 Frog crossing Frogger  (Parker Bros.)
010 Pin ball Video pinball  (Atari)
011 Bank heist Keystone kapers  (Activision)
012 Invader Megamania  (Activision)
013 Sea warp Atlantis  (Imagic)
014 Exerion jr. Demon attack  (Imagic)
015 Sky destroyer Missile command  (Atari)
016 River crossing Frostbite  (Activision)
017 Down town Berzerk  (Atari)
018 Tunnel battle Laser gates  (Imagic)
019 Teeth brush Jawbreaker  (Tigervision)
020 Pig fighter Oink!  (Activision)
021 Lunar ball Trick shot  (Imagic)
022 Dig dug Gopher  (US Games)
023 Fast offense Turmoil  (20th Century Fox)
024 Car racing Grand prix  (Activision)
025 Fire man Fire fighter  (Imagic)
026 Spider king Pac-kong  (RainbowVision)
027 Robot city Lock n chase  (M Network)
028 Cuttle fish Name this game  (US Games)
029 Maze town Maze craze  (Atari)
030 Evil city Dodge 'em  (Atari)
031 Spider fighter Starmaster x-7  (20th Century Fox)
032 Asteroid Mission 3000  (Puzzy/Bit)
033 Ark lost art Worm war i  (Sirius-Fox)
034 Machine camel Star wars: the empire strikes back  (Parker Bros.)
035 Shrinkage Fantastic voyage  (20th Century Fox)
036 Chess Video chess  (Atari)
037 Dragon treasure Dragonfire  (Imagic)
038 Evil attack Spider fighter  (Activision)
039 Ice polo Ice hockey  (Activision)
040 Tank city Thunderground  (Sega)
041 Puzzle Hangman  (Atari)
042 Volley ball Realsports volleyball  (Atari)
043 Defense M.a.d.  (US Games)
044 Star force Earth dies screaming  (20th Century Fox)
045 Star war Tac-scan  (Sega)
046 Time warp Plaque attack  (Activision)
047 Space tunnel Flash gordon  (20th Century Fox)
048 Fox fighter Pooyan  (Konami)
049 Moon driver Gas hog  (Spectravision)
050 Boom bang Crackpots  (Activision)
051 Sea-air-war Air-sea-battle  (Atari)
052 Pigeon Barnstorming  (Activision)
053 Devil town Venture  (Coleco)
054 Ufo ship Assault  (Bomb)
055 Journey Mr. Postman  (Puzzy/Bit)
056 Carnival Carnival  (Coleco)
057 Crazy attack Dark cavern  (M Network)
058 Ocean city Z-tack  (Bomb)
059 Frogger Frogs 'n flies  (M Network)
060 Sea hunter Sub scan  (Sega)
061 King building Save our ship  (Technovision)
062 Treasure Criminal pursuit
063 Spiderman Spider man  (Parker Bros.)
064 Fast eddie Fast eddie  (Sirius-Fox)
065 Robocop Space cavern  (Apollo)
066 Top gun Air raiders  (M Network)
067 Ufo ship ii Assault  (Bomb)
068 Jaw Fast food  (Telesys)
069 Walker Walker
070 Mega force Mega force  (20th Century Fox)
071 Mouse trap Hole hunter
072 Dimax Astro war  (Dimax)
073 Robot attack Space robot  (Dimax)
074 Maze craze Bank heist  (20th Century Fox)
075 Air force Ufo patrol
076 Super man Superman  (Atari)
077 Sky climber Master builder  (Spectravision)
078 Base defenses Commando raid  (Vidtec)
079 Fox trap Nuts  (Technovision)
080 Space ship Cosmic ark  (Imagic)
081 Brain game Amidar  (Parker Bros.)
082 Laser duck Deadly duck  (Sirius-Fox)
083 Battle Marauder  (Tigervision)
084 Running Mouse trap  (Coleco)
085 Spectra Planet patrol  (Spectravision)
086 Rescue M*a*s*h  (20th Century Fox)
087 Q-bert Q*bert  (Parker Bros.)
088 Sweet home Farmyard fun
089 Tennis Tennis  (Activision)
090 Square attack Wall defender  (Bomb)
091 Cow boy Stampede  (Activision)
092 Bowling Bowling  (Atari)
093 River driver Raft rider  (US Games)
094 Galatic Galactic  (Suntek)
095 Last attack Yar's revenge  (Atari)
096 Soccer game Pele's soccer  (Atari)
097 Fishing Fishing derby  (Activision)
098 Bermuda Bermuda  (Suntek)
099 Exerion Condor attack  (Ultravision)
100 Seesaw Circus atari  (Atari)
101 Chess ii Checkers  (Activision)
102 Ski Skiing  (Activision)
103 Word zapper Word zapper  (Vidtec)
104 Sea war Sea war
105 Alien Alien  (20th Century Fox)
106 Return ball Racquetball  (Apollo)
107 Time tunnel Time tunnel
108 Baseball jr. Super challenge baseball  (M Network)
109 Ottello Ottello  (Atari)
110 Mafia Gangster alley  (Spectravision)
111 Happy kid Dishaster  (Zimag)
112 Fancy pot Snail against squirrel  (Puzzy/Bit)
113 Laser ship Cross force  (Spectravision)
114 Baby go home Bobby is going home  (Puzzy/Bit)
115 Duck pass Challenge  (Funvision)
116 Third contact Cosmic creeps  (Telesys)
117 Karate Karate  (Ultravision)
118 Laser Laser blast  (Activision)
119 Snoopy Malagai  (Answer)
120 Space journey Space jockey  (Vidtec)
121 Submarine Submarine
122 Ufo attack Great escape  (Bomb)
123 Ele-cop Room of doom  (Commavid)
124 Shotting Squeezebox  (US Games)
125 Ice climber Brick kick
126 3d space 3d tic tac toe  (Atari)
127 Rocket Missile control  (Video Gems)

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