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Welcome to, the most popular website for old computers.
Have a trip down memory lane re-discovering your old computer, console or software you used to have.

There are actually 1248 systems in the museum.


MATTEL ELECTRONICS  Keyboard Component
Sometime before the failed Aquarius home computer scheme was hatched by Mattel, the Intellivision team had attempted to expand Intellivision into the growing home computer market by turning it into a full fledged computer dubbed as the "Intellivision Keyboard Component", much in the same way Coleco was soon to do with their Adam computer. The unit featured a built-in cassette tape drive for loading and saving data. The Keyboard Component would plug into the cartridge slot on the Intellivision...
RCA Fred 2
This Fred 2 computer is a prototype designed by Joseph Weisbecker, engineer at RCA. He already imagined several early computer designs before this Fred 2 model, such as the System 00 or the original Fred concept. Fred is rather a concept imagined by Joseph Weisbecker for educational computer able to play games. This concept emerged in several hardware versions through time. The first models could be dates as early as 1970 or 1971 ! Unlike the System 00 which used only small-scale digital T...
BANDAI Arcadia
The Bandai Arcadia, is the same system as the Emerson Arcadia 2001, but sold in Japan. Please see this entry for more detailed informations. The Arcadia 2001 clones includes : Advision Home Arcade (France), Bandai Arcadia (Japan), GiG Electronics Leonardo (Italy), Hanimex HMG-2650, Leisure-Dynamics Leisure-Vision, Intercord XL 2000 system, Eduscho / Tchibo Tele-Fever, etc... It...
BANDAI TV Jack 5000
The TV Jack 5000 from Bandai released in 1978 is one of the first cartridge based system from Japan. It's the equivalent of european and american systems like the Hanimex SD-050, Acetronic Color TV Game, Prinztronic Micro 5500, SHG Blackpoint, Binatone Cablestar, Radofin telesports, etc. There have been tons of systems like these. The TV Jack 5000, like all these systems, use cartridges based on General Instruments chipsets which offers different games on each chip. That's why all these sy...
Olivetti introduced a mainframe about 1960 which was called ELEA, then in 1965 the Programma 101 - which was probably the world's first real desktop computer. Then a little later they introduced the Audiotronic range of "office computers". The first was the A770, which was replaced by the A7. The A5 was the desktop version. The Olivetti Audit 5 or A5 was largely an electro mechanical computer. It printed via a golf ball typewritter mechanism at the astonishing speed of 16 character per second...
The TA 1600 system was introduced in 1983 at the CeBIT (which was only a part of the "Hannover-Messe" by that time). TA showed a few sample applications and the 1600 family in general. Triumph Adler's hardware included also the 1600/20-3 which was supplied with a permanent-swap-HDD-unit. This unit had a memory/storage capacity of 2 x 8 MB (Winchester technology). Triumph Adler said the system (the 1600) will fit the demand of medium-sized businesses, due to the facts that these companies w...
MIDWICH Microcontroller
Called the Midwich Microcontroller, this British computer was developped to provide a small desktop micro capable of running other equipment throug a variety of interface cards. In 1979 an Italian IC manufacturer designed and began to sell a single board micro system that could be expanded to a full system with a VDU, discs, etc. Called the Nanocomputer, it was manufactured by SGS Ates and one of the distributors in the UK was Midwich. The Nano was somewhat expensive and suffered from a numbe...
RADIONIC Model R1001
This is an extremly rare TRS-80 Model 1 clone, based on an other clone: The Komtek 1 (from Germany). It's equiped with a Level II basic and powered by a Zilog Z80 cpu. _________ Contributors : Incog...
BASF 7100
The BASF 7000 systems are professional computers from Germany. They seem to be based on the Microterm II Intelligent Terminal by Digi-Log Systems, Inc. There were several models in the 7000 serie....
PCC 2000 is a professional computer released in 1978. It was designed in 1978 by Pertec, the company which merged with MITS by the end of 1976. The PCC is conceived as a monobloc machine, where the display and two 8" floppy disk drives are built-in the main case. The mechanical keyboard offers separated numeric and editing keypads. The system is powered by an Intel 8085 microprocessor and offers 64 KB RAM. The whole thing was apparently delivered with an extended Basic language, which has...

LUCAS  Nascom 2
The Nascom 2 was a deep evolution of the Nascom 1 that required 18 months of design and development but offered lots of enhancements: a faster processor (4 MHZ.), greater RAM and ROM capacity (10 KB + 10 KB), built-in Microsoft BASIC, extended keyboard, improved tape interface, etc. User RAM could be expanded to 32 KB on board and the system didn't need the use of expansion board or system bus to run large applications. Even now, the Nascom 2 is regarded as t...
SEGA Master System
The Sega Master System (SMS) was originally released as the Sega Mark III in Japan. It was released after Nintendo's NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and was never able to catch up to its level of success. The hardware was superior to that of the NES but the number of quality games on Nintendo's console far out numbered those on the Master System. There were some quality titles on the system and it was also the f...
SNK Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment System (AES)
Released in 1990 by the Shin Nihon Kikaku Corp. (SNK), The Neo Geo AES was basically a home version of the popular MVS arcade board. This allowed arcade perfect games as the cartridge contained both the arcade and home version of a game, an EPROM on the motherboard selecting which version to use. Only a slightly different cartridge slot prevented MVS cartridges from working in the AES and vice versa. The Neo Geo's arcade origins were evident in its controllers. Arcade style joysticks and butt...
This is an obscure computer, not very well known. It's a rugged field computer, conceived to be used outdoor, and resistant to extreme conditions (it was used in the British Army for example). In 1981, responding to a request from Severn Trent Water, DVW designed and manufactured the first rugged handheld computer - the Husky, dramatically featured on the BBC TV programme 'Tomorrow's World'. This caught the attention of the UK Ministry of Defence, who subsequently awarded DVW a contract to su...
MUSTANG 9016 Telespiel Computer
The Mustang 9016 is one of the few RCA Studio II clones. You sould read its entry for more info about the Mustang itself. The Mustang 9016 is thus a programmmable console which looks like a pong system, the most popular systems when the RCA Studio appeared. Like the Studio II, the Mustang 9016 seems to also have 5 built in games: Bowling, Freeway (car racing), Patterns, Doodles, and Math (any confirmation would be nice). The controllers are quit...
EPOCH TV Baseball
The Epoch TV Baseball is an early japanese video-game released in 1978. It is a stand-alone system, as it can play only one game: baseball! Indeed, baseball has always been very popular in Japan. It was logic that it inspired first videogames there. The game can be played by two players, one launching the ball and the other manipulating the bat. There is a detachable controller with only one fire button, and all the other controls are on the system itself. It is interesting to note that...
MATSUSHITA  National JR 300
The successor of the JR 200. Almost everything was changed, the computer has two CPUs to keep the compatibility with the previous models (JR-200). This machine has also a superimposition feature. In fact it seems to be a mix between a JR-200 and a Sharp X1 system... quite strange ! But apparently this model was never really marketed. A handheld model called JR 800 was launched few time later, but it was not compatible with t...
In 1963, engineers at the Institut für Maschinelle Rechentechnik (institute for machine computation technology) in Dresden, GDR (ex-Eastern Germany) finished the D4a. The D4a had been developed on the basis of the Kleinrechenautomat Dresden 1 (D1) from 1956. The system was then manufactured by the VEB Büromaschinenwerk Zella-Mehlis in three versions, under the name Cellatron 8201, 8205, and 8295 Z. About 3000 exemplars were produced. The D4a is se...
SHARP  PC-1500 / PC-1500A
After the successful PC-121x series, the PC-1500 was the second pocket computer released by Sharp, and their first one based on an 8 bit microprocessor. It might be contended that the PC-1500 was THE milestone in pocket computers. It was very popular among computer hobbyists, and it was used by many companies who equipped their field staff with the machine. Why was this so? Actually, the technical specifications were not overwhelming: its display was only two ...
NEC  PC 8001 MK 2
The PC-8001 mk2 replaced the PC-8001. In 1983, the PC-8001 still had great success in Japanese market. However, a lot of competitive PCs were released by other companies. PC-8001 had a tough race in business market because of poor graphics feature that cannot display KANJI characters. NEC had to solve 3 difficult problems simultaneously: 1. high-resolution graphics for business users, 2. Middle-level (suitable for CPU power) Color graphics for hobby us...

Jim M
PANASONIC Senior Partner
If anyone has the original disks for this system I''d love to get in contact with you and archive them for upload!

Hey, I am getting an AS-100 with 8" Disk drives. Unfortunately it comes without disks/software, and I managed to find only 5.25" CP/M-86 disk images. Anybody here who could provide me 8" boot disks (either CP/M-86 or MS-DOS) or images of the 8" boot disks? It would be great to get the device running...

Leonard Simonson jr
When I was a kid I didn''t have a computer. My friend had a VIC-20 and I loved to go to his house to use it. I had a passion for programming.

MISC Arcade video games
Wouldn''t it be better if there were distinct pages for the various systems, for example a page about Nintendo''s VS. System with the various ported NES games listed as software?

Hi Harry, thanks for posting. Yes, I can get both of your computers repaired at fairly low cost. Can you post your e-mail and I will communicate with you directly. This mini-Forum does not automatically forward/redirect messages.

Do you have any software to exchange? Anyone on the forum have any cool vintage hardware for this Wren and more importantly software to run?



INTEL (GERMANY) Super Tele-Sport (D-688/36)
The Company was called
INTerELektronik GmbH (short INTEL).
The company form GmbH similar to the LLC
As much as I found out it has nothing to do with the well known Intel

To my knowledge he first system was the INTEL TV Sports 1004 which is equal to Univox 41N and Grandstand T.V. Game 2000.

The sold a lot of similar consoles in 1977 like Intel TV Sport 1006 (bascially a 1004 with Light Gun and two additional Games Pistol and Rifle), Intel TV Sport 2004, Intel TV Sport 3006, Intel TV Sport 4010, Intel TV Sport 5010 and so on.
You can find a good compilations of consoles from that company here:

A picture of of the TV Sport 1004 packaging can be found here (The picture is read but is says "Farbe:Schwarz" $ Colour: black$)

SONY  PlayStation
Recently when i was in London i bought a PS1 from a local flea market for 10 pounds.

At first it looked broken along with most of the stuff but i did get a perfect copy of TME CRISIS: PROJECT TITAN along with that it worked like a charm on my HDMI TV

Atari Ultra Pong Double
Atari - 1977
 game - ball and paddle - hockey - sport
Commodore Vic 20
Commodore - 1982
rating is 5rating is 5rating is 5rating is 5rating is 5
 game - naval battle - submarine
Sega SG-1000 compatible systems
Konami, Sega - 1985
 game - sport
RCA Fred computers
RCA - 1971
 game - mind games
Atari Lynx
Atari, DC Comics - 1992
 game - batman - beat 'em up - platform - superheroes
NEC Super Grafx
Hudson Soft - 1991
 game - horizontal scrolling - shoot them up
PRIMAL RAGE (32X) (84705)
Sega Mega Drive compatible systems
Probe (developer), Time Warner Interactive (publisher) - 1995
 game - 2d - beat 'em up - dinosaurs
Commodore Vic 20
Creative Software - 1982
rating is 2rating is 2rating is 2rating is 2rating is 2
 game - shoot them up
Atari Jaguar compatible systems
Atari - 1996
 game - 3d - beat 'em up
Atari - 1974
 game - pinball
RCA Studio II
RCA - 1977
 game - educational game - mathematics - mind games
Atari - 1973
 game - racing - space
Atari 2600
Atari - 1977
 game - blackjack - card game
Sharp X1
Dempa, Ymcat - 1987
 game - role playing game
Atari Lynx
Atari, Tengen - 1992
 game - beat 'em up

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