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S > SEB LOISIRS > Telescore (Model 750)   

Telescore (Model 750)

A cool french pong. At the end of the 70s, SEB, a well known french kitchen ustensils manufacturer, decided to sell its own pong system, just like the other companies. The design is very original with this particular black round shaped case and the flashy orange sliders and switches!

The chipset is not the classic AY-3-8500 from General Instrument but the TMS-1965 from Texas-Instrument. It offers the same 4 basic games.

A few other models followed this one, offering separated controllers and lightgun (model 751), and later even colour display (model 752).

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NAME  Telescore (Model 750)
ORIGIN  France
YEAR  1977
BUILT IN GAMES  Squash, Pelote Basque (squash 2 playes), Football, Tennis
CONTROLLERS  Two built-in sliders
CPU  TMS-1965-NC from Texas-Instruments
SWITCHES  Power on/off, Bat size big/small, Ball speed hi/low, Ball angle 20°/40°
SCORE  On screen + two sliders on case (from 0 to 10)
COLORS  Black & white
SOUND  Built-in speaker
I/O PORTS  RF TV video output (UHF Channel 36/38)
BATTERIES  R14 (1,5v) x 4
PRICE  Unknown

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