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S > SHARP  > PC-1260 PC-1261 PC-1262   

PC-1260 PC-1261 PC-1262

These small pocket computers were derived from the PC-1251. They had same keyboard and size. The main difference was the larger display, which now provided two lines with 24 characters, which was a great advantage, especially for BASIC programming. The built-in BASIC interpreter was also close to the PC-1251 interpreter.

In 1984, the PC-1260 and PC-1261 were released. The only difference between these two was that the former had 4 KB RAM and the latter 10 KB. Internally, they were operated by the SC61860 CPU (8 bits), which was clocked 33% faster than in the PC-1251.

The CPU was mounted on the main PCB, together with the two display driver chips SC43536. Memory was incorporated on a second small PCB. The PC-1260 had the SC613256 ROM plus two HM6116 8K x 8 RAM ICs. The PC-1261 had the same ROM, but five "naked" RAM chips, i.e. chips without DIL case, mounted directly onto the PCB.

Two years later, the PC-1261 was re-released as the PC-1262. It was identical in functional terms, but had a different case color scheme. Internally, it was based on the same main PCB, but the memory PCB was now equipped with a SC623257 ROM, a HM6264 8K x 8 RAM, and a LH5116 2K x 8 RAM.

The picture represents a PC-1261 mounted on a CE-125 micro cassette recorder and thermal printer unit.

Information provided by Roman von Wartburg.

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I just got the same problem described here: Changed batteries and the Sharp PC-1262 came up in Japanese mode instead of European/US mode. I tried several things, but to no avail. In the end, I tried this:
- remove batteries
- set the on/off switch to Pro (or RSV, I''m not sure)
- put the opened PC-1262 upside down in it''s plastic hard cover (to avoid to accidentally press a key
- $ new batteries, but do not slide the battery compartment cover at this moment
- press and hold the all reset switch, at the same time slide the battery compartment cover over the batteries

For me, that worked fine. The PC-1262 came up in European/USA mode again. However, I am not sure about the position of the on/off switch I used.

Wednesday 14th October 2020
Andy (Germany)

Hi, I recently got a Sharp pc-1261, and everything so far seems to work...although it''s in Japanese. When I use the Help feature, all the basic terms are in english. There must be a way to switch to English, the reset button doesn''t see to do it.


Friday 10th April 2020
Miguel (US)


What are the difference between the PC-1260 and 1251 ? Is it hardware or software (instructions) ?


Tuesday 18th July 2017


NAME  PC-1260 PC-1261 PC-1262
YEAR  1984
BUILT IN SOFTWARE / GAMES  Sharp Basic interpreter
CONTROLLERS  52 keys, QWERTY caculator type with numeric key-pad
CPU  CMOS SC-61860 (8bits)
SPEED  768 KHz.
RAM  PC-1260: 4 KB / 3,198 bytes free
PC-1261, PC-1262: 10 KB / 9,342 bytes free
ROM  40 KB
TEXT MODES  2 lines x 24 chars. (LCD screen), 5x7 dot matrix
COLORS  Monochrome, grey LCD
SOUND  CPU controlled piezo buzzer, fixed frequency and duration via BASIC statement
SIZE / WEIGHT  135 (W) x 70 (D) x 9.5 (H) mm / 115 g (with batteries and hard cover)
I/O PORTS  Proprietary 11-pin expansion bus
POWER SUPPLY  6 volts, 2 x CR 2032 lithium cells
PERIPHERALS  CE-125 printer and micro cassette recorder
CE-126P thermal printer and tape interface
CE-152 tape recorder
PRICE  230 (PC 1260, France 1984)
411 (PC-1261, France, december 1984)
156 (PC-1262, Germany, 1986)

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