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This version of the Saturn was produced by Samsung under licence from Sega exclusively for the Korean market.

Unusually for the Saturn there seems to only one version of this particular console (SPC-ST2). It features a stange mix of components from the different versions of the Saturn available elswhere. The case is of the early oval buttoned type but uses the motherboard from the newer round buttoned type, resulting in some strange characteristics. For example, the console has a reset button that isn't connected and there are labels for the CD access light on the case but no actual light.

The BIOS is also rather odd. Japanese has been removed from the language selection screen but Korean hasn't been added so no "native language" is available

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NAME  Saturn
YEAR  November 1994
CONTROLLERS  8-way d-pad, 8 buttons + Start
CPU  2x 32 bit Hitachi SuperH-2 RISC
SPEED  28.63 MHz
CO-PROCESSOR  32 bit RISC Hitachi SuperH-1, 2x 32 bit custom VDPs (custom Video Display Processor 1+2), Motorola 68EC000 @ 11.3 MHz, custom SCU (Saturn Control Unit) @ 14.3 MHz, 4 bit Hitachi MCU (SMPC)
RAM  2 MB main, 512 KB sound
VRAM  1.5 MB
ROM  512 KB
COLORS  16.7 million
SOUND  Yamaha FH1 (SCSP) @ 22.6 MHz, 32 PCM channels + 8 FM channels
SIZE / WEIGHT  260mm x 230mm x 83mm
I/O PORTS  COM port, internal expansion port, AV Out, cartridge slot, power adapter, 2 controller ports
PRICE  Unknown

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