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A > ACORN COMPUTER  > Archimedes A7000   

Acorn Computer
Archimedes A7000

This machine replaced the A4000/A5000 series and was a lower-cost alternative to the RISC PC. The styling was similar, featuring a very strong but lightweight ABS case with the floppy and CD drive in different places and without the clever stackable case design.

Acorn made the A7000 a very neat system, reducing cost by using far fewer components on the motherboard. 4MB is built into the mainboard with a single 72-pin slot for standard off-the-shelf PC RAM. Gone is the non-standard Acorn 3-button mouse used since the first Archimedes model, which was expensive and difficult to find if broken or lost, instead a standard PS2 unit is supplied. The only slightly annoying quirk is that you can’t use the optional expansion slot backplane and optional CD drive at the same time as they occupy the same physical area of the small case. One surprise with this machine is the connector on the motherboard marked "Genlock", designed for video editing/combining/overlaying hardware, such as the Millipede AlphaLock Studio. One person has even found a way to wire an Acorn A4 LCD into it.

Like the RISC PC, it was usually supplied with a Microvitec multisync SVGA monitor (sometimes with an Acorn badge) which allowed for all the slightly weird screen resolutions that Acorns were capable of, which some PC monitors didn’t like.

When the British supermarket Tesco launched its successful ‘computers for schools’ charity fundraising scheme, it had the A7000 proudly displayed on its campaign posters. Unfortunately due to the increasing march of PC clones into schools this turned out to be the last all-new design Acorn computer released apart from the Phoebe/RISC PC II computer which was never released.

A improved A7000+ was released around 96/97. There was double the amount of onboard DRAM (now 8MB), and a 1.2GB Seagate hard drive.

Submitted by Asteroid


Some extra information from Paul Hadfield:
Motherboard was only Archimedes range computer to also have a 72pin SIMM (EDO) RAM slot to take standard PC memory at that time. It could take up to a 128MB SIMM, as well as it's own on board 4MB memory giving it a limit of 132MB RAM.

There is also a network slot on the motherboard to allow you to purchase a network interface card. There are Econet and Ethernet cards available for this slot and, unlike previous versions of RISC OS, TCP/IP is built into the OS ROMs that come with the A7000.

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My acorn A7000+ has 64Mb of ram and a 20Gb sata hard disk and I adapted dos box to run on it!!!

Saturday 4th September 2010
TECH GUY (herefs uk)

I own an A3000 but recently bought an A7000. The games from my A3000 dont seem to work on the A7000 - they just crash or dont run at all. Is there any workaround?

Monday 27th February 2006
Harris Khairuddin (Bath)

I am trying to get an A7000 working on a Tandberg TFT moniter which works on most operating sys and
which will display VGA 640 X 480. I have tried a Delete power on as described in the A7000 Welcome Guide, but the display shows a message "Input not support" message.I would be grateful for any suggestions. Many thanks, Malc.

Saturday 25th September 2004
Malcolm (Frome England)


NAME  Archimedes A7000
MANUFACTURER  Acorn Computer
TYPE  Professional Computer
ORIGIN  United Kingdom
YEAR  1995
KEYBOARD  Full-stroke 102 keys PC-style
CPU  ARM 7500 32 bit RISC
TEXT MODES  80 columns x 25 rows up to 132 x 32
GRAPHIC MODES  VGA video output. Numerous graphic modes. Up to 16M colours at 480x352, 32K colours at 800x600
COLORS  4 greys or 16 greys or 16 colours or 256 greys or 256 colours or 32K colours or 16M colours.
The cursor always retains the same blue colour no matter what mode is used.
SOUND  8 voices synthesizer
I/O PORTS  Centronics, Serial, VGA, PS/2, 1 expansion slot
BUILT IN MEDIA  3.5'' floppy disc, 420 MB or more hard disk, CD-ROM option
OS  RISC OS 3.6 or 3.7 (in ROM)
POWER SUPPLY  Built-in 35W switching power supply unit
PRICE  From £799

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