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The Apple II+ was the successor to the Apple II.

It was fully compatible with the Apple II. It, however, had new features:

- a new ROM holding the AppleSoft Basic (floating point version written by Microsoft),
- a new auto-start (stored in ROM) for easier start-up and screen editing,
- 48 KB RAM,
- text modes were the same as the Apple II, but the graphics modes were enhanced, they're the same as the Apple 2e : 16 colours at low resolution and 6 colours at high resolutions. In fact this 6-colour mode was also available on the Apple II since revision 1 of the motherboard.

The Apple II+ was sold in Europe as the Apple IIeuroplus which could display video in European PAL format, and had ESC sequences for European letters. It was followed by the Apple 2e.

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Just got my old Apple $$+ out of a box... Z80 CP/M card, 80 column card, speech synth, 75/110/300 baud modem, and 2400 baud modem, dual disk drives. so fun. and a gazillion floppies. PR$6.

Friday 20th October 2017
David (USA)

I bought my first computer $ an Apple $$+ in mid-eighties for about $400 (second hand). Black screen with green text, ALL CAPS :D
Didn''t use the full capabilities of it $ but really became obsessed with "Snake" and the old game from Infocom $ "ZORK-3". Also liked the crude graphics of "Castle Wolfenstein".
Brings back memories...I may have to get it out of storage and fire it up!

Friday 10th August 2012
Edward (Tennessee/USA)

I bought an Apple II+, the euro version.
It had 48K ram, two 140K disk drives and some extension cards: 80-column card with printer output, CPM card with a Z80 CPU (enabled me to use CPM O/S and program in Turbo Pascal!)
Awsome machine. I programmed in assembler and found out that the 1 MHz 6502 would easily outrun the 4 MHz Z80! Wow what a wonderful CPU 6502 was.

Tuesday 28th February 2012
Pär (Sweden)


TYPE  Home Computer
YEAR  June 1979
BUILT IN LANGUAGE  AppleSoft Basic (Microsoft F.P. version)
KEYBOARD  Full-stroke keyboard
CPU  MOS 6502
RAM  48 KB (64 KB max. with language card)
ROM  12 KB
TEXT MODES  40 x 24, 80 x 24 (with 80-column card)
GRAPHIC MODES  40 x 40-48 (16 colours), 280 x 192 (6 colours)
SOUND  one channel beeper
SIZE / WEIGHT  39.2 (W) x 45.4 (D) x 11.8 (H) cm
I/O PORTS  Composite monitor, Internal Slots (8), Tape recorder In/Out jacks
OS  DOS 3.2.1
POWER SUPPLY  Built-in switching power supply unit
PERIPHERALS  All Apple and third-parties cards and peripherals
PRICE  $1195 (1979, USA)

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