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A > APPLE  > APPLE IIe Platinum   

APPLE IIe Platinum

This was the last version of the Apple II series that was first released in April 1977 and finally discontinued in mid 1993, making it the only home computer in production for more than 15 years.

The major difference from the previous Apple IIe versions is that the keyboard had been redesigned to be functionally equivalent to the keyboard of the Apple IIGS. The new keyboard incorporated an 18-key numeric keypad including two programmable function keys and cursor control keys.

The Platinum also had a new light-grey coloured case, a new motherboard design with a reduced chip count, and included a revised owner's manual, a guide to AppleSoft BASIC and two double-sided training disks.

Finally, the IIe was shipped with the Apple 64 KB / 80-column upgrade card already installed.

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Saturday 13rd January 2007
Henry (usA)
Apple II Q&A

How to remove Cards

Remember the Slot!!
Grasp the sides of the card with your hand and pull, be careful! NEVER WIGGLE THE CARD FROM SIDE TO SIDE!!! Rock it BACK AND FORTH. Carfully. Do NOT FORCE IT! You should never tocu the golden 'teeth' on the bottom of the card; this can distort data that is transferd through them or ruin the card forever. When you put the card back in, do the same manuver as befor, but push (not too hard). The components (all that stuff) face away from the power supply. Sometimes there is a label that show you where it should face.

Wednesday 18th October 2006
Henry (USA)

Want to see if you Apple IIe Platinum is in tip top shape? Simply press Control-Option- Reset
Patterns will appear on the screen and will stay for a few moments as the machine searches for any problems it has. If you hear a sound and see the messege

System OK

Then great!

If not, the problem may be one of the cards inside. Open the Apple IIE and CAREFULLY remove ONE card at a time and run the test. Repet the process with each card, one at a time. This is a great way to look for problems with your Apple IIe Platinum. Good Luck!

Wednesday 18th October 2006
Henry (USA)


NAME  APPLE IIe Platinum
TYPE  Professional Computer
YEAR  January 1987
KEYBOARD  81 keys with numeric keypad and arrow keys
CPU  65C02
CO-PROCESSOR  MMU and IOU custom chips
RAM  128 KB
ROM  32 KB
TEXT MODES  40 or 80 columns x 24 lines
GRAPHIC MODES  40 x 40-48 (16 col), 280 x 160-192 (6 col), 560 x 160-192 (2 col)
COLORS  16 maximum
SOUND  Built-in speaker - 1 channel
SIZE / WEIGHT  39.4 (W) x 45.7 (D) x 11.4 (H) cm.
I/O PORTS  Composite video, Tape in/out, Joystick, 6 expansion slots
OS  DOS 3.3, ProDOS or CP/M with the optional Z80 card
POWER SUPPLY  Built-in switching power supply unit
PERIPHERALS  All Apple and compatible expansion cards
PRICE  Unknown

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