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B > BASIS  > BASIS 108   


This professional computer was compatible with most of the hardware and software designed for the Apple II.

It could run under DOS 3.x, but thanks to its second CPU, a Z80 processor, it could also run under CP/M.

The Basis 108 had 128 KB RAM, (two switchable memory banks of 64k).

Two 5"1/4 disk-drives (Apple compatible) could also be mounted inside the computer. In the picture, these are Apple Disk II drives.

The Basis 108 was a good Apple II compatible machine with a lot of options built-in (80 columns, disk-drives controller, CP/M, high-resolution graphics), and was cheaper than the equivalent Apple system...

A year after introduction, the Basis Junior was presented at various different electronic shows. It was basically the same computer but with only 64 KB RAM (with optional expansion to 128k).

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But I did get some money for recycling the huge and thick Basis aluminum cases!!! One could pretty much drive a car over them without damage - and I stood on the cases several times to reach something on a high shelf.

Monday 1st August 2022
former basis user (usa)

I had two Basis 108s, each with the two floppy drives. I was also in the user group, communication over a telephone handset modem. I needed CP/M for Wordstar, and the 6502 to run programs colleagues had written. I really did like those Basis machines, but eventually I needed more computing power, so switched to a PC (I might have stayed with Apple, had they not locked everything up with the Lisa - I need to be able to choose my own hardware and software, not have Jobs do it for me).

Monday 1st August 2022
former basis user (usa)

I used my Basis 108 for two or three years. The 16 MB retro-fit hard disk, and everything. There was a "Basis Users Group" with about 125 members (peak). I moved from Apple DOS to p-system, then to CP/M. Almost everything worthwhile I did under CP/M - including a command processor replacement whose name I don''t recall. I upgraded the 2 MHz 8080 CPU on the motherboard with an 8 MHz Z80 card. Centronics port to a dot-matrix printer. Serial port to a Hayes modem.

Eventually Basis got shut out for copyright infrigement on Apple DOS in ROM.

Friday 23rd May 2014
Charlie Weesner (Tucson, Az)


TYPE  Professional Computer
ORIGIN  Germany
YEAR  1982
KEYBOARD  Detached full-stroke keyboard (AZERTY/QWERTY), 100 keys
15 functions keys, separated numeric keypad and editing keypad
CPU  6502 and Zilog Z80 (For CP/M compatibility)
RAM  128 kb (two switchable 64k banks)
ROM  12 kb
TEXT MODES  40 x 24 / 80 x 24
GRAPHIC MODES  280 x 192 / 280 x 160 / 80 x 48 / 40 x 48
COLORS  6 for the two first graphic modes and 15 for the other ones
SOUND  1 voice
SIZE / WEIGHT  Heavy !
I/O PORTS  Centronics , RS232c , Tape, Joystick, six Apple II slots, video RGB, video composite
BUILT IN MEDIA  Two 5.25'' disk-drives (optional)
OS  CP/M 3.0+ or CP/M 2.2 - DOS 3.2 or DOS 3.3
POWER SUPPLY  Built-in power supply
PERIPHERALS  Most of the Apple II extensions...
PRICE  2290 (France, 1983)

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