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The MicroTim+ was a Romanian unlicenced ZX Spectrum clone, and was the successor of the TIM-S. It was produced at the Timisoara factory in a very rectricted number (a short series of no more than a couple hundred computers).

The MicroTim+ was slightly different from the MicroTim. It was made of two parts: a detachable keyboard (with statements and functions labeled next to the keys) and a main case housing the mother board. The plastic case seems to have been made for another system as there were vertical slots for expansions at the rear, but no expansion connectors inside.

The system was powered by an internal power supply and had an internal speaker.


More information from Dragodan Adrian:
I still have 2 pcs. of this model at home, in perfect working order.
Actually, they are 99% ZX Spectrum compatibles, with a slightly modified ROM, and with several improvements.
The earliest model was called SpecTim (SPECtrum+TIMisoara) and, A.F.A.I.K., never industrially produced.
The next models were TIM-S, in fact the first computers produced at Timisoara. It had a Z80B CPU and a dual speed - 3.5 Mhz and 6 Mhz, with a TURBO switch, RS232 and Centronics Amstrad-style. The Power Supply was external. The expansion bus is a 96-pin male connector. Also it's having a flat keyboard.
microTIM and microTIM+ were cost-reduced versions, without RS232 and 6 Mhz mode. mTIM and mTIM+ had a "real" keyboard (several designs). My two pcs have a case identical with your picture of microTIM, but slightly different keys styles.
I have a friend who had a mTIM+ with the case like the one in your pict. Functionally they were identical, but the model with separated keyboard had a Sinclair joystick connector.
The last machine that was produced in a small serie was TIM-S+, a CP/M and Spectrum +3 compatible, with a huge desktop PC-style case and two 5,1/4 FDD's. It had 128 Kb RAM and 2 Kb ROM. The original ROM for 48k or +3 mode was loaded from disk.

We need more info about this computer ! If you designed, used, or have more info about this system, please send us pictures or anything you might find useful.
Please consider donating your old computer / videogame system to or one of our partners from anywhere in the world (Europe, America, Asia, etc.).



NAME  MicroTim+
MANUFACTURER  IPTVT (Traian Vuia Polytechnical Institute)
TYPE  Home Computer
ORIGIN  Romania
YEAR  ? 1994
KEYBOARD  Separated keyboard. 40 keys. Functions & statements labeled next to the keys
CPU  Z80A, Z80B for TIM-S
SPEED  3.5 MHz, 6 MHz for the TIM-S
RAM  80 KB
VRAM  The video RAM was doubled, to permit the acces of CPU for reading even during screen refresh
ROM  16 Kb ROM (slightly modified ZX Spectrum ROM). The ROM was
TEXT MODES  32 columns x 24 lines
GRAPHIC MODES  256 x 192 dots
SOUND  Built-in speaker
I/O PORTS  Power in, parallel port, serial port, cassette interface, monitor output, RGB video output, RF TV output, keyboard connector, expansion port?
POWER SUPPLY  Built-in PSU, separate in some models
PRICE  Unknown

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