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S > SEGA > Teradrive   


What a strange computer ! It was built by IBM (like the Atari Jaguar few years later) in Japan for Sega, and was sold only there.

It is an IBM PC AT compatible system mixed with a Sega Megadrive (Genesis) console. On the front panel, one can find a Megadrive cartridge slot, two joystick connectors, a reset button, a MD/PC switch, a volume slider, a headphone output, a power button, keyboard/mouse connectors (PS/2) and one 3.5'' disk drive.

Three models were released, a low-end Model 1, with 640k RAM and no HD, a Model 2 with two floppies and no HD and 1MB RAM, and the high-end Model 3, with one floppy, 2.5MB RAM and a 30MB drive. All three shipped with the same software and accessories.

Amstrad made later a similar computer called MegaPC.

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Amstrad sold this type of computer too (in France for sure, rest of Europe I don''t know): Amstrad Mega-PC

Saturday 22nd June 2019

You wanna see tv commercial of this sega ?
See this

Friday 3rd February 2006
Linkman (TV commercial for Sega Terradrive)
Linkman´s Blog

It is said that this is a very reliable computer, I also remember hearing that it was pretty popular in Japan, it was never released in the US, it could use any accesories developed for the PC XT because it used the ISA standard, it ran a version of Windows, possibly 3.1, and MS-DOS

Tuesday 30th April 2002
Trevor H. (USA)


NAME  Teradrive
TYPE  Home Computer
YEAR  May 1991
KEYBOARD  Full-stroke professional keyboard. 106 keys with function keys, cursor keys and numeric keypad
CPU  Intel 80286 + Motorola MC68000 + Zilog Z80A (used for sound system)
SPEED  10 MHz (80286) / 10 MHz (68000) / 3.58 MHz (Z80A)
CO-PROCESSOR  Megadrive customchips (?)
RAM  2.5 MB (512 KB onboard + two 1 MB SIMM RAMs)
VRAM  256 KB
ROM  128 KB
TEXT MODES  40 or 80 chars x 25 lines
GRAPHIC MODES  320 x 244 (Megadrive VDP Mode) / 320 x 200 (MCGA) / 640 x 480 (VGA)
COLORS  64 among 512 (Megadrive Mode) / 256 among 262144 (S/VGA Modes)
SOUND  FM Sound / PCM Sound (Megadrive) - Beeper (PC)
SIZE / WEIGHT  36 (W) x 33.4 (D) x 8 (H) cm / 5.6 to 6.2 Kg according to versions
I/O PORTS  RGB analog vide output, composite video output, 1 ISA slot, mouse, keyboard, serial (2) & parallel (1) ports, headphone output, 2 joystick ports
BUILT IN MEDIA  3.5'' disk-drive, 30 MB hard drive
PRICE  148,000¥ (Mod.1), 188,000 ¥ (Mod.2), 248,000 (Mod.3) (Japan, 1991)

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