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T > TRIOS MICRO SYSTEMS > MicroMate PMC 101   

MicroMate PMC 101

Also called the PMC 101, this PMC MicroMate is a small CP/M computer that "extends" a dumb terminal into a full blown computer. The case is the size of a full height floppy drive, and contains a half height 5 1/4" floppy drive as well as the Z80 computer itself. The system also has stickers on it indicating it was either sold by or OEM'ed by Trios Micro Systems.

It comes with 2 CP/M v3.0 boot disks: one for 9600 baud and one for 300 baud. Communications to the terminal is software selectable at boot time, and other baud rates are suppored.

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Greetings - just picked up the PMC-101 board and will be building a system around it once I can find some working suitable floppy drives. The disk images are out there for this system as is the ROM code.

I''ve never owned a CP/M v3.0 system so it will be neat to getting it running. I''ll also build a case for it all from scratch. Would love to share experiences with other users.

Friday 13rd January 2017
John Evans (United States/Colorado)

Let me try this again. I bought two MicroMate PMC 101 in 1983 while living in San Jose CA. I have since lost my boot diskette and all documentation. Would any one happen to know where I may find one or both of these items? To be able to boot this unit again would realy be nice.


Monday 4th November 2002
William R. Hightower Jr. (Houston Texas)

I bought two of these units in 1983 while living in San Jose CA. I have since lost my boot diskette and all documentation. Would any one happen to have a boot diskette or documentation for sale or trade.

Monday 4th November 2002
William Hightower (Houston Texas)


NAME  MicroMate PMC 101
MANUFACTURER  Trios Micro Systems
TYPE  Home Computer
YEAR  ? 1983
CPU  Z80
RAM  128 kb
TEXT MODES  80 x 25 ?
I/O PORTS  Terminal
External disk-drive
BUILT IN MEDIA  5''1/4 floppy drive
OS  CP/M 3.0

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