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T > TOSHIBA  > HX-10 (Pasopia IQ)   

HX-10 (Pasopia IQ)

The HX-10 was a classic MSX 1 computer with no special feature... But it was one of the first MSX computers to be exported outside Japan. It met a good success in UK where it can still be found in flea markets and boot sales...

Apparently there were several models of the HX-10 (D, DP, DPN, F, E and S) depending on the country they were sold, but it's not clear what's the difference between them so far... The HX-10 DPN and F had a Scart video output instead of RF/composite outputs, and the HX-10S had only 16 kb RAM.

In its native country, the HX-10 was also named Pasopia IQ to fit in the Pasopia family developped by Toshiba. The Pasopia IQ was used for their MSX computers serie.

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This MSX computer is also known as "The CPC MSX" because its keyboard has the same colors in its keys as the CPC has (red, blue, green and black).

Sunday 29th April 2012
Noobsaibot73 (Spain)

This model was my first experience with MSX. My father bought it in 1985. When I was three, I tried to play Shark Hunter with it, but I really couldn''t. I also thought that the BASIC-compiler was a word-processor. My father used to produce digital music with it, but he didn''t bother to save his work to cassettes every evening and mostly the computer was turned on overnight. In 1990 overheating had damaged the computer''s motherboard and service couldn''t repair it anymore. I give minus to it''s integrated power supply, but otherwise it was a good computer.

Saturday 11th September 2010
A. T. (Finland)

Blimey - I loved my HX-10 when I was a kid. Was a quantum leap upgarde from my 1K ZX81! Had tape games (Level 9 adventures, mostly) and a couple of carts (Konami Time Pilot, for one). The UK ad campaign included the anoyying wireframe bloke ("Allo Tosh, got a Toshiba?") who seemed sooo cool at the time. Came with a free tape game based on the wireframe bloke - no idea what you had to do, just collected stuff. MSX basic was easy, as was creating sprites. Swore I would be a programmer. Left school '86, didn't program a thing until about 2002...

Monday 16th April 2007
Bascule (Brighton, UK)


NAME  HX-10 (Pasopia IQ)
TYPE  Home Computer
YEAR  1983
BUILT IN LANGUAGE  Microsoft Extended Basic (MSX Basic V1.0)
KEYBOARD  QWERTY mechanical keyboard
73 keys with graphic symbols and accentuated letters through keys combinations
SPEED  3,6 Mhz
CO-PROCESSOR  Video Display Processor TMS 9929A
RAM  64 kb, 30 kb left for programming
VRAM  16 kb
ROM  32 kb
TEXT MODES  Mode 0 : 40 x 24
Mode 1 : 32 x 24
GRAPHIC MODES  Mode 2 : 256 x 192 with 16 colors (Hires mode)
Mode 3 : 64 x 48 with 16 colors (Multi colour mode)
32 sprites
SOUND  General Instruments AY-3-8910 Programmable Sound Generator
3 channels, 8 octaves
SIZE / WEIGHT  370 x 245 x 60 mm / 2,8 kg
I/O PORTS  2 joystick sockets
1 cardridge slot
Tape-recorder plug (1200/2400 bauds)
Composite video output
Centronics interface
RF video output
1 expansion bus
POWER SUPPLY  Built-in power supply
PRICE  487 (France, august 85)
HX-10D : 65.800 yens (Japan)

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