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C > COMMODORE  > AMIGA 3000   

AMIGA 3000

The Commodore Amiga 3000 is the successor of the Amiga 2500 (itself a successor of the Amiga 2000). It was replaced three years later with the Amiga 4000.

Amiga Interactive Guide description :
The A3000 is a powerhouse in comparison to previous Amiga, it was sold as a high-end graphics workstation. For a time it was used by W Industries as the basis of their highly acclaimed Virtuality machines. At the heart of the A3000 was the powerful 68030 (described in ST/Amiga Format as a 'as a mainframe on a chip'). In addition the A3000 was the first Amiga to feature the new Kickstart 2 upgrade and Zorro III slots.

To emphasis the A3000s capabilities as a high-end workstation, two operating systems were included:
The first was the newly released Kickstart/Workbench 2. This was unusual by the fact that Kickstart was stored on the hard disk rather than in ROM. This was similar to the A1000 that required Kickstart to be loaded from floppy disk before anything else could be done.

The second OS to be included with the A3000 was the Unix System (SVR4) V operating system. This allowed the use of the Unix graphical interface, X Windows and Open Look. It also came with standard networking capabilities (probably a first for Commodore), such as TCP/IP, NFS and RFS for networking between different operating systems. In a bizarre twist, the Unix OS was sold on a magnetic tape rather than floppy disk.

Three Amiga 3000 models were produced : 3000, 3000UX, and 3000T.

The 3000 was the desktop model (pictured here) which shipped with flippable 1.3 or 2.0 AmigaOS Roms. The Amiga 3000T, released in 1991, was a tower system with built-in speaker, 32Mb RAM, high-resolution mouse, 100 Mb hard-drive, a lot of Zorro II slots, a variety of drive bays, and a 25Mhz 68030 with a 68882 math coprocessor. The 3000UX shipped with "AMIX", Commodore's System-5 derived UNIX which was very nice and came with X-windows. It was Commodore's only serious attempt to get into the UNIX workstation market, and a noble effort that unfortunately failed utterly.

Notice there are some rare versions of the Amiga 3000: the 3000/16 (the speed is only 16 MHz) and the Amiga 3000+ which uses an AGA video chip and a DSP. The 3000+ was a prototype only. A few units are known to exist, but they are not supported. The DSP was able to function as a software modem in some configurations, which was extremely cool.


Jurgen Schober adds:
Also note, the A3000 (A3000T/4000/4000T) came with Zorro3 slots. This was unique at the time, as it is comparable to todays PCI expansion. It was a true 32 bit high speed expansion system, fully backwards compatible to (older) Zorro2 16bit bus. 16Bit cards could be used in the 32bit slot in parallel with 32bit cards without harming the performance.
The buscontroller (Buster) had known flaws and the protocol was hard to implement and Zorro3 boards were very expensive, but even Comodore released a 32bit SCSI-II HD controller for these Amiga models. A lot of hi-res graphics boards have been built for the faster 32bit mode, too.

Please consider donating your old computer / videogame system to or one of our partners from anywhere in the world (Europe, America, Asia, etc.).


Please correct the line about a3000t

The Amiga 3000T, released in 1991, was a tower system with built-in speaker, 32Mb RAM...

a3000t was shipped with 1MB chip (expandable to 2MB), and 4MB fast (expandable to 16!). I have no idea where you got 32MB from.

Monday 6th January 2020
Havoc (USA)

I have an amiga 3000
What i must do to use the 1.3 rom. I can see no choising screen when the amiga starts and it boot with 2.0 kick start..

Monday 30th July 2007
George (greece)

Regarding qwerty's problem - The spin-up time of the hard drive may be causing the problem. The original kickstart ROMs didn't allow much time for hard-drive spin-up and if it takes too long, the system assumes that there is no HD attached and shows the boot screen. If this is the case, doing a warm reset (Cntrl-Amiga-Amiga) should boot the system.
What shut down procedure???? This is an Amiga!
I think the only way round this problem is to get a faster drive :-)

Tuesday 8th August 2006
Nick Henning (Isle of Wight)


TYPE  Professional Computer
YEAR  1990
CPU  Motorola MC68030
SPEED  16 / 25 mHz
CO-PROCESSOR  3 : Super Denise (video),Fat Agnus (memory manager, blitter & copper), Paula (I/O, sound), 68881 or 68882 (math processor), SCSI DMAC
RAM  1-2 MB Chip RAM, up to 18 Mb (with 16Mb FAST) and theoricaly to 4 Gb.
ROM  512 KB
TEXT MODES  60 x 32 / 80 x 32
GRAPHIC MODES  12 graphic modes : from 320 x 240 to 960 x 512
COLORS  32 (for 320 x X modes), 16 (for 640 x X modes) among 4096 + 2 Special modes : EHB 64 colors and HAM 4096 colors on static display.
SOUND  Four 8 bit PCM voices
I/O PORTS  Video (RGB, Composite), Parallel/Centronics, RS232c, SCSI, VGA, stereo sound, joysticks (atari) & mouse, 4 Zorro III internal slots, 2 ISA slots, 1 CPU slot, 1 video slot, external floppy, external SCSI-2, keyboard, Stereo audio output
BUILT IN MEDIA  one 3.5'' disk-drive (880k), SCSI-2 Hard-Drive
OS  AMIGA WorKBench 2.0x, Unix System (SVR4) V operating system
PRICE  Amiga 3000T (100Mb HD) : $4498 (USA, 1991)
Amiga 3000T (200Mb HD) : $4998 (USA, 1991)

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