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Husky Computers Limited

The Husky Hunter is a very special computer as it was designed to work in all environments (Aluminum alloy case). It is a rugged field computer.

It has military characteristics : it is waterproof (against accidental immersion) and shock-proof, and its autonomy can exceeds 45 hours (the endurance time of 45 hours is only achieved with Alkaline batteries, with NiCd they only last about 16 hour). The british army was using some Husky-Hunters in 1983. It was also quite used by doctors and scientists in Africa or poor countries, where you need resistant and autonomous computers.

The Husky-Hunter has several programs in ROM: a small NULL modem transfer program and a terminal emulator. It has a also communication-oriented Basic to handle the RS232 and the bar-code reader.

In fact most applications developped for the Husky-Hunter consisted of data entries and then transfer of this data to bigger computers. Hence the RS232 serial port on a standard 25 pin "D" connector. Communications could be done up to a 4800 asynchronous baud rate. There were a wide range of protocols supported, including the IBM 2780 fully synchronous implementation (handshaking: RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, RI, CD all selectable from BASIC).

The built-in Basic is also very powerful with graphic statements (CIRCLE, LINE, etc.). It is possible to redefine the characters and even the function keys.
Another very interesting fact is that there is a real time clock, so that the time of the day is software accessible.

Programs and data can be stored indefinitely in the battery supported memory of the Husky-Hunter. There's even a file manager running under the DEMOS operating system (CP/M compatible).

The Husky-Hunter can also be used to receive data from measurement systems and/or bar-code reader.

The hunter completed his IBM friendly ability with built in EBCDIC translation. The keyboard was completely 'soft' and customizable with poke's from BASIC. The Husky's manual embraces proudly 'full compatibility with CP/M programs for z80 and 8080 procesors.

The Hunter was not the first model. The first Husky, released in 1981, was a bit less powerful, had a LCD screen of only 32 x 4 characters and a flat membrane keyboard like the Sinclair ZX-81.


Contributors: Jaume Vega

Steve O'Hara-Smith reports:
I once got the opportunity to drop one from the balcony at Earls Court (empty stand below) - it was completely unaffected by the experience and was still running the program it had been running when I dropped it. Try it with a modern laptop or PDA :)

Please consider donating your old computer / videogame system to or one of our partners from anywhere in the world (Europe, America, Asia, etc.).


Does anyone have any of the supporting software for transferring data to/from the Husky models? I have a Husky 16. Specifically, I''m looking for a copy of the hcomw program. Thanks!

Thursday 3rd November 2022
Michael S (United States)

I worked at Husky 1984-5 as the first marketing manager. Then Husky was my first client when I set up my PR consultancy. I learnt so much in that year. That piranha tank! And they really were indestructible!

Saturday 15th January 2022
Suzy frith  (Uk)

I have a Husky Hunter that has worked for years (of course), and fulfils a mission critical function at my local sailing club adjusting race timings according to a handicapping system. For some unknown reason, it has stopped responding to anything except CTL+Arrow Keys and CTL+LBL. All I can do is move the text around the screen and turn the function labels on and off. It won''t even power off. I''ve tried the X+P+Power that was mentioned elsewhere but to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas? Please help!

Tuesday 28th September 2021
Mike O''Connor (United Kingdom)


MANUFACTURER  Husky Computers Limited
TYPE  Portable
ORIGIN  United Kingdom
YEAR  1984
BUILT IN LANGUAGE  Extended Basic interpreter
KEYBOARD  QWERTY rubber keyboard, arrow keys, tiny space bar...
58 keys arranged in four rows of 15
CPU  NSC 800 4 (Z80 compatible)
CO-PROCESSOR  NSC810 PIA (peripheral interface adapter)
RAM  80 kb (expandable to 144K, 208K, 352K, or 496K)
ROM  48 kb
TEXT MODES  40 x 8
GRAPHIC MODES  240 x 64 dot full graphic liquid crystal display
COLORS  monochrom LCD screen
SOUND  1 voice, 4 octaves range, programmable frequency & duration
SIZE / WEIGHT  21 x 15 x 3 cm / 1,15 kg
I/O PORTS  RS 232 (25 pin) - LEMO Port (used for Bar Code) - Tape
BUILT IN MEDIA  Optional Micro Tape
OS  DEMOS (CP/M 2.2 compatible)
POWER SUPPLY  4 x AA batteries
PERIPHERALS  Special car case with printer built-in and 12v power supply
Suit-case with 12v power supply
Waterproof suitcase
Printer (80 columns)
Micro-tapes numeric recorder (2 x 32k, 1200 bauds)
3.5'' disk drive
PRICE  17 552 fr (France, 1984)

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